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Ying Zheng for Dummies
Ying Zheng for Dummies
Hi everyone! I've been around for a while but haven't really written anything like this before, so do let me know if there's anything I wrote that you feel should be changed for whatever reason. With that being said, let's move on to meet the newest black-gold card!

[Image: 1-1-1.jpg?w=1024]

For Chinese New Year 2019, Madhead introduced a shiny new black-gold card with arguably the best damage output and utility ever seen: Ying Zheng (嬴政), whom some Chinese history buffs might also know as Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇), the founder of the Qin Dynasty and the first emperor of a unified China.

Based on my own experience playing 10th seal with him, and input and opinions from other scholars on the TOS community Discord server, I've put together this guide to help you maximize the potential of such a powerful card.

The addition of Ying Zheng to the game solved two major issues in team building diversity:
  1. Basically every dark mono setup required AR Gemini and Hel to be viable
  2. The lack of a viable demon leader (aside from Ghroth)
Pollux can stack a self multiplier for every group of 5 or more hearts dissolved, effectively giving him up to x6 attack. Paired with dark or god leaders that provide a base multiplier, this was easily the best, and the only way to dish out large amounts of damage in dark monos. Not to mention, his multiplier stacks are unaffected by CD/EP resets. Plus, if you had a second copy of him, the already high damage output of your team is boosted even more. As if that wasn’t enough, Hel further made Gemini dark monos even more powerful by turning dark runestones into god runestones and enabling healing from dark runes.

Ying Zheng offers an alternative way to deal large amounts of damage and heal from dark runes, with a base attack multiplier of x36. While x36 on its own isn’t impressive, the leader and ally each give an additional x1.5 when a group of 5 or more runes are matched (and that’s basically guaranteed with Ying Zheng’s guaranteed dark rune skydrop), upping the attack multiplier to x81. Plus, Ying Zheng also gives stats of demons a further x1.8 if there are three or more demons in the team (counting the leader and ally), meaning that demons effectively get an attack multiplier of x145.8, which paired with their already naturally high attack, is absolutely insane and is enough to outshadow AR Gemini’s damage output capability (pun unintended).

Moving onto the second point: prior to the release of Ying Zheng, the only other viable demon leader was Ghroth. Demons have always been out of favour for their low survivability (low HP, mediocre recovery) despite their high attack, but Ying Zheng nullifies those issues by granting damage reduction at full HP, a stat boost for demons, and insane healing ability from the dark runes that drop, as they also possess the effect of heart runes.

Team Skills
This is going to be a long section because Ying Zheng just offers that much in terms of team skill, so bear with me here.

When the leader and ally are Ying Zheng:
  • Drop one dark rune in second batch for every non-heart rune that is dissolved first batch, up to 15
  • Dark runes possess the effect of heart runes
  • Any damage taken from burning runes (EXCEPT HELLFIRE) will heal you instead
  • Skill CD of Ying Zheng -2
  • 40% damage reduction when HP is full

When the leader and ally are Ying Zheng, and there are three or more demons in the team:
  • Demon HP, attack, and recovery x1.8
Ying Zheng offers a lot of team skills, so let’s look at them one by one. First off: “drop one dark rune in second batch for every non-heart rune that is dissolved first batch, up to 15”. This means that Ying Zheng feels a lot like Babylon, except you don’t need to spin in columns. A big chunk of up to 15 dark runes will drop in out of the sky, and that means that with Ying Zheng you will never have rune drought.

Next up, dark runes possess the effect of heart runes. This goes hand in hand with the previous skill by enabling you to basically full heal every turn, keeping Ying Zheng’s damage reduction team skill active.

“Any damage taken from burning runes, except hellfire, will heal you instead” means that similar to Natsu, Ying Zheng negates burning runes. However, there are two major differences, one good and one bad. The good difference is that instead of just negating the damage, you also heal for an amount equal to how much damage you normally would have taken. The bad one is that unlike Natsu, Ying Zheng’s team skill does NOT negate hellfire burnt runes, so you will still die when touching them and you will absolutely not heal 100% of your health.

“Skill CD of Ying Zheng -2” is pretty straightforward, his max CD of 10 is reduced to 8, which makes his active ready for use earlier (which is good considering that Ying Zheng’s guaranteed skydrop makes stalling somewhat difficult).

