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Unusual Leaders (Nezha/Valk/MDs/Egyptian/everything else!)
IGN: MintyLime
ID:  69 463 361
Main ally: Ninurta
Other allies:  Dumuzi , Inanna , PR Carrie , PR Damon , PR Luna
Wanted Allies: Ninurta , Han Ling Sha , Abe , Dumuzi , Abe


IGN: Kenjii
ID:  76516867
Main ally: All Max Baph 
Other allies: Loki 99 
Wanted allies: Wu Kong all max 

Add me pleasee urgentt

IGN: [3dfx] Teddy
ID: 29,688,006
Main Ally: PR Fox Daji (All Max)
Other allies: Only Daji
Wanted allies: All Active Players, Hsiao Yao (Main Priority)

[Image: 60124ab0.jpg]
IGN: [SR] Barachiel
ID: 6358 6984
Main ally: PR Daji, PR Wukong, Light/Fire Babylon
Other allies: Greeks (all color), PR Dark/Water Egyptian
Wanted allies: PR Egyptians (esp. Dark/Water)
IGN: Sah [TH]
ID: 70 361 177
Main ally: Li Hsiao-Yao
Other allies: Water/Fire/Earth/Dark Babylon
Wanted allies: Ame4 Xuan-Yuan Sword - Huang Fu Duo
IGN : [AoD]Sky

ID : 11 870 574

Permanent Ally : All max Daji

Wanted Ally :Any active player / Uncommon Ally
[Image: b4cf4585.jpg]
IGN : (DY) F

ID 69730123
Permanent ally : PR Nezha ( ALL MAX) will change according to request

Wanted Ally: Active playes , Namtar ( Double Max) Dumuzi (double MAx)
[Image: aee35c95.jpg]
I got "Jia Rou" Amel IV (Lv90). I am looking for "Lu Cheng-Syuan" Amel IV for "Arcane Luster" partner.

Name: Lonewolf [TH]
ID: 2 367 248

PS: Jia Rou will be on your Ally list on the weekend.
IGN: [vVv] Zachary
ID: 75383298
Main ally: PR Apollo (All max), Komainu of Fortune (Max Amel) on Thursdays
