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Water mono deck
(06-01-2013, 12:14 AM)llerrad Wrote:
(05-30-2013, 12:46 PM)Newbiesg Wrote: Charon the soul carrier ability means any rune conversion (Red, White, Dark, Green)

All will become water damage * 50%

So, in calculation a combo of 5 types,
Blue + (Red + White + Dark + Green) * 50% = damage.

If you're using Poseidon, this ability is wasted.

Charon is good for mono deck. And only mono deck.

care to explain why ability is wasted?

btw, i got aquatic stavrophore. im thinking if i should swap it with the glacier gnome i am using now. any advice?
It's not a waste.
it's just like poseidon doesnt really need that spell to be honest. Unlike european god, they kinda get stuck

GS of water is better than gnome for better stat, and it's easier to lvl up its skill too Tongue
in term of skill, they are about the same

[Image: 9c4d0b8c.jpg]
[Image: 20385b17.jpg]
Looking for 6*poseidon, 6* Tyr Ally and Aries Ally, could change my ally to 6* Tyr upon request
Actually, i dont think it is wasted... They both will stack, and this will cause massive amount of dmg Smile and btw i think my favourite mono water deck will be using
Freyr + Ao Guang + Troy + Charon + Water pala or Urd. Will be a strong one. Smile High dmg output, good Hp, nice recovery.

[Image: 0a6ec66e.jpg]
[Image: cbfd19f3.jpg]
I am wondering how far will i go with water mono i am now stuck at 5th seal...

I just returned to play. 
Add me 11184171 [SG]雄爷 ♢2755
You can almost never complete the game with just one deck.

Mono deck is fun to play, (Dark Deck is the only mono deck with no problem clearing all seal)

But you need a mixture of a 2nd deck to help you clear certain stage.

Just like how Beast deck need to have a 2nd deck made up of human.

This is especially true when you're in seal 6.

I'm in my final seal 6 tower, should be able to complete it today.

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