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VPN Issues
Anyone else having VPN problems? I haven't been able to access the Ultraman stuff, even though every other app shows that I'm connected to Singapore. This only started happening after the migration. I use OpenVPN and Super Unlimited Proxy for iOS. Anyone know if there's a way around this or am I screwed? 

[Image: kkkeFG7.png]
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After I migrated, VPN (I use TunnelBear) stopped working for me, but the next day, everything was back to normal.

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I’ve been intermittently having trouble with windscribe as well

ZH server does a check every 6 hours. If you migrated over and werent in VPN, you will have to wait 6 hours. Some say forcing the game to download data (in the settings) will speed it up.
Has anyone successfully joined the Hatsune collab using vpn? I was able to get into Saint Seiya and Ultraman but I'm having a hard time getting intonthe Hatsune collab. If successful, what vpn were you using?

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