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What is the best device for TOS?
Quite a big question. TOS doesn't need an intensive CPU to run, but what would be the top devices to run TOS? We should break this into 3 categories.

- Handheld
- Tablet
- PC

Handheld is of course for any smartphone capable of running TOS. Tablets, self explanatory. Though this would be fitting for any device that is larger than a Galaxy Mega. PC, are for any PC device that can run Bluestacks and also accepts device input like controllers or touchscreen.

As far as I know, the most common handheld devices are iPhone, Samsung S phones and such. For tablets, definitely iPad.

However, as an S4 user, I must say that using an iPhone is like a phone for ants. It feels to small and difficult due to my massive thumbs. What are your opinions?

[Image: 4q32gx.png][Image: s4w491.png]

PC or rather Genymotion and Bluestacks are out because MH not giving them guild points.

[Image: daedc57b.jpg]
[Image: e20c487d.jpg]

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Nexus series no doubt, no lag and not too big or too small

[Image: fdsffsd_1.png]
I can't play the game on my tablet... having such a big screen size feels like it takes that much more effort to move lots of runes in a short period of time.

so by default, I play it on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Smile
PC and tablet/ipad
because my hands is always sweat when nervous ... so playing on pc is my best choice
summore my phone get heat easier when playing...

tablet and ipad screen bigger <<< my 2nd choice but i dont have it =(
[Image: 1408523648585_zpsb3f6c359.png]
I'd vote for iPad. Big screen is better and more fun.

Also tried playing on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 too, pretty nice one/

iPhone 5s is the smallest. Took less energy spinning, but not my kind.

PC... I don't like that. Using mouse spinning is quite hard. And now they excluded PC from lb and guild event.
I'm an iPad mini user, I find this sort of size seems to be the best especially when you're a thumb-spinner like me Smile
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I play with my index finger as my thumb doesnt work at any device lol. Other than that i think index finger is kind of faster and more flexile so needs more space than thumb? In this case i would say tablet is better as i cant play properly at phones.
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iphone 5 hands down
I used the HTC One X (and later M8 when the One X died), the iPad Mini, the iPad and ASUS Transformer tablet. The tablets were fun at first, but quickly became a bit stressful because the screen was so big and you had to move with your wrist (if not elbow), whereas with the phones you can just move a finger, allowing more dexterity and less effort. You also get to see the "big picture" easier with a smaller screen - but then the HTC screens aren't exactly small. The iPad Mini was also a pleasure to use, and seems just about right too, but you still need to move your whole hand rather than a finger. My finger fits just nicely for the M8 and so I'll choose that, but if your fingers are a bit bigger then an iPad mini, Nexus 7 or even a phablet might be better, but the full-size iPad and Android tablets require too much effort for me.
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