“40% damage reduction when HP is full” compensates for the naturally lower HP of demons, and I think forcing the damage reduction to full HP is a good balance between making Ying Zheng teams able to survive, but not making them invincible. You can still die from multi attack, multiple mobs, or even just too high damage, but the reduced damage will prevent you from dying in one shot to attacks that other dark monos might be able to survive. The effect should be up for the first attack of each round regardless of this restriction given that you can full heal every round from the dark runes that drop.

“Demon HP, attack, and recovery x1.8” triggers when the leader and ally are Ying Zheng, and you have a third demon in the team as well. This again, compensates for the lower HP of demons, but also boosts their attack to insane levels alongside all the other multipliers that Ying Zheng provides.

Leader Skill
Absolute Tyranny: Dark Attack and Demon Attack x 6; Damage dealt by the Monster disregards enemies' Defense. Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 2 seconds. By dissolving a group of 5 or more Runestones, Team Attack x 1.5 additionally.

This leader skill is quite straightforward, giving a straight up x6 multiplier and an extra x1.5 if you match any colour of runes in full attack (5 or more runes in one group). 6x6x1.5x1.5 is an x81 multiplier in total, not counting the additional x1.8 for demons. Time extension is quite standard nowadays and is also helpful in making sure that you can match as many runes as possible to get dark runes to drop. In my opinion, what is most notable in this skill is that defense break is already baked directly into the skill, which means you don’t need Tsukuyomi, snipers, or any special crafts to get around high enemy defenses as Ying Zheng’s damage (not the team members, only leader and ally) will ignore enemy defense.

Active Skill
Philosophy of Despotism: Restore all Runestones to normal state. By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements for three times, turn Runestones of fixed positions into Enchanted Runestones of the tapped Attribute(s).

At first glance, this might seem to be quite an underwhelming skill. But just these two effects alone already negate a lot of enemy skills that throw board hazards, rune shields, or other pesky effects at you. Rune restoration removes any weathered, frozen, masked, locked, petrified, etc runes, while the conversion provides flexibility. For example, the enemy’s skill is 30 water cumulative shield? Tap water three times and get a full board of water, plus 15 dark runes skydrop! Enemy has enchanted light+dark and no water/fire/earth shield? Tap dark and light and break that shield! Having the flexibility in choosing what to convert is extremely useful in breaking a variety of enemy shields and effects.

It should be noted that due to the nature of the 3x10 convert of this skill, there are two major enemy skills that this active skill cannot bypass: quintet shield (as you can only convert to three types at most), and metasphere (as the convert goes by groups of 10, you cannot convert your board to 15 of one type and 15 of another). I will be suggesting ways to work around this in the Suggested Members section.

(02-11-2019, 11:54 AM)Doranbalt Wrote: Comments
He is a powerhouse on his own, having a high multiplier and increased spinning time. You can easily achieve his 81x multiplier with decent spinning, in addition demon members get a multiplier of 145.8. However this doesn't mean that non-demon dark cards can't be used. Burning runes (not Hellfire) heal him, allowing you to spin freely and provide healing if recovery is reduced to zero. Dark = heart allows you to safely insert Dark Xi without Hel, plus his attacks ignore defense combined with his absurd attack stat removes the need of Moonlight of Marionette - Tsukuyomi in the team. The lack of restriction in race and attribute allows you to slot in off-attribute members to easily counter specific enemy skills.

Priority of Attribute and Race for members in YZ  : dark + Demon, dark + non-demon, non-dark + demon, non-dark + non-demon

His active skill packs a ton of utility as it can be used to remove board hazards as well as provide massive amount of runes for cumulative shield stages or even remove unusable runestones from the board.

Suggested Members
Ying Zheng’s leader skill gives him access to a large pool of members, as any dark cards or demon cards are all options. Plus, his leader skill is a straight multiplier instead of a conditional one, so if it’s really necessary, you can even throw in one non-dark and non-demon without penalty if you really need a certain card to get past a certain stage. In this section, I’m going to list a few notable cards that can either take what Ying Zheng already offers and push it even further or compensate for Ying Zheng’s weaknesses.

