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[V13.4] Starting guide and reroll v1.1 [WIP]
Hello and welcome to Tower of Saviors! 
I choose to divide this guide in sections so is easy to read. Have fun and if you got any question post it under this post  Wink

So in Tower of Saviors you can play as f2p and as p2p. 
As free to play is fine to play, the game doesn't require any money to progress, the devs (MH) are quite generous, you get 5 diamonds at week + some extra for clearing and for events, in recent period you can also get diamonds from arena.
Only one thing: you can't expect to have a complete series or to choose what rares you want to get, you got what the game give to you, and with that you have to proceed. There are a lot of farmable cards that are from old drawable series, they are still today really good, you can find some cards in future part of this guide.
If you play as p2p you have some advantage, I suggest you to buy diamonds when there are offers, like monthly gift pack or reward for buying diamonds, these happens quite often and with this method you can spent a low amount and get a lot in return.

Yes, if you can especially if you are f2p. 
But why? The game is really generous, but starting with a good leader card give you some advantage since you can always use it if you only get follower members.
So..What should you reroll for? 
- Diamonds seal draw: this are the most old method of drawing, you can get a lot of cards in here, and a lot of them are good and used in a lot of team
- Limited Seal: this method is quite new, MH for help the players has decided to divide new series in separate seal, so its easy for old player to get the cards, without having trouble with really old cards which are dupes for most players.
So you can reroll with the first diamonds the game give to you by closing the game and reopening after you get the 5 diamonds, when tutorial is finished. Now if you want you can draw from limited seal for more powerful (because more new) cards. 

- Diamond Seal cards worth reroll: any of the card in the series linked are fine, if there arent name wrote

[Image: Ciy25pV.jpg?1]
Norse god -> They are one of the most old series of the game, but with update and buff MH has kept this serie really good. They are not the best to start, but they can do their job, the problem is to unleash they true potential you need to: Power Release them, Virtual Rebirth them, and you need VR Odin, which is a ultimate seal boss that appear 1 time at year.

[Image: DjfPFQU.jpg]
Major Gods of Babylon -> these serie is really good to start out, they are powerful also before power release, they are pretty hard to master if you are new to the game, but if you do it you have almost win the game

[Image: QagQ9JA.jpg?1]
Origin of Demons -> this is the serie I would go if I roll from diamond seal, damage good, not hard to play, and they dont require Power Release or things like that. Just draw evolve and beat half of the game with the right followers. In this serie the best to get are green, red and blue, light is really good, probably the best, but you need a Ultimate card so to start out isnt the best. Just forget the dark card, dont reroll for her.

[Image: 9xiRnJP.jpg?1]
Primal Greek Gods -> in this serie there are two card you can reroll for: Pontos and Erebus, both easy to play and good damage. These two cards are awsome if are not able to spin so good, since skydrops will always help you.

[Image: LGwFTQS.jpg?1]
Companions of Mystical Beasts -> Here just get Haza, tanky, good damage and safe to play. Second option is Copper Bullet, but Haza is more f2p friendly since members can be free.

[Image: cCbZeZ9.jpg]
Revolutionary Heroes -> these are not leader card, but except for green all the cards in this serie are really good followers, and they can also work as leader when you start out since they give atk of their color x3, which is not that bad.

Investiture of the Gods -> Dipankara the Monk & Yang Jian the General of Fidelity can be good leaders after power release, they are easy to play for new players, before PR they are not really good keep that in mind. 

- Limited seal cards: in this type of seal there are always common cards and rare cards, usually rare cards are 3

[Image: uvkwY6d.jpg]
Imperial Warlords -> from this seal you want Guan Yu or Lü Bu to start out the game. The first is probably one of the most OP card you can get in the game, fire earth and water has the same effects and they combo in an easy way, the second is the best dark leader in the game for stability.

[Image: 0cQvwK5.jpg]
The Fallen Halos -> from this seal you want Abraham if you want to play water, he has an OP recovery and good damage. Chessia if you want to play fire, good damage, and can heal with fire runes, removing heart runes from the board so its more likely to have skydrops and do more combo, also Satan is one of the most OP cards in the game, she also heal with dark runes (her color) and can launch extra attack.

[Image: Bbb7Fib.jpg?1]
Sengoku Samurai -> from this seal you want Nobunaga to play fire, you can slot in the team only fire human and fire dragon, so its not easy to do a proper team comp if you just started out, but damage is insane. The other I suggest is Honda, good leader and you can play water light in the same team. Last rare in this seal is Hideyoshi, good leader but its hard to find member when you start out the game, dont reroll for him.

[Image: mj7qhzd.jpg]
Pili Puppets -> So for Yi Yeh Shu & Ye Shiao Chai you only need one of these two to play the team with 3 light and 3 dark, but the problem is they need to be human, not that good to start out the game, you dont wont restriction when you start out. Su Huan Jen is the jackpot here for new players, best mono water leader in the game right now.

