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Zeus card
Is it worth to farm zeus right now? (I still havent one)

Chances are that Greek will eventually get VR and then they will require one, so sure it won't hurt to have one imho.

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If i do not use greek i could jump him? Do not want to use dimes now to increase his skills

(10-09-2017, 10:33 PM)Zero Wrote: Is it worth to farm zeus right now? (I still havent one)

Zeus has really high stats.  He also has two skills including a boost and convert.  He only has a mild condition on the boost.  It's nothing like the restrictions we face on most new cards.  He also is only 35 tc for a sealed lord with 2 skills. most are 40 or more.  There are a lot of god teams now.

Yes farm but the only reason why we dont see a lot more of zeus is due to ML.  Personally I hate ML dupes but then again i hate all dupes.

If they VR zeus someday then you wont have to miss or play catch up.
A VR zeus would be more interesting for me as a member of non greek god... I really am not interest in greek (as leader) even if they would get a vr since i hate the "luck" component cause i have not it... may be i would farm him in the limit of my stamina and one dimes to get the stamina refill
Does it mean that Zeus returns this weekend?
yes it is
(10-10-2017, 05:06 PM)Symrustar Wrote: Does it mean that Zeus returns this weekend?

Check wikia every Sunday

I'll go for Zeus, I'm also missing him and I'm interested in case greek gets VR. His first skill should be changed to CD8.
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