Given that Ying Zheng already has so much packed in utility and damage, a lot of these members will be situational. As Ying Zheng can work quite well with pretty much any cards, I would argue that Ying Zheng doesn’t really have any “core members” that are required for him to be viable. Rather, these cards might provide utility that Ying Zheng himself doesn’t have, which may save you time and effort, or even keep you alive.

[Image: 100?cb=20161031132715]
Vision of Desires - Samle: I would argue that Ying Zheng’s biggest weakness is pure HP, which is natural considering his demon-centred setup. Ying Zheng offers damage reduction at full HP which normally makes this not so much of a problem, but occasionally you’ll run into things like phantom first strike, % HP reduction, poison, etc, which the damage reduction doesn’t help with, and you’re left to fend for yourself with just your HP pool. Samle’s team skill requires your team to be purely demons, but gives you x1.5 demon HP, which paired with Ying Zheng’s demon stats x1.8 multiplier means you have a total demon HP multiplier of 2.7, which is quite impressive. Since your team will be full demon anyways, Samle’s active also boosts your whole team’s attack and recovery by x1.5, which again, is probably overkill given Ying Zheng’s already insane damage and recovery, but more multipliers can’t hurt.

[Image: 100?cb=20170523210039]
Knight of Swordmaster - Lancelot: If you plan on running a dark mono with Ying Zheng, you want at least one demon in your team so you can activate Ying Zheng’s team skill which gives demons an additional x1.8 to their stats. If you only run one demon in your dark mono, this should be it. The first active is extremely situational to only things like “don’t match water”, but the second active is what really makes Lancelot shine in Ying Zheng. You will basically never lose the ability once it’s up unless you either get neutralized or your attack is negated by something like electrified runes.

[Image: 100?cb=20171204094002]
Dream Gobbler - Ghroth: Ghroth’s active ability basically guarantees a full 15 dark rune drop, plus boosting combos for even more insane attack and overheal. Additionally, the fact that Ying Zheng drops 15 and not 30 dark runes means that Ghroth’s effect carries on for a bit after the second batch, instead of just straight up fizzling out after the skydrop, so that’s also another good synergy point between Ying Zheng and Ghroth. You’ll most likely be using Ghroth to get around things like 9+ combo shield, or to burst when paired with Lu Dongbin (more on that in the next paragraph).

[Image: 100?cb=20180305110905][Image: 100?cb=20170715103500]
Mischievous Wit - Lü Dongbin/Qi Tian Di: Both cards are useful for getting around things like electrified attribute + no dissolving that attribute first batch. I would suggest Lü Dongbin if you’re using Ghroth as he’ll also make use of Ghroth’s rune dissolving capability to boost your attack even more.

[Image: 100?cb=20160125130251]
Benevolent Xian Vixen - Su Daji: Not a core member at all, but her time tunnel active is handy for covering metasphere and puzzle shields. Again, as Ying Zheng’s active ability is unable to convert in denominations of 5 runes, you cannot just cheese metasphere by converting 15 of one type and 15 of another. Daji covers for that quite nicely, plus as an added bonus, her high recovery helps a bit with overheal shield.

[Image: 100?cb=20180404164811]
Omniscient Dominator - Yog-Sothoth: Useful for breaking quintet elemental shield with zero effort, as again, Ying Zheng’s active converts in three chunks of 10, so you cannot convert runes to all five attributes with his active. Plus, activating her second active pushes your damage to ridiculous levels (I personally managed to hit 5 billion damage full burst with the help of her second active). That being said, with the amount of damage that Ying Zheng already deals, any other attack multipliers are overkill as of the time of publication of this guide (unless Madhead goes on to release an SM with a boss with HP in the billions or something), so you’ll mostly be using her as a quick and easy way to break quintet shield.

[Image: 100?cb=20180416092042]
Death Redemption - Osiris: One of Ying Zheng’s weaknesses is that even though he can slot in demons of any attribute, he doesn’t have any shared rune type effect, meaning that if any non-light enemies have “weakness damage only” shield, or if you’re facing switching shield, it will take quite a bit of time to grind it down. Osiris bypasses this by converting the enemy to light so that the dark damage can overpower it and break the shield. Situational, yes, but if you do run into this situation, Osiris will make your life a lot easier.

