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What one diamond seal card have you gotten the most dupes of, and how many dupes?
Thought I'd ask a random question just for fun. What one diamond seal card have you gotten the most dupes of (counting any you decomposed), and how many dupes of that card have you drawn?

Mine is fire dragon spiritor, I've drawn that card 3 or 5 times before but I decomposed all except for two. I kept the one I actually leveled and evolved and I'm keeping another one just in case of VR so I can use the dupe to VR.

Although an honourable mention goes out to Bull King, of which I have 3 copies. For such a rare series like JTTW, I'm surprised that I actually have 3 copies of him.

So, what about you? What one card has kept plaguing you over your TOS career, never letting you go? Big Grin

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Lubu. The original Lubu. I have merched 10 of him.

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OoD samael, I have 6 copies of her.

Phanes, who I got 5 copies of and now regret not keeping one extra of because of incoming PR. Recently been getting a lot of Lu Lingshuang's also.
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I don't decompose cards so can easily see what I have drawn with the exception of those used for skill levelling or VR.

Jack 1 + 11 dupes, and 1 used for VR. I have also drawn 8 Belle, 7 Elzabeth, 5 Todd. This series is always mocking me as I have never drawn a Jackie.

Alma 1 + 11 dupes.
Mufasa, even though he is not drawable from Diamond Seal anymore. I stopped counting after 8, but there sure is no other card I've drawn more copies of than him. The whole Spiritual Civilization Series nailed me at least 4 copies each, and they've been out of the Diamond Seal for a loooong time now...
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Jack. I drew him no less then 6 times. I always decompose useless dupes, so it's hard to count.
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Dont know if it counts, but 9 feng chih hen from pili, out of 20 total draws i ever did.
poppy fuccing hoe XD stopped counting after 8 my gosh
(02-26-2018, 01:46 PM)spacelion Wrote: Lubu. The original Lubu. I have merched 10 of him.

Same here, don't know what's with him, got 8 of him.

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