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Ying Zheng For Dummies (do not use)
Author Notes : I started working on this thread a while back before Chinese New Year, although someone else posted a guide already I think its save to assume that I am allowed to post mine right?. On a side note, Happy Chinese New Year to all.
1. Background
2. Mechanics and Theory
3. Dragonware
4. Recommended Members
5. Utility Members
6. Other Notable Members.
7. Sample Teams

For the past year, we have been provided with few dark leads such as Killua, Hiei, Vishnu and Mellow. However most of them were locked to a specific set of races. You might argue that Babylon Virtual Rebirth brought backGod of Disease - Namtar as a viable dark lead, however like most of the mono dark leads Namtar revolved heavily around having a few core members : Hel, Pollux, Alma, Anubis etc which were cards that not exactly most players have.

Come chinese new year and there was the arrival of PR Sindhu Gods and Ying Zheng, the new black card that has redefined the existing meta.

Mechanics and Theory
[Image: 45] - Majesty of Millennium - Ying Zheng
Leader Skill : Absolute Tyranny
+ Dark Attack and Demon Attack x 6; Damage dealt by the Monster disregards enemies' Defense. Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 2 seconds. By dissolving a group of 5 or more Runestones, Team Attack x 1.5 additionally.

Active Skill : Philosophy of Despotism
+ Restore all Runestones to normal state. By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements for three times, turn Runestones of fixed positions into Enchanted Runestones of the tapped Attribute(s).

Team Skill :
Condition: Both the Leader and Ally are "Majesty of Millennium - Ying Zheng".
  • For every Attributive Runestone dissolved, 1 Enchanted Dark Runestone will be generated, to the max 15 Runestones to be generated (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted). Dark Runestones also possess the effect of Heart Runestones.
  • Damage from Boss Skill "Burning" (excluding "Hellfire") will be converted to HP Recovery.
  • Active Skill CD of "Majesty of Millennium - Ying Zheng" -2. When HP is full, Damage received -40%.
Condition: Both the Leader and Ally are "Majesty of Millennium - Ying Zheng", with 3 or more Demons in the Team.
  • Demon HP, Attack & Recovery x 1.8 additionally.
    Condition: Both the Leader and Ally are "Majesty of Millennium - Ying Zheng", with 3 or more Demons in the Team.

He is a powerhouse on his own, having a high multiplier and increased spinning time. You can easily achieve his 81x multiplier with decent spinning, in addition demon members get a multiplier of 145.8. However this doesn't mean that non-demon dark cards can't be used. Burning runes (not Hellfire) heal him, allowing you to spin freely and provide healing if recovery is reduced to zero. Dark = heart allows you to safely insert Dark Xi without Hel, plus his attacks ignore defense combined with his absurd attack stat removes the need of Moonlight of Marionette - Tsukuyomi in the team. The lack of restriction in race and attribute allows you to slot in off-attribute members to easily counter specific enemy skills.

Priority of Attribute and Race for members in YZ  : dark + Demon, dark + non-demon, non-dark + demon, non-dark + non-demon

His active skill packs a ton of utility as it can be used to remove board hazards as well as provide massive amount of runes for cumulative shield stages or even remove unusable runestones from the board.

(01-03-2019, 05:52 AM)Oriceles Wrote: [Image: 60] Majesty of Millennium - Ying Zheng: I can't stress enough about having to explain why this guy is so good and is redefining the S tier as a whole for 2019. So let me tell you that basically Ying Zheng removes the need of many cards that were too predominant when building dark mono and were hard to balance as well. The access to the entire demon pool allows him to play many everyone favorite balloon along with some powerful utility, and just like Mesopotamia, having access to so many good members is hard to be precise on what members are the best for him, because basically whatever you bring on him will be good, yet just like I said, there are members you can discard out of this options:

1. Since he generates dark drop based on other type of Runestones dissolved like Greek Gods, you don't really need converters
2. Leader and Adjutant ignore armor, so in most cases you won't be in the need of using Tsukuyomi for that anymore
3. High damage and preference for demons make it so you don't really need Alma/Pollux unless you reaaaally want to generate heart runestones
4. Dark = Heart, make it so you don't need Hel at all

Along those lines you can see that he basically demolished a lot of dark staple members by adding that to his kit. The only trouble I see is that he is a black card and that all current leaders don't have as much power which might bring a super high power creep on enemy health at some point.

What are dragonwares?
Simply put, dragonwares are basically dragonary crafts that are race restricted and increases the stats of the unit it is equipped to.
The main dragonware that we are talking about in this section is the recently added Horn of Skull Amulet, obtainable from completing the tunestone collection in 3rd and 4th Chapter of 10th Seal.