(02-11-2019, 11:54 AM)Doranbalt Wrote: Recommended Members
Team Boosters
It isn't mandatory as the team itself can dish out high damage without the boosters, however it may be required if you slot in 2 or more off-colour members.

[Image: 45] Lullaby of Love - Ubume : At the cost of her attack, she provides a self-sustaining damage boost for the team . The damage reduction is also a nice gimmick if you have three attributes in the team, together with YZ's damage reduction you will only take 42% of the normal damage received when your HP is full.

[Image: 45] Creeping Rancor - Papaver : Her boost is self-sustained, the HP reduction can easily be solved thanks to YZ's HP. However you have to be wary about Neutralise EXs and board hazards that deal damage (weathered rune and movement damage) while having her activated, in addition since she's not a demon she won't help in activating YZ's team skill. All in all, a risky booster that works.

[Image: 45] Lunar Vampire - Theresia : Thanks to YZ's dark = heart effect as well as his dark rune drop, you are almost guaranteed to trigger her boost at the start of each wave. Her vampiric ability  lets you counter zero recovery stages but the application too niche as the enemy will probably be easily defeated. However you would probably Lullaby of Love - Ubume instead of her as Ubume is better than her in many ways.

[Image: 45] Five Elements of Onmyō - Tuchigumo : His AR skill provides additional damage to demon members, which perfectly slot in the team. The 1.8x is unlikely to be deactivated from enemy attacks as the team should defeat enemies easily, however it is still susceptible to ambush skills.

Other Relevant Members
These members don't provide a direct boost to the team, but rather provide it in additional utility it gives.
[Image: 45] Twin Divas Yan & Xi : Her active skills replace heart with dark runes, providing additional skydrop as well as a more consistent dark dissolve with YZ's team skill when mass amount of runestones are dissolved. However, it should be noted that if you have the Horn of Skull Amulet dragonware equipped to certain members it may not be favourable to use her as dissolving heart runes will increase team attack by 1.1x, effectively increasing team attack by 1.21x. Hence try avoiding her if you have more than 2 demons who have this dragonware equipped.

[Image: 45][Image: 45] Younger Toguro , 80% Power / Younger Toguro , 100 % Power : His attack and boost is stronger than Knight of Swordmaster - Lancelot, however it is harder to sustain due to its initial batch dark rune dissolve nature (can be countered by using Toguro's second EP skill).
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45] Gemini of Recall - Castor & Pollux : At max multiplier, his damage is around x2.5 higher than your average demon member inside YZ team and doesn't get neutralised. His light to heart convert is pretty situational though, as YZ can easily counter heart rune shields. However it should be noted that demon members are preferred over dark members due to YZ's multiplier. Versus Lancelot, Lancelot can achieve high damage and provides better utility.

Utility Members
As stated before, since YZ isn't restricted to any specific race or attribute he has access to the entire card pool. Meaning that he can use most of the available utility. Below are the utility cards that are much more suited for him.

[Image: 45][Image: 45] Hiei / Hiei, the Jagan Master : His switch skill can provide an alternative method of attacking if dark runestones cannot be dissolved. In addition, his second EP 12 Skill can be used to provide additional damage as well as dodge a fatal blow for one round. His first EP conversion can also be used subsequently after YZ's conversion with a fire member (preferably mukuro for extra stats, these two cards should be beside or between one member) in the team to provide all enchanted attributive runes.
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45] Dark Wizard - Zeref : Attribute change to dark, defense reduction for team members, 2.5x boost to dark attacks on enemies and 2 rune type converts all at 7 CD.
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45] Feng Chih Hen : Has better stats than Benevolent Xian Vixen - Su Daji thanks to YZ's team skill as well as a longer time tunnel. However his boost is hard to fulfill.
Note : The above card can only be obtained from a Collaboration that has ended and can no longer be obtained.

[Image: 45] Neferpitou : Her time tunnel is shorter than daji, and she also provides a boost only to demons and elves. Otherwise her healing ability is fine to help sustain YZ's damage reduction should healing be not be possible.
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45] Fabricated Euphoria - Todd : He provides you with another method of dealing damage to an enemy if dark runes cannot be dissolved. However if you lack this card, you can still use Cat Mercenary Commander - Felix. Note that his HP reduction clashes with Lunar Vampire - Theresia's boost, hence Felix might be favourable in that situation.

