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What deck should I go for next?
Hi everyone, it's me again Big Grin
I'm finally done with the mono light in my signature, and I already have my water greek mono ready for the upcoming Zeus. Now, I'd like to build my third deck and I'm thinking between mono Earth and dragon deck. I'd like some opinions!

I plan to go for this deck for mono Earth:
Bell + Dragon Maleficent/light to earth converter disney card(forgot the name lol)/Circe/Yang Jian + Bell
I'm not sure if this deck will have sufficient enough earth runestones for consistent burst since I don't have Domon and Duncan.
Here are my other Earth cards: PKOE, Shu, Verdandi, Medusa, Maleficent.

As for dragon I have no idea what I can build with since I don't have dark DS. Here are the dragon cards that I have:
GSoA x3
Water DS
Fire, Water, Earth, Dark ED
x2 Dark Golem
All DD
Water, Fire, Dark MD

Any idea on what I can form with these dragons? (I have two Dragon PR material available)
I'm thinking that when Chernabog becomes available, I can have a very strong mono water dragon deck without dark DS

And, which deck should I go for first? Thank you very much in advance! Big Grin

I would say earth mono.
Dragon deck without dark ds means you have to use dark ds as your ally, limits your dragon deck option
Water DS (L) + Dark Golem + Dark Golem + GSOA/MD/ED x 2 + Dark DS (A)

Of course, you may try the following build:
PR ED (RGB should be better, 1 PR dark ED's recovery bonus is not that good) + Dark Golem X 2 + Water DS +PR RGB ED + Dark DS (A)

Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Thank you once again Arigato for your suggestion. I really want to try dragon deck out. But for my Earth mono, I should be okay without PR Duncan and Domon right?

If you ever get dark ds, you can play
PR Dark ED (L) + Dark DS + Water DS + PR RGB ED X 2 + PR Dark ED (A)
Dark DS (L) + Dark Golem X2 + Dark ED + Water DS + Water DS (A)
or even
Nidhogg (L) + Dark DS + Dark Golem X2 + Water DS + Water DS (A)

Unlike mono, dragon deck's potential truly lies on the combo of dark and water ds, without this, dragon decks are simply incompetent against mono.

For your earth mono, I think 2 5cd converters (well, the two that you have are not easy to train) could make up the absence of domon.

Another suggestion for you would be:
Circe (L) + Maleficent + Dragon Maleficent + X (The upcoming disney card) + Yang Jian + Circe/Freyja/Domon/Bell (A)
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Yeah, I really want to run dragon deck since I have most of the 'core' dragon members but the only one I'm missing is the most important one which is Dark DS Sad. Oh and I don't have Nidhogg too, but ever since ED PR, he's not a must have anymore right?

As for Earth mono, I might have to feed some of my harpies to max their cd(I already spent most of my harpies on my minamoto for light deck). Really hope I draw Domon soon Tongue
With Dark DS, the effect of water ds's active works as 6x multiplier, without dark DS, it won't even works beyond 2x in my opinion, that's just how important dark ds and water ds are to a dragon deck.

You are still going to use a lot of harpies if you want to play dragon deck, slvl15 water ds is important for a dragon team.
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313

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