Why equip the dragonware
[Image: 19-sehsrjdtykj.jpg?w=1360]
It increases the demon unit's attack and recovery, however that is farm from it. With YZ's rune drop you can easily fulfill the requirement for the dragonware's 1.5x monster attack. That is a damage increase of 1.575x, together with YZ's massive multiplier you can boost your damage up from 10million to 16million easily. And if you dissolve heart runes the boost increases further to 1.7325x.

On a side note, if you have YZ and set him as your adjudant I would highly recommend you to equip this craft. You're not only increasing their team damage, but people are more likely to use a unit with a dragonware equipped due to the benefits of it. Also some people wipe players who don't equip the dragonwares from their friendslist.

Recommended Members
Team Boosters
It isn't mandatory as the team itself can dish out high damage without the boosters, however it may be required if you slot in 2 or more off-colour members.

[Image: 45] Lullaby of Love - Ubume : At the cost of her attack, she provides a self-sustaining damage boost for the team . The damage reduction is also a nice gimmick if you have three attributes in the team, together with YZ's damage reduction you will only take 42% of the normal damage received when your HP is full.

[Image: 45] Creeping Rancor - Papaver : Her boost is self-sustained, the HP reduction can easily be solved thanks to YZ's HP. However you have to be wary about Neutralise EXs and board hazards that deal damage (weathered rune and movement damage) while having her activated, in addition since she's not a demon she won't help in activating YZ's team skill. All in all, a risky booster that works.

[Image: 45] Lunar Vampire - Theresia : Thanks to YZ's dark = heart effect as well as his dark rune drop, you are almost guaranteed to trigger her boost at the start of each wave. Her vampiric ability  lets you counter zero recovery stages but the application too niche as the enemy will probably be easily defeated. However you would probably Lullaby of Love - Ubume instead of her as Ubume is better than her in many ways.

[Image: 45] Five Elements of Onmyō - Tuchigumo : His AR skill provides additional damage to demon members, which perfectly slot in the team. The 1.8x is unlikely to be deactivated from enemy attacks as the team should defeat enemies easily, however it is still susceptible to ambush skills.

Other Relevant Members
These members don't provide a direct boost to the team, but rather provide it in additional utility it gives.
[Image: 45] Twin Divas Yan & Xi : Her active skills replace heart with dark runes, providing additional skydrop as well as a more consistent dark dissolve with YZ's team skill when mass amount of runestones are dissolved. However, it should be noted that if you have the Horn of Skull Amulet dragonware equipped to certain members it may not be favourable to use her as dissolving heart runes will increase team attack by 1.1x, effectively increasing team attack by 1.21x. Hence try avoiding her if you have more than 2 demons who have this dragonware equipped.

[Image: 45] Knight of Swordmaster - Lancelot : An additional boost to the team's overall damage which is easy to fulfill, as well as a convert which provides a board almost full of dark runes on the next round.

[Image: 45][Image: 45] Younger Toguro , 80% Power / Younger Toguro , 100 % Power : His attack and boost is stronger than Knight of Swordmaster - Lancelot, however it is harder to sustain due to its initial batch dark rune dissolve nature (can be countered by using Toguro's second EP skill).
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45] Gemini of Recall - Castor & Pollux : At max multiplier, his damage is around x2.5 higher than your average demon member inside YZ team and doesn't get neutralised. His light to heart convert is pretty situational though, as YZ can easily counter heart rune shields. However it should be noted that demon members are preferred over dark members due to YZ's multiplier. Versus Lancelot, Lancelot can achieve high damage and provides better utility.

Utility Members
As stated before, since YZ isn't restricted to any specific race or attribute he has access to the entire card pool. Meaning that he can use most of the available utility. Below are the utility cards that are much more suited for him.
[Image: 45] Dream Gobbler - Ghroth : Everyone's favourite eyeball. Insert him to potentially increase your combo count, however you will probably not get a lot due to YZ's initial dark rune drop.

[Image: 45][Image: 45] Hiei / Hiei, the Jagan Master : His switch skill can provide an alternative method of attacking if dark runestones cannot be dissolved. In addition, his second EP 12 Skill can be used to provide additional damage as well as dodge a fatal blow for one round. His first EP conversion can also be used subsequently after YZ's conversion with a fire member (preferably mukuro for extra stats, these two cards should be beside or between one member) in the team to provide all enchanted attributive runes.
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45] Dark Wizard - Zeref : Attribute change to dark, defense reduction for team members, 2.5x boost to dark attacks on enemies and 2 rune type converts all at 7 CD.
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45][Image: 45] Benevolent Xian Vixen - Su Daji : A great time tunnel card, especially since her boost is easy to fulfill and that the duration is extended by YZ's leader skill. Equipping her dragonware also further extends the already absurd spinning time of YZ.

