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XY amelioration thoughts!
Interesting to note YWT and XY twin bros have 2 stats buff in amel 1 (+150hp, +120att)
Both of them also have their own element 40% drops

the twin bros skill change into light dark 2.5x, light and dark have 50% effect of each other ( can be super imposed), dissolving light and dark, att x1.5.
It doesnt write that the team must contain light members or not, or we potentially have a mono dark leader with extra light attacking runes we can ally with daji,
probably more stable than loki+daji now. Also can be used in dark greek now with the 40% drops although not a useful skill in greek.

Mu yue also become really good after amel with active skill reduced to 4CD 6CD only. ( Thanks for the correction) Certainly can earn her spot in water giemsa!

Septum's active buffed to next turn's attack mimic's the attack of current round.

Soul day leaders now have a 50% chance for arcane lustre in day of souls advanced and 30% in basic ( can be superimposed) its a very good stamina to souls ratio with the guaranteed arcane lustre in advanced. A must have for farming souls!

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on other XY card amel too!

Mu Yue's CD is actually 6CD after amel, not 4, haha.

SSS turns all water runes enchanted. Makes her an ideal water converter in any team with 3 or more humans.

The YWT/Twins amel seems really strong, though. I figured YWT would get 40% drop. Anyone have details on all the card changes?

Edit: Jing Chou's amel is very average, only a -2 Initial CD.

ID: 29,237,346

Main Ally: All Max Daji

Guild Ally: All Max SSS

Other Allies(on request): 
All Max: Stolas/Pisces/Capricorn/Libra/Leo/Ursula/Novalis/Dagon/Cthugha/Kejorou
Level Max/PR'd: Faugn IV/Lisa/Inanna/Namtar/Astaroth IV/Sagittarius II/Douman Ashiya/Artemis IV/Nezha III
IV Ducks/Dogs: Water/Earth/Light

Will add low level users.
Erm, may I know the source?

Oh wait, it has been implemented in the game...My bad

Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
I actually like Jyu Yun's amel, just a simple 2 columns amels.
I usually use her in my light babylon for fast stage whereby i will clear the stage within 10 rounds or MP. I don't need anything else besides sword amel and some quick burst for the build.
I run something like
Inanna + PR Virgo + PR Top + Light DS + Jyu Yun + Inanna
Sword amel is the best for me in this case. It is better than ML-Luna variant in term of getting top place in ranking board. Big Grin

Now i am struggling whether I want to amel SSS or Jyu Yun first...
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
@arigato: its 1 sword 1 heart, at first i thouht it was quite op with 2 swords 30% attack, however its just a 15% att 15% rcr, the amel 4 is not really worth =/
(08-31-2015, 03:51 PM)KayJae Wrote: @arigato: its 1 sword 1 heart, at first i thouht it was quite op with 2 swords 30% attack, however its just a 15% att 15% rcr, the amel 4 is not really worth =/

Just amel 3 will do. Amel 4 if i have OCD to make her all max.
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
The Emperor Scion is also would be pretty good for a Earth greek team, with massive heart convert for heal/burst together with DBK. But only if I have plenty of souls
Any list of all the XY series's amel?
Probably going to Amel Jia Rou first. Souls are very hard to farm, her active change to 5 turn recovery for a CD of 10 is very impressive. I just check and its possible to put into Hades using Hades - Jia Rou - PR PQoW - Ed - Zeus - LHY. Very decent team that can rotate between PQoW and Jia Rou almost indefinitely. Worth pointing the whole deck is almost farmable. Rest of the card stood out instantly, but going to point out the viability of Jia Rou for both soul farming and being a healer in a team.
^just dont forget to max Jia Rous CD or youre screwed. I just did that. Big Grin
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