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What do you want to see in the next update?
New enemy skills that test spinning, not inventory.

Monochrome runes was one of my recent favourite enemy skills (Even though it basically wrecks me) because there's some skill in matching via shapes instead of colours IMO. If you can't handle it, you can still mass-convert to make life easier at the cost of a team slot.

Not sure how I feel about the recent damage-reduction-when-dissolving-marked-runes ability. I can't see a way of outplaying the ability by spinning other than not dissolving them at all, but that will eventually just lead to a board filled with marked runes. Maybe count initial batch only so good players can dissolve them via stacking to avoid damage reduction?

Others like Racism variants are just brainless abilities that we can only "deal with" by not using that race.

New cards that are OP, but gated by spinning.

I feel like people still play Guan Yu / RDYJ / Ancient Greek teams the way they play regular teams, i.e. Match three in a line. The ability to dissolve weird shapes like 3x2 Ls or 2x2 lightning shapes simply acts as a bonus. Would be more interesting if some of the multipliers of those teams only apply if you dissolve those off-shapes in the initial batch or something to promote alternate playstyle.

I thought Babylons did this fairly well when first released; Dissolving columns of four wasn't a playstyle people usually did, I think, so rewarding better (At that point in time, anyway) multipliers to those who could meant the team was good in the hands of a new player, but great in the hands of a seasoned one.

[Image: o7TTY2Y.png]
The marked runes lose the mark if you change them in any ways, including enchanting them.

That opens more possibilities :p...

I dont have Guan Yu but i have Erebus and Yang Jian, i actively try to just get as many L shapes or simple 2x1 as possible just to increase the initial combo count but remember that it comes at the expense of Ameliorations most of the time.

Another interesting team is Gaia's, in which you try to generate a couple enchaned runes and later actively try to use the borders of the screen to line your runes while nesting 2 enchanted runes slightly spaced by the middle of the screen in order to keep the rune generation maxed... thing is that a couple spin restrictions force you to comply with the status quo, fast :p

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