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What are your fave and least fave artworks in the game?
It's a slow week, so fluff thread. I'm sure a lot of people play TOS with the high quality of the artwork being, if not an incentive then a general plus. So what's y'allses favorites? Waifus and husbandos and space monsteras. And of course, the opposite question applies also, who do you think are the dumbest looking cards? Try not to bring how good they are as a card into it, but of course that's an unavoidable bias people feel.

I really love Strelitzia (both forms), Shuta, Y'golonac, Grudge, and pretty much every Blue Rose artwork ever (Atlantis, Cornflower, PR Erebus, Zhao Yun, Ghroth, etc).

Now cards I hate the artwork for: PR Abadon. Gawd I hate him. VR Todd. It's not bad, it's just WTF did they do to this character. And then I hate pretty much all the Pre-PR Greeks and Norse.

UID: 86478773
Adjutants: Maya and Rose. 

Allies Available On Request:

LF: Not much. Running out of friendslots tbh.

I keep a dedicated slot for puffy in my inv, together with Hu-Po

Pretty much everything I've ever set my avi as, lol: NVR Freyja, NVR Athena, PR Giemsa and Huifre. Some other ones that I haven't used as an avi before, but come to mind immediately include PR Yuki Onna and PR Libra.

Honestly though, art was one of the reasons I play this game over PAD. The only ones that I honestly thought MH dun goofed on was PR Cthulhu and PR Cerberus, and that's only because of the huge change in art style.

[Image: aJD4LR0.png]
One of them has to be Yog, it's depicted so wickedly sick in this game. Others include OVR Elizabeth, NVR Jack, PR Lucifer, PR Atrahasis, 6* Pontos, all the cards from the Prologues, especially Abhoth and Ghroth. PR Sumatra, PR BeelzPR Dipankara also come to mind. 

Do costumes count? If so, Chessia and the Japanese style witches especially Circe and Cass are among my faves. Also the new waifu Matryoshka. Must protecc. <-- What.The.Hell
PR: FD Primal, FED OoD, WE Newborn Elves, Aloha, Dipankara etc.
VR: FEL Greek, WFEL Crimson Grace, ED Norse, Daji
Rares: Atlantis, Maya, Lu Dongbin/He Xian Gu, Azathoth, Ghroth, Daoloth, Rose, Sakura, Ophiuchus, Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Izanagi, Chessia, Abraham, Uncle Tuu, Xiahou Dun

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