[Image: 45] Cat Mercenary Commander - Felix : Basically Fabricated Euphoria - Todd, but without 75% HP reduction, lower stats, a full board enchant along with a shorter CD.

[Image: 45][Image: 45] Killua / Godspeed - Killua : He provides an additional light attack(s), as well as a full board enchant with the dark runes arranged at the top left corner with an increased combo count.
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45] Judge of the Dead - Osiris : Although YZ's active skill clears board effect and hazard, Osiris is still a fine member to slot in thanks to his boost in Dark Recovery and Attack. His dragonware also increases dark attack up to 3x. However his higher CD makes him pretty unfavourable as a board clear, in addition YZ can cover for him to a certain extent. Otherwise, there are shorter board clears such as Hunter of Dreams - Froid that provides a damage reduction or Tempest of Sakura - Yomi to provide enchanted runes.

[Image: 45] Cat of Charisma - Mellow : She provides a massive boost in team damage, as well as a dodge that remains until damage is dealt to an enemy by your team.

[Image: 45] Infinite Dreamlands - Sandman  : He provides a massive reduction in damage as well as healing at the cost of your attacks. You would only use him for those pesky Initial Shield + First Attack x20 combos.

[Image: 45] Bliss Distributor Isabel : Why are you hitting yourself? why are you hitting yourself?

[Image: 45] Odin the Fated Savior of All : 2 turn high boost with a condition that is easily fulfilled by YZ thanks to his time extension, otherwise his convert skill is pretty meh.

[Image: 45] Brynhildr the Scythe Warrior : A solid skill unlock for dark teams. Its also nice that she can be easily farmed in Lost Relic Registry.

[Image: 45] Princess of Blizzard - Yuki-onna : With her AR skill, her active skill can be used as a method to provide a large burst of water damage. Otherwise she can remove fire runes from the board.

[Image: 45] Howl of Raging Storm - Ootengu : Similar to Princess of Blizzard - Yuki-onna, his AR skill boosts his stats however you have to pair him up with Cat Mercenary Commander - Felix or Fabricated Euphoria - Todd

[Image: 45] Archery God of Sedge - Houyi : He can provide you with earth attacks should the stage nullify dark attacks. Otherwise, if you can afford a loss in an attacking member you can use Balance of Worldly Order - Giemsa. Otherwise use Howl of Raging Storm - Ootengu with a unit that gives runestones earth effect.

[Image: 45] Scheming Usurper - Dong Zhuo : Deals additional boosted dark attacks for units that have activated their active skills.

[Image: 45] Vanir the Masked Duke : The only dark / dark demon unit with a snipe that ignores defense, so you can slot him without losing HP and attack. However you really would only use him to reveal invisibility and not for his ignore defense ability. His convert kinda helps too?

[Image: 45] Cancer of Resolution - John : A massive snipe to all enemies, with his AR skill nullifying Initial Shield allowing team damage to bypass it.

[Image: 45][Image: 45] Rider Bishop the Doom Bringer/ Rider Knap the Youth Devourer : Similar to Vision of Desires - Samle, but without the full demon restriction and and a lower HP multiplier. Otherwise, rider knapp can convert water runes to dark and rider bishop can provide a pretty good boost.
NOTE : There is currently an ongoing bug where their team skill HP multiplier gets added directly to YZ's HP multiplier resulting in a demon HP multiplier of x2.1 instead of x2.34. This should be fixed in the next version.

[Image: 45] Zhuge Liang : Sometimes you need a low-CD combo boost, and Zhuge Liang allows you to achieve this while remaining monodark. The enchanting effect is also a useful niche effect to unmark dark runes.

[Image: 45] Y'golonac : Although Ying Zheng already helps you to remove board hazards, Y'golonac allows you to do this at CD 5 and also has a built in snipe.

[Image: 45] Bishamonten : Being CD 10 and "only" providing a 2.5x multiplier, Bishamonten will only be your first choice when you need a high damage non-dark attack, although...