[Image: 45] Feng Chih Hen : Has better stats than Benevolent Xian Vixen - Su Daji thanks to YZ's team skill as well as a longer time tunnel. However his boost is hard to fulfill.
Note : The above card can only be obtained from a Collaboration that has ended and can no longer be obtained.

[Image: 45] Neferpitou : Her time tunnel is shorter than daji, and she also provides a boost only to demons and elves. Otherwise her healing ability is fine to help sustain YZ's damage reduction should healing be not be possible.
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45] Fabricated Euphoria - Todd : He provides you with another method of dealing damage to an enemy if dark runes cannot be dissolved. However if you lack this card, you can still use Cat Mercenary Commander - Felix. Note that his HP reduction clashes with Lunar Vampire - Theresia's boost, hence Felix might be favourable in that situation.

[Image: 45] Cat Mercenary Commander - Felix : Basically Fabricated Euphoria - Todd, but without 75% HP reduction, lower stats, a full board enchant along with a shorter CD.

[Image: 45] Omniscient Dominator - Yog-Sothoth : Provides all rune possession effect and guarantees that you will have all 6 types of runes for that round. She also provides a minor damage boost which can be increased if there is another effect in play. However because there isn't a dark = all effect, her damage won't normally exceed the damage of the other dark demons. You can however, use her against enemy skills where fire attacks only damage them.

[Image: 45][Image: 45] Killua / Godspeed - Killua : He provides an additional light attack(s), as well as a full board enchant with the dark runes arranged at the top left corner with an increased combo count.
Note : The above card was part of a Collaborative Seal that may return in the future.

[Image: 45] Judge of the Dead - Osiris : Although YZ's active skill clears board effect and hazard, Osiris is still a fine member to slot in thanks to his boost in Dark Recovery and Attack. His dragonware also increases dark attack up to 3x. However his higher CD makes him pretty unfavourable as a board clear, in addition YZ can cover for him to a certain extent. Otherwise, there are shorter board clears such as Hunter of Dreams - Froid that provides a damage reduction or Tempest of Sakura - Yomi to provide enchanted runes.

[Image: 45] Qi Tian Di : He removes a specific rune from the board to provide enchanted dark, as well as minimal boost in overall team damage.
Note : The above card can only be obtained from a Collaboration that has ended and is no longer be available.

[Image: 45] Mischievous Wit - Lü Dongbin : Active skill works like Qi Tian Di, but the damage boost is swapped with a dark = 50% all effect.

[Image: 45] Cat of Charisma - Mellow : She provides a massive boost in team damage, as well as a dodge that remains until damage is dealt to an enemy by your team.

[Image: 45] Infinite Dreamlands - Sandman  : He provides a massive reduction in damage as well as healing at the cost of your attacks. You would only use him for those pesky Initial Shield + First Attack x20 combos.

[Image: 45] Bliss Distributor Isabel : Why are you hitting yourself? why are you hitting yourself?

[Image: 45] Odin the Fated Savior of All : 2 turn high boost with a condition that is easily fulfilled by YZ thanks to his time extension, otherwise his convert skill is pretty meh.

[Image: 45] Brynhildr the Scythe Warrior : A solid skill unlock for dark teams. Its also nice that she can be easily farmed in Lost Relic Registry.

[Image: 45] Princess of Blizzard - Yuki-onna : With her AR skill, her active skill can be used as a method to provide a large burst of water damage. Otherwise she can remove fire runes from the board.

[Image: 45] Howl of Raging Storm - Ootengu : Similar to Princess of Blizzard - Yuki-onna, his AR skill boosts his stats however you have to pair him up with Cat Mercenary Commander - Felix or Fabricated Euphoria - Todd

[Image: 45] Archery God of Sedge - Houyi : He can provide you with earth attacks should the stage nullify dark attacks. Otherwise, if you can afford a loss in an attacking member you can use Balance of Worldly Order - Giemsa. Otherwise use Howl of Raging Storm - Ootengu with a unit that gives runestones earth effect.

[Image: 45] Scheming Usurper - Dong Zhuo : Deals additional boosted dark attacks for units that have activated their active skills.

[Image: 45] Vanir the Masked Duke : The only dark / dark demon unit with a snipe that ignores defense, so you can slot him without losing HP and attack. However you really would only use him to reveal invisibility and not for his ignore defense ability. His convert kinda helps too?

