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What The Library Is About
I'm pretty happy to know of the library being set up.

Actually there's an App (both in Apple App Store and Google Play) that list down the min and max skills (and evolving materials). "神魔之塔快訊+圖鑑攻略" It's in Chinese version but the cards do have category listed as in Chinese beasts, greek gods etc.

[Image: -tpnCO4io55vOzB7iuDQNd2_MzrBchOcPvBIx3s6...pYOqI=w300]

What I feel lacking in the app is the kind of elements that we can feed to the card to up/max the cards skillset (that's where the forum is useful with input from everyone).

[Image: lAUJpdvMJ9a2L4gZx52Zhv2RbqoaGoVjBjfFzbqt...VwOKQ=h900]

[Image: 9GNkUgSi-VP4BhJubx5msWX6vn-by_AHHS0gm5X1...cFW7w=h900]

Since there's so many people requesting max level photos, I looked through my friends list and found some both max level+max skill cards my allies have and I took screenshots of them, I was wondering where I should submit them to?

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(01-03-2014, 03:31 PM)Metacreeper Wrote: Let me ask a question. Why use a picture of the entire card? Just type the stats out and use pictures of their illustration. And because illustrations don't have words, there is no need to search for English ones since the Chinese ones are exactly the same. Not to mention, MH's translation isn't very correct so phrasing the description of the skills in your own words is so much better. You can even explain them more in-depth.

I agree with both hands up :p

(01-03-2014, 04:41 AM)Kurp Wrote: I wouldn't mind info on what mythology the cards belong to. I know this is a gargantuan task though and information must be added in batches. This is a good start.

!Spoiler alert!


Actually i am making a Q&A games regarding mythos of each card very soon, this Library project was planned in hand in coordination with the mythos game as well.

Each time the Q&A is completed, i will edit in the mythologies of the cards inside, when the Library was initially planned, i already hatched a plan to do a mythos guide for every card in the library :p

Reason i didnt say it earlier is to prevent spoilers, but since i would be doing the Q&A up soon, i dont need to hide much about it anymore lol

[Image: r4k2.png]
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I have lots of time during my working hours so if nobody mind i will update the dark cards with more details etc etc, include them in the 1st post when free and delete away mine if you want after Smile make it look more neat and all
[Image: h6JG8v3.gif]
[Image: yH7e6Pb.png]
I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

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(01-03-2014, 04:25 PM)Nitecat(SG) Wrote: !Spoiler alert!

Hehe I sort of figured it would be included somewhere seeing as you have been discussing the subject for a while now. ^^

Personally I like that kind of stuff and even though I was never a religious person the mythology and fantastic stories of both Norse and Greek cultures has fascinated me ever since I was a kid. Big Grin

Looking forward to learning more about other myths as well.

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