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You can never catch up on arena trials?
The maximum arena grade is now 10 which is two grades higher than before. Since you can only gain a maximum of 200% (40% x 5 trials) each time you can just keep pace with the grade upgrades. But if you miss a trial, lose (no diamonds to retry) or get disconnected you can then never catch up?

This is a bad mechanic. Also if you're just joining the game you will never be able to catch up on arena grades.

It would make more sense if it were more than 40% per trial, perhaps to a maximum of 50% based on your score which gives you both an incentive to try harder and gives a catch up mechanism to players in case they miss a trial.

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I actually think they might cap it after the final Lionel evo is released (which would be light or water, I guess). I doubt they're going to give out free slvl 10 Lionel forever.

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Agree, I missed 1 arena & now in level 7, lacking 1 Lionel all the time.

I guess MH will release Water Lionel a month later (according to recent opening arena). MH should open chance for summoners to cap with missing events before, although up to now, Lionel series is mainly for the collection only, not frequently used in teams.

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In the talk with some guild leaders in tgs MH staff said they are considering how to allow players to catch up in arena grades.
Remove that Lionel base light form is weaker than the evolutions so it likely to get a light evo, probably after the water one. Also Lionel is actually a pretty good leader when paired with Khaos.

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