[Image: psNwoPX.jpg]
Yamato -> Amaterasu its a good leader, you can play mono fire with her or mono god, she also reduce the CD by -10 when CD is 10 or more when you start out the battle. Izanagi is what you want in this game to play mono earth, easy to play and good damage, there are a lot of farmable free cards green. Tsukuyomi its the less good of the three, but her active skill can help new players, but as leader its not that good.

[Image: NuJ4VMS.jpg?1]
Knights of the Round Table -> Arthur is a leader for mono light human, he is good but its hard to do the best team since human restriction. Lancelot is a fine leader but perfect as member for any dark mono team, if you want to play mono dark you probably want this card as follower. 

Rerolling: you can reroll whanever you want, the best will be reroll when there is a 200% to get rare from the serie you want to reroll, but is just fine to reroll whenever you like.
Drawing when you have starterd out: this is a little bit more complicated, so when you have just started out probably you just want to draw from diamond seal to get some cards, and you can do it whenever you want, but when you have a decent pool of draw, the best thing is to wait a 200% up from a good separate serie or a specific card if you really want it. Remember, as f2p you get what the game give to you, all cards are good in some way, so dont rage Smile

What are friend points? They are points you get when friends use your ally card, it's important to set as ally if possible an All Maxed card, so you can get more points since more people will use you.
What you can do with these points? You can draw for free some cards, as always you can draw when you want, but the best time is when there are 200% for baby harpy or 200% for something. This happen not quite often, but usually its worth the wait.

Good free card you can get: the card you can get from friend points are old cards removed from diamond seal, some of them are used in the most powerful teams in the game, so keep an eye open if you draw them! Remember you get the 2* version of them, and you need to evolve them a lot of times

Chinese Mythological Beasts -> Really old serie, when you start out you will need/you are happy to get some of these cards. Their skill is easy to farm, and they are better then just gnome or slimes, since most of them are converter. The light one is a decent defence breaker when you start out and you want to play light team.

Paladins -> These cards have nice skill and you can use them in the late stage of the game. 
You want green for def breaker, blue for reduce the damage you take (is good when enemy has max % damage it can take), red is one a defence breaker for red team, you probably want him if you play fire, since def breaker in fire team are quite rare.

Western Beasts -> good converter when you start out the game, the star of these serie is Medusa, you want and you need her! If you play green teams or beast teams you can always slot her in, she block enemy for 3 turns, changing his color to green and boosting atk for 1.5

Spiritual Civilization -> they have just buffed this old serie with a PR now they are all more then good member in beast and their color team. You want all of them, with a priority for green and dark, they are really good booster for their colors, and they are good member in beast teams!

Protagonists -> you get one of them when you start out the game, if are very happy to get any of these, their active is the same they just change colors: add 3 row of runes and increase movement time + boost ther attribute atk. You will use them a lot.

The Norns -> really old, but some of them are still fine. Water can be used like a blue Medusa, so its a good member. Green is just needed to play the game, you can break defense and grind stage with her. Fire is a nice booster if you dont have other better fire cards, and dark is used in late game phase for her active, but when you start probably you dont need her.

Defensive Dragons -> MH has PR them in recent times, they are fine converter after PR and they can also work as snipers. If you get them keep them.


v1 -> Initial release

Looking for friends, I got 50 free space! So add me please  Angel
ID: 56445327
Guild: Phoenix Force
Regular ally: Sunlight of Hyuga - Amaterasu
I got almost any cards in the game if you need an ally just ask!
You should note the Investiture of the Gods as well, or at least Yang Jian and Dipankara. After PR they make a very beginnerfriendly team, since there are basically no restrictions and you also get tons of skydrops without even spinning properly.

ID: 77918870
Allies: Haza, VR Hephaestus, VR Apollo, TSZ, PR YJ, Margarite, Lü Bu, Cao Cao, PR Nidhogg, ZLE, Izanagi, Tsukuyomi, Merlin, Atlantis, Maya, any KOF, PR Atrahasis, Yi Yeh Shu, Khaos, Aether, Copper Bullet, Ophiuchus, Mo Wang Zi, PR Dodo, Chessia, Nobunaga

Mufasa is love, Mufasa is life  Heart
(07-11-2017, 06:57 PM)Addi Wrote: You should note the Investiture of the Gods as well, or at least Yang Jian and Dipankara. After PR they make a very beginnerfriendly team, since there are basically no restrictions and you also get tons of skydrops without even spinning properly.


Guide also updated! Now we have:

When I have time I will add the most good/needed farmable cards (SM etc) in the game.
If you have things to add or correct just write here or PM me guys!

Looking for friends, I got 50 free space! So add me please  Angel
ID: 56445327
Guild: Phoenix Force
Regular ally: Sunlight of Hyuga - Amaterasu
I got almost any cards in the game if you need an ally just ask!

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