[Image: 45] Cancer of Resolution - John : A massive snipe to all enemies, with his AR skill nullifying Initial Shield allowing team damage to bypass it.

Other Notable Members
[Image: 45] Vision of Desires - Samle : Increases demon HP by x1.5 if the team consists of only demon. His active skill also provides a minor boost to demon attack and recovery, though it doesn't really make up for the loss in damage for placing a non-dark demon.

[Image: 45][Image: 45] Rider Bishop the Doom Bringer/ Rider Knap the Youth Devourer : Similar to Vision of Desires - Samle, but without the full demon restriction and and a lower HP multiplier. Otherwise, rider knapp can convert water runes to dark and rider bishop can provide a pretty good boost.
NOTE : There is currently an ongoing bug where their team skill HP multiplier gets added directly to YZ's HP multiplier resulting in a demon HP multiplier of x2.1 instead of x2.34. This should be fixed in the next version.

Sample Teams
(01-03-2019, 05:52 AM)Oriceles Wrote: Mono Dark

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
This setup is basically the removal of some hazards, a bit of time extension and cancelling hearts because you won't need them on this team on a similar fashion to Atlantis and Priestess Xi. Feel free to replace Endor with Khaos or Tsukuyomi or anything you can find more convenient.

Dark Luxury

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
With Qi Tian Di and Anubis deactivation you should have more than enough damage to nuke anything and pairing Xi with Anubis basically would turn Ying Zheng on to a Greek God lol. Daji is there as over the top time extension and if needed to avoid any board hazard.

Mono Dark - Demon

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
I have seem a lot of people running Tuchigumo but I feel that the skill is more vulnerable than the one from Theressia, sure you can always add the 2 of them if you feel like it. Ying Zheng actually does have the tools to keep up Younger Toguro running at 100% of his power with permanent 10x attack every round, if you lack this Toguro you can use Lancelot. Other popular choice tends to be Hiei because you can absorb the damage from the enemies with his Draco of the Darkness Flame, Zhuge Liang for combo count, and Feng Chih Hen to solve metasphere and other time based problems.

Fire, Earth and Dark

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
Sadly he doesn't share offensive runestones effect but still having access to demons from other attributes and with no penalty for off-race makes him pretty scary. Ghroth basically means absurd power.

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
If for some reason you want to push the HP to absurd amounts with your new favorite black card you can play this, it's full of team skills so easily you can reach something above 50k HP. You can also try to mismatch any of this combos with cards previously mentioned on the sample teams.

[Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45] Defensive Utility Setup
Ubume's active skill provides a defensive boost thanks to the 3 attribute members, she can be swapped with other boosters if you don't have her. Hiei's first EP skill can be used with YZ to provide all enchanted attributive runestones, 2nd EP skill for bursting / dodging attacks for a turn, while Zeref is used for a massive burst. Zeref can be swapped out for any utility member if required. Mukuro can be swapped out with any other fire demon member as she is only there for the stat boost. Dragonwares would normally be placed on Hiei and Zeref.

[Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45] Dark - Dragon Archetype :
Basically Azathoth, but with the added ability of healing, slightly higher damage with Novalis activated than in Azathoth and lower HP.

[Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45] Boosts, Boosts Everywhere :
Your team will always deal over 100 million damage every turn, but at the cost of most of your utility.

[Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45] Herp Derp:
Constant Luna buff that ensures all Lunas will share the same damage as YZ once their CD is ready, as well as her AR adding extra time to the already long spinning time of YZ.
Okay seriously this is just a meme team, but hey at least you can use it on 30 Team stage?

+ Extremely high multiplier for demon members, high multiplier for dark members.
+ Long time extension
+ No race or attribute restriction
+ Generate his own runestone
+ Can clear board hazards with active skill, freeing up a slot.
+ Can heal without hearts.
+ 40% Damage reduction when HP is full.
- High damage leads to problems with stalling
- Average HP can lead to death from high damage phantom and ambush unless specific members used.

Don't forget to equip the Horn of Skull Amulet to your YZ if you set him as your adjudant.
Special thanks to BVLGARI and Criomede for providing info :V.

Shameless plug
UID: 76,614,994
Current Adjudants: YZ , SR Freyr, SR Freyja
Youtube Channel: Click Here Sub to me pls
Just a note, Todd's cd is much shorter than Felix due to AR.

To avoid confusion, it would be better to combine this with the other YZ thread.
I will take a stab at this when I'm off work, but if you have any suggestions to make this easier please send them through.

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

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