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What one diamond seal card have you gotten the most dupes of, and how many dupes?
(02-26-2018, 06:36 PM)vespher Wrote: Dont know if it counts, but 9 feng chih hen from pili, out of 20 total draws i ever did.

Im using him for Aether though , don't have Daji. CD8 for 12s with that rainbow boost is alright imho.

ID: 54962818

Looking for Ying Zheng allies

Forum United 3 recruiting
probably 5 daoloths LUL

Akanto Wrote: Ducks are awesome. Big Grin
The lack of Golems in this thread surprise me.

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116

Kidding. It's Minamoto's fusion partner. I can't count how many times I've drawn them...
[Image: kkkeFG7.png]
ID: 67339257
The ones that come to mind are Izanagi and Taurus. Got 5 of each.
Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

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Valkyrie used to haunt me in my pulls, have her 6 times. Luckily you can just buy her now in the relic pass.
IGN: Wezlex
ID: 55757834
Current ally: Leader I last used myself
Other allies: Artemis, Ursula, Stone of origin SSS, Gaia , Wukong , PR Giemsa, Beelzebub, Apollo, Loki, Aether
Wanted allies: anyone who is active
I got a triple tie. Yue Jin-Zhao from Chinese Paladin, Faugn and Norvi with 6 each.
IGN: Desrt, ID:  70339822

I dont have VR Apollo, Atlantis, Anubis, Sakura or PR Phanes. For almost all else add me.
I dont think they're in the seal anymore buit Faugn and Tulzcha. I've been trolled with those trash dragons so many times.
VVV guild is currently recruiting.

PM me if you are interested in joining or check out our thread


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