[Image: 45] Yusuke : Yusuke provides a high-impact burst of non-water attribute and as pointed out by Sayokyoku, can also help with enchanted five by using Ying Zheng for FED and Yusuke skill 1 for WL.

(02-11-2019, 11:54 AM)Doranbalt Wrote: Dragonware
What are dragonwares?
Simply put, dragonwares are basically dragonary crafts that are race restricted and increases the stats of the unit it is equipped to.
The main dragonware that we are talking about in this section is the recently added Horn of Skull Amulet, obtainable from completing the tunestone collection in 3rd and 4th Chapter of 10th Seal.

Why equip the dragonware
[Image: 19-sehsrjdtykj.jpg?w=1360]
It increases the demon unit's attack and recovery, however that is farm from it. With YZ's rune drop you can easily fulfill the requirement for the dragonware's 1.5x monster attack. That is a damage increase of 1.575x, together with YZ's massive multiplier you can boost your damage up from 10million to 16million easily. And if you dissolve heart runes the boost increases further to 1.7325x.

On a side note, if you have YZ and set him as your adjudant I would highly recommend you to equip this craft. You're not only increasing their team damage, but people are more likely to use a unit with a dragonware equipped due to the benefits of it. Also some people wipe players who don't equip the dragonwares from their friendslist.

Sample Teams
I just want to preface this section by emphasizing, you are not required to build closely around these sample teams at all! Again, Ying Zheng works so well with basically any cards that a lot of the time you’re going to picking cards for utility to get around specific enemy skills, then filling the rest of your slots with dark or demon cards.

Dark Mono
[Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest]

This setup is purely dark cards, meaning that all cards can benefit from Ying Zheng’s skydrop team skill. Lancelot is there as your main source of damage with his self multiplier. Daji is there as a booster and to get around puzzle shield/metasphere easily, while Odin is there mainly for his beefy HP but can also serve as a booster. Anubis is there as a persistent booster, unlike Daji and Odin which are temporary. This team lacks utility, but either Odin or Anubis can be swapped out for any of the cards in the Suggested Members section as necessary, depending on the enemies you’re facing.
High Damage
[Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest]

This team is designed to make use of persistent effects to consistently pump out high damage every round. Lancelot will be your main damage dealer here. Ying Zheng provides a total base multiplier of x145.8 for demons as discussed in the Background section. Lancelot has a self multiplier of x4, Anubis grants an additional x1.3, Yog-Sothoth grants an additional x5, and Odin grants a two-turn x2.5. That’s a multiplier of x3790.8 without Odin, or x9477 with Odin! What makes this even more insane is that with the exception of Odin, all of these effects are persistent, as long as you keep a certain condition fulfilled. Hence, this team’s main weakness is going to be stages that are full of neutralize enemies.
General Purpose
[Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest]

A general purpose team well-suited for most stages. Lancelot is there again as a damage dealer, while Ghroth is there for combo shields. Lü Dongbin takes care of electrified attribute runes, and also pairs with Ghroth for bursting, and Daji is there for puzzle shields and metasphere. Your main weakness on this team will be enemies that only take damage from their weakness attribute that aren’t light; in which case you can consider swapping Daji for Osiris to get around that.
[Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest]

An all-demons team that makes the most of Ying Zheng’s demon stat boost, plus Samle’s demon boosts (passive HP, active attack and recovery) as well. Lancelot is there as a main damage dealer from Ying Zheng’s dark rune skydrops, Samle is a booster, Yog-Sothoth is there as a damage booster and to easily pass quintet shield with zero effort, and Ghroth is there to pass combo shields. The main weakness here is that only Lancelot can take advantage of Ying Zheng’s rune skydrops, but with three dark members in the team, plus the additional multiplier on Lancelot, plus Yog-Sothoth’s multiplier, your damage output should still be quite sufficient.
[Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest][Image: latest]


[Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45]

Did you know that Ying Zheng can also work as a dragon leader in place of Azathoth? This interesting idea was brought up on the TOS community Discord server and I have built a team around that idea as I feel it should be mentioned, even if it is a bit suboptimal. While the attack multiplier is technically higher than that of Azathoth’s, that’s about it. You’re still advised to run Azathoth over Ying Zheng if you want to play dragons, but this is something that is theoretically an option as well.

