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Unusual Leaders (Nezha/Valk/MDs/Egyptian/everything else!)
Looking for PR yang jian. at least max level

IGN: spoiler
ID: 81195030

IGN: TheCatGod
ID: 79172307
Main ally: All Max Lucy
Other allies: PR All Max Randeng, Namtar, Dumuzi, PR Hephaestus, PR Barbara
Wanted allies: PR Yang Jian

Large variety of allies, ID 79172307 (Current main ally all max Megumin)

Been playing since March 2015. Level 300+

Retired from TOS. Only playing semi-actively. Message me on Discord if you need me: CursedBlackCat#7801
IGN: [SR] kolossus
ID: 63586984
Main ally: PR wukong, PR greeks, PR daji
Other allies (on demand): PR blood fiends, PR egyptians (except seth), SS ducks/dogs ame4, jia rou ame4
Looking for: any active players Smile

IGN: gg
ID: 31611056
Main ally: Lucy, , Aether, Pontos, Samael, Mastema, Artemis, Apollo, Wenzhong
Looking for: anything
IGN: [Fat]Zed
Looking for: PR Tuchigumo Allies OR Madam Chyan
ID 69,495,983
[Fat]Zed of When[Fat]KidsAtk guild (1775)
Looking for a guild? Come & join us now!

Game UID: 69,495,983
IGN: [SG] Leo
ID: 79309685
Main Ally: Aether or VR Nezha
Aether (All Max)
Artemis (All Max)
Poseidon (Ame 4 max lvl)
Dipankara (Ame 4 max lvl)
Nidhogg (All Max)
VR Loki (All Max)
VR Nezha (All Max)
Atrahasis (Ame 4 max lvl)
Todd (Ame 4 max lvl)
Lucy (Ame 1 max lvl)
Hepehaestus (Ame 4 max lvl)

Looking for:

Add me if you like
Please msg me if u want to change Smile
ID: 66443804
Main ally: Mastema

Other allies: VR Norse(except Tyr), PR Greeks(except L/D), Babylons(except R/G), PR Egyptians(except Tefnut), Abadon, Aether, PR Barbara, LHY, PR Dipankara/YJ, Madam Chyan, Nezha

Looking for: PR Matryoshka(green toy elf), PR Osiris, VR Ao Guang, PR RGB Hyakki Yagyo, Cyborg Scholars
Would like to have more Beelzebub and Aether ally! Add me!
Regular allies: Rose, Cornflower, Maya, Ophiuchus and Izanagi
ID : 60309485
Will set other ally upon request!

Feel free to join my guild! [Rune Genesis]
Guild ID : 1226

IGN: Cryx
ID: 63.055.345
Permanent Ally (for the last year): PR Tefnut... or VR tefnut in the coming future Smile
Please add me, I have 70+ friends spot vacant
[Image: MwJRMWu.jpg]
ID: 78731140
IGN: Infurnus

LF: Nezha

Main ally: Chessia(Dual Max)

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