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What are your fave and least fave artworks in the game?
It's a slow week, so fluff thread. I'm sure a lot of people play TOS with the high quality of the artwork being, if not an incentive then a general plus. So what's y'allses favorites? Waifus and husbandos and space monsteras. And of course, the opposite question applies also, who do you think are the dumbest looking cards? Try not to bring how good they are as a card into it, but of course that's an unavoidable bias people feel.

I really love Strelitzia (both forms), Shuta, Y'golonac, Grudge, and pretty much every Blue Rose artwork ever (Atlantis, Cornflower, PR Erebus, Zhao Yun, Ghroth, etc).

Now cards I hate the artwork for: PR Abadon. Gawd I hate him. VR Todd. It's not bad, it's just WTF did they do to this character. And then I hate pretty much all the Pre-PR Greeks and Norse.

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I keep a dedicated slot for puffy in my inv, together with Hu-Po

Pretty much everything I've ever set my avi as, lol: NVR Freyja, NVR Athena, PR Giemsa and Huifre. Some other ones that I haven't used as an avi before, but come to mind immediately include PR Yuki Onna and PR Libra.

Honestly though, art was one of the reasons I play this game over PAD. The only ones that I honestly thought MH dun goofed on was PR Cthulhu and PR Cerberus, and that's only because of the huge change in art style.

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One of them has to be Yog, it's depicted so wickedly sick in this game. Others include OVR Elizabeth, NVR Jack, PR Lucifer, PR Atrahasis, 6* Pontos, all the cards from the Prologues, especially Abhoth and Ghroth. PR Sumatra, PR BeelzPR Dipankara also come to mind. 

Do costumes count? If so, Chessia and the Japanese style witches especially Circe and Cass are among my faves. Also the new waifu Matryoshka. Must protecc. <-- What.The.Hell
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(03-23-2018, 01:44 AM)put1572 Wrote: <-- What.The.Hell

You knocking the best artwork in the game? 
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(03-23-2018, 05:50 AM)Lee Hugyeong Wrote:
(03-23-2018, 01:44 AM)put1572 Wrote: <-- What.The.Hell

You knocking the best artwork in the game? 

Ah I see you’re a man of culture as well

Most of the PR and the VR artwork have all been mind blowing. I found myself VR the Blood Demons just because I loved the artwork despite them not having that much use

That said I love the new skin artwork. Not too much of a fan of the moving portraits. Hope it doesn’t take over the alternate skins.

I do hope they don’t waifu-ize PR Yog. I love the eldritch love craft artwork.
I love Daiji. Since the beginning of ToS, she is the most desired & most charming character. In a game full of freaking monsters, she was shining, especially when the 3 enchantress were short & fat. Even now, when she is no longer hot as ally, she is still nobly beautiful.

I drawn her twice, but too late, at year 4 & 5. Still maxed her & forged a weapon for her.
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Hoo, boy, where to start.

- Top rated ones for me would be all the eldritch horrors; that style ticks every one of my boxes (including "adorable": just look at widdle Byakhee!). Terrors, Adherents, Prologues, Yog-Sothoth, Lady Blossom, Shub-Niggurath, Hastur and absolutely Nyarlathotep. PR Ethereals get bonus points for their sheer scale, just carrying R'lyeh, Cassilda and Ceraphis on their backs like it's no big deal.
- Rapa Nui.
- Yatanokami.
- Sepulchres. Frikkin' gem dragons. (Yes, that includes BJ spear)
- Metatron and fusions. GODDAMN these things turned out amazing. The character blending is flawless even by MH's fusion art standards, and they look like they came from the same character while also being five completely different beings.
- Braided Maiden. HELL YES.
- PR Samael. She's beauty, she's grace, she'll torture you for days.
- Corvus. One of those cases that's beautiful and creepy in equal measure. The landscape change within the cage is A+.
- 6* Stolas.
- Paladins. They've got hella personality for empty suits of armour.

- 7* Nidhogg. The shading is rather poorly done and makes it look more like a worm with limbs than a mucus-dripping dragon zombie.
- Fire and Water Brides. The only acceptable form is Fire Bride's costume variant, the rest are just awful.
- PR BIGBANGs. The original set were sufficiently human-looking to pass, and the alternate forms were more cartoon-animation style caricatures but held it well. The PR forms, though? There's no unifying theme, and they seem to be trying to revert to an attempt at realism but failed miserably.
- PR Hades. I don't mind the art, it looks fine, but it feels more like an outfit than a standard artwork.
- Haunted Objects. Like Hades, I don't dislike them, but after the brilliance that was Urban Legends this series was rather a letdown.
- Mai. Both variants. Just... yuck.
- Shermie. The KoF series generally had simpler art than most other cards, but she's the only one that I'd ask for more details in.
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Freyja used to be my favorite for years. Now its PR Gaia. SO beautiful.
Also like PR Norse in general, VR Tyr, the last batch of dragons, pr DBK, Faugn, PR Nidhogg, basically everything grim or badass. Big Grin Pr Alma ofc, too.

And I dont like all the same looking human cards we had in the last year. so boring.
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Fav = groth that eyeball UGHHHHHHHHHh turns me onnnnnnnnnn (Lotr sauron)
Hate = azathoth gosh all those heads make me sick

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