(02-11-2019, 11:54 AM)Doranbalt Wrote: Sample Teams
(01-03-2019, 05:52 AM)Oriceles Wrote: Mono Dark

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
This setup is basically the removal of some hazards, a bit of time extension and cancelling hearts because you won't need them on this team on a similar fashion to Atlantis and Priestess Xi. Feel free to replace Endor with Khaos or Tsukuyomi or anything you can find more convenient.

Dark Luxury

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
With Qi Tian Di and Anubis deactivation you should have more than enough damage to nuke anything and pairing Xi with Anubis basically would turn Ying Zheng on to a Greek God lol. Daji is there as over the top time extension and if needed to avoid any board hazard.

Mono Dark - Demon

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
I have seem a lot of people running Tuchigumo but I feel that the skill is more vulnerable than the one from Theressia, sure you can always add the 2 of them if you feel like it. Ying Zheng actually does have the tools to keep up Younger Toguro running at 100% of his power with permanent 10x attack every round, if you lack this Toguro you can use Lancelot. Other popular choice tends to be Hiei because you can absorb the damage from the enemies with his Draco of the Darkness Flame, Zhuge Liang for combo count, and Feng Chih Hen to solve metasphere and other time based problems.

Fire, Earth and Dark

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
Sadly he doesn't share offensive runestones effect but still having access to demons from other attributes and with no penalty for off-race makes him pretty scary. Ghroth basically means absurd power.

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
If for some reason you want to push the HP to absurd amounts with your new favorite black card you can play this, it's full of team skills so easily you can reach something above 50k HP. You can also try to mismatch any of this combos with cards previously mentioned on the sample teams.

[Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45] Defensive Utility Setup
Ubume's active skill provides a defensive boost thanks to the 3 attribute members, she can be swapped with other boosters if you don't have her. Hiei's first EP skill can be used with YZ to provide all enchanted attributive runestones, 2nd EP skill for bursting / dodging attacks for a turn, while Zeref is used for a massive burst. Zeref can be swapped out for any utility member if required. Mukuro can be swapped out with any other fire demon member as she is only there for the stat boost. Dragonwares would normally be placed on Hiei and Zeref.

[Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45] Boosts, Boosts Everywhere :
Your team will always deal over 100 million damage every turn, but at the cost of most of your utility.

[Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45] Herp Derp:
Constant Luna buff that ensures all Lunas will share the same damage as YZ once their CD is ready, as well as her AR adding extra time to the already long spinning time of YZ.
Okay seriously this is just a meme team, but hey at least you can use it on 30 Team stage?

That about sums up my guide for Ying Zheng. I hope this guide has been of help to you. If you have any questions, noticed a typo, want to suggest something, or just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to leave a reply or reach out over PM!

(02-11-2019, 11:54 AM)Doranbalt Wrote: Conclusion
+ Extremely high multiplier for demon members, high multiplier for dark members.
+ Long time extension
+ No race or attribute restriction
+ Generate his own runestone
+ Can clear board hazards with active skill, freeing up a slot.
+ Can heal without hearts.
+ 40% Damage reduction when HP is full.
- High damage leads to problems with stalling
- Average HP can lead to death from high damage phantom and ambush unless specific members used.

Don't forget to equip the Horn of Skull Amulet to your YZ if you set him as your adjudant.
Special thanks to BVLGARI and Criomede for providing info :V.

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Probably worth mentioning is hiei and mukuro from yyh. Hiei is switchable so u can keep him through a standard cd reset. Mukuro also has a team skill with him and all u need is them as members. I know that they are not coming back but they were pretty easy to get and are my core dark demon team for a long time.

One of the issues with YZ is really the lack of upgraded dark demon cards in which receive max potential from the teamskill. Of course this multiplier is pretty high and u can even go rainbow but lets face it that rainbow sucks. Replace rainbow with weakened if u want to the true effect of this. However, if their is one multiplier that can mask this it is YZ.

YZ brought back a lot of demon cards, however those cards have pretty bad stats too. And u probably cant expect them get newer more up to date cards anytime soon.

