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[WIP] [Nature's Fury] Mono Earth Guide v8.1
Just saying, next time if you want help, do go to post a thread in the Ask The Community Section. Also this is an outdated thread, last post over 1 year ago.

To answer yout question, Evolve your Samael ASAP
And ally samael, to get team skill. Whoch does a lot of damage. Samael, pilatus, Haza, Alibaba/treasure hunter, freya, Samael. Make sure to feed 3* werewolf to max hazas skill and feed evolved earth mini dragon to Samael.
ID: 25923781
Looking for: Any ally that is at least dual max

Main Allies: Azathoth, Killua, Yusuke, Aqua, Darkness, Hiei, Natsu, Lucy, Atlantis

CN ID: 878758321
Main Allies: Daoloth, Meso
Looking for: Daoloth, Meso


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