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Unusual Leaders (Nezha/Valk/MDs/Egyptian/everything else!)
ID: 37,358,784
Main Ally: permanent PR Nezha
Wanted Allies: PR Daji (almost all my teams can use Daji ally LOL), Tyr, Poppy, Poseidon, PR Faugn, Ursula, Thor...
NOT WANTED allies: Loki, Artemis (For some reason I have a lot of Loki allies but I don't have the teams to use them sorry)

id: 67,920,522
Ally: Little Lotus
Wanted Allies: Any

Free Team Guide
[Image: 14cgkg.jpg]
IGN: Ikkoru;
ID: 51,791,663;
Main ally: Hades ALLMAX;
Other allies: See signature, ask in-game;
Wanted allies: In signature as well, also accepting everybody who will use my allies.
PS: Will delete people if they don't login for too long, if you are deleted feel free to send me a new friend request ^_^

ID: 51 791 663; IGN: Ikkoru; Outdated:
[Image: s.png~original]
Need: Everybody!

IGN: Gary
ID: 55110298
Main ally: PR Nezha Lv.Max
Other allies: All max PR Loki, Double max Artemis, Pr Wukong Lv.Max
Wanted allies: Nothing specific, just looking for high level active players (160+)
ID: 55,110,298
Main Ally: All Max PR Artemis
Level 400+
IGN: [SG]PurpleFuckr
ID: 1300 9613
Main ally: water DS, Ame III Dagon, Max Pr Tyr
Wanted allies: Randeng and Yangjian max skill and lvl
ID: 48,270,492

Ally: Nezha the Guard of Vairavaa PR

Wanted Allies: Any
I'm a regular PR Nezha looking for any of the following regular allies:

-PR Freyja
-PR Loki
Venimus . Vidimus . Vicimus
Weezy || Windborn (SINGAPORE)
Debut Date: 1 APR 2013
ID: 40,318,051
Regular Allies:PR Nezha | PR Freyja | PR Vixen Daji
IGN: Willy ABC
ID: 55727377
Main ally: PR Loki All Max
Other allies: PR Wukong, Odin, and many others, just request and I'll see if I have
Wanted allies: All PR Nezha on earth
[Image: fdsffsd_1.png]
IGN: nickkk
ID: 58894970
Main ally: Faugn
Other allies:
Wanted allies: Yzma/Maleficient, PR Daji, PR Wukong, Faugn, Dagon, Water DS
IGN: Hybrid Dualer
ID: 54,429,714
Main ally: Hades lvl max
Other allies: PR Idun lvl max
Wanted allies: PR daji , Jackie, Nezha
U can add me as long as u use me often Smile

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