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Yet Another Returning Player
One other point is to try not cluttering your inventory with multiple copies of a farmable card like Odin. So for example with Odin if you have 8 copies you should try to get another 3 copies so you'd have 11. One main card to feed 5 baby harpies to, then feeding 5 x 2 times for skill-ups which leaves you with just one inventory slot. If you stay at 8 you'll end up with 3 inventory slots until the next time he comes around. It's generally better not to decompose cards that you plan to feed later on as it just wastes stamina.

Also depending on your level of spending, decomposing cards in general now is a hugely bad idea and inventory upgrades are always worthwhile. We have now seen multiple ways that MH plans to encourage you to rebuy cards you've already acquired and may have decomposed:

1. VR where it's multiple PR materials or 1 unevolved copy
2. Dragonware where you must sacrifice a copy of the card to get the craft
3. Divergent evolve paths such as the cyborg scholars who can only evolve to machina from their base form

And that's before MH crunches the numbers from this CNY to determine how much more money they need to extract from their playerbase.

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