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What do you want to see in the next update?
(01-06-2017, 08:58 AM)Akanto Wrote:
(01-06-2017, 08:51 AM)jtsmith Wrote:
(01-06-2017, 07:57 AM)Akanto Wrote: JTTW are still excellent cards. RGB still are the best massconverter, Wukong still is the best defensebreaker ever. And Daji one of the best boosters. Only advantage endor has over her are the 3 rows for colorshields, and subsequent lower CD.
Dajis boost usually yields more damage for me, u can use DC, stats are better...

daji cd8 x1.9 unlimited movement 10s slvl15 nonfarmable requiring vr.  costly amd rare.

abraham cd10 10s extend x2.5 farmable slvl12 and could get pr and ame.  special seal could return.

skuld cd10 x2fire unlimited movement farmable in LR.  SKULD!

if switch to daji ovr 2.5x cd15.  team skill pls mh...

none of these are dark.

Otherwise we can just say PR ML > anything, or barbhogg > (very almost) anyhting regarding survivability

PR ML requires light or demons to work so there is a restriction in place.  same with barbhogg.

daji is restrictionless along with abraham 2.5x colorless boost.

a large number of meta teams are two elements or more.  not restricted to mono.  that was 2015...

Make zodiac great again

My Regular Allies (max level): PR Daji, PR Wukong, All Babylons, All Norse VR 

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(01-06-2017, 10:42 AM)jvdoles Wrote: Make zodiac great again

zodiac does have good stats but yeah some of the actives dont go far enuf or are too restrictive.

for a lot of these cards, new team skills would help them be useful again.

(01-06-2017, 10:42 AM)jvdoles Wrote: Make zodiac great again

Well Zodiac are way to far from getting VR (The last serie to get VR was Chinese Gods on Jan 2016) . If MH decide to follow the line of released card The Twelve Zodiacs are after;
Greek Gods -> Egyptian Gods -> Ethereal Dragons -> The Witches and finally Twelve Zodiacs .

But since I got into the game when Babylons were released, I don´t know if in the past the Zodiacs were that popular as "Leaders".
I don't want to see anymore VRs .... Need lots of resources. Hope MH can just modify those cards active or leader skills directly in the future updates.
I'd like to see an update with no limited time only seal for a while. Having this current one start immediately after the last one has really hurt my dimes and I've been cursed to not get any of the rares from either seal despite spending around 100 dimes in each one.

Two of these so close together was an over greedy move imo.

I'd also like to see a new trans.
VVV guild is currently recruiting.

PM me if you are interested in joining or check out our thread

VR Greeks.
I have to say that I like all these propositions.
Amel OoD is coming, again they have a very tight schedule and they have followed it neatly.
PR Valkyrie of Divine Wine = like wise.
VR Greeks, a leader form with current CD but a small bonus damage multiplier and a follower form with - 2 CD = perfect.
Druids need PR alongside Tribal Beasts, a new seal for beasts with a new set of powerful beasts could help (Beast leaders are few and far).
All in all I would say that Madhead has the right idea going forward, so I trust that we shall see this.
Leaders I'm MISSING
Black: WaterXi, Rakhshasa,  Maya, Atlantis,Pompeii. 
VR: Seth, Daji, DBK, W. CN God. 
PR: Yunyang, Ninurta, dark babilonian. 
Rares: Satan, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Amaterasu, Sakura, Azathot, XHD, LDB+waifu,SHJ, Mai, iori, Turing.
(01-06-2017, 08:18 AM)BlackPaul Wrote: I want the ability to change team members during the team select screen before regular stages. We've had this for multiplayer since 1977, it shouldn't be too hard to implement.


Also would like more utility leaders something like double battle rounds when using leader - for ease of skill level grinding.
Bonus leader for craft stage.
Things like that. Better leader skills than the simple attack x 3 leaders that will never be used as leaders.

NO SPECIAL SEAL (unless it is Solomon).
I would like to see old cards and decks with unique styles becoming useful again. I thought that the tribal beast deck had good potential though Haza now probably trumps them all. At one point in time, I like the Changxi deck with 4 max amel Norms deck. That was pretty interesting and useful. It'd be nice to have more such unique and viable decks brought back to play.
Regular ally (all maxed): Guan Yu / PR Jia Rou (weekends)
Other allies available upon request
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