A bunch of utility skills:
I second Hiei as mentioned by jtsmith above
Zhuge Liang for annoying combo shields
Feng Chih Hen / Neferpitou for time tunnel
Bishamonten/Yusuke for non-dark attacks
Y'golonac for full board explode
Ubume for enchantress and damage reduction (the latter only if running 3+ attributes)

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

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How do you guys use Ghroth? Normally I make 3 off color runes with YZ (1 of them being hearts) and swipe across the middle for 12 straight combos, then let the board explode and watch the fireworks.
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Few would argue that using 2 skills to guarentee a kill would work, but regardless it is inefficient.  Thats a whopping cd18 to 20 u are using for 1 stage that cant be sustained.

A better use of ghroth would be learning how to stack runes so u get a falling board over time.  The issue at hand is if u initially dissolve most of the board then YZs teamskill will drop too much dark cutting into ghroths combos.

As mentioned before, u are better off picking another dark card instead of ghroth if u just intend to use his skill in this fashion.  Why rainbow ur team for this?

On Neferpitou, u cant really make good use of her 2nd healing skill so she becomes a less duration timetunnel compared to other options.  Ubume comes to mind as a way to unrainbow ur deck because she will negate her attack and boost dark mono which is what u want.  However, ubume requires another color in deck for the teamskill that cant be samle which is an issue.
(02-11-2019, 06:21 AM)jtsmith Wrote: Few would argue that using 2 skills to guarentee a kill would work, but regardless it is inefficient.  Thats a whopping cd18 to 20 u are using for 1 stage that cant be sustained.

A better use of ghroth would be learning how to stack runes so u get a falling board over time.  The issue at hand is if u initially dissolve most of the board then YZs teamskill will drop too much dark cutting into ghroths combos.

As mentioned before, u are better off picking another dark card instead of ghroth if u just intend to use his skill in this fashion.  Why rainbow ur team for this?

On Neferpitou, u cant really make good use of her 2nd healing skill so she becomes a less duration timetunnel compared to other options.  Ubume comes to mind as a way to unrainbow ur deck because she will negate her attack and boost dark mono which is what u want.  However, ubume requires another color in deck for the teamskill that cant be samle which is an issue.

since you're so smart why not teach a bit
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Ok then why don't u run two ghroths so u can use both YZs in this fashion? While ur at it make sure u fully rainbow ur team because more colors is prettier. Makes sense right?
@both of you - there's no need to get defensive about this.

1) In general, we want to use actives as sparingly as possible because today's stages don't give us the luxury of spending multiple actives to burst a single enemy (and stalling them back). The point about using 2 high cd actives is fair. Obviously it's a different story if they were both say cd 3-5.

2) We would benefit from a simple example showing how to set up a board to optimally use ghroth in YZ.

3) When redoing 10th seal tunestone battles with YZ, ghroth was never front of mind for me. I am NOT saying that ghroth is a bad card. Just that I felt there were usually better or more consistent options available as boosters. I have also not seen many videos running ghroth in YZ.
(This is not to say that 10th seal is necessarily the benchmark we should be using, but you can't dispute that it contains a number of annoying stages and shields)
[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

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@OP, Lu Dongbin doesn't really combo well with Ghroth. Lu Dongbin gives Dark = 50% non-dark attribute effect, which iirc, doesn't boost the damage of dark runes for dark cards. There's use if you need to boost damage for off-color cards (i.e. using Yusuke on a water only damage shield) so they get the benefit of 15 dark rune drop or to punch through an anti-enchanted shield, but it's not a extremely useful effect in a mainly dark team.

Other attribute = dark effect (i.e. Todd, Felix, Hiei) would be what you want to maximize Ghroth's damage potential.

I would agree that Ying Zheng probably has much faster alternatives for most of the problems you'd normally use Ghroth to solve, including leader/ally Ying Zheng himself who is already a general problem solver.
I imagine Ghroth would be the ideal choice against extremely high combo shields (like Nile Water EX) or for burst overheal (high combo bonus to boost recovery + two recovery runes).
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(02-11-2019, 12:48 PM)aahlsy Wrote: @both of you - there's no need to get defensive about this.

Im sorry, i let myself get carried away.  Is their anyway for u to merge the two ying zheng threads?  U can cut out my crosstalk for sure.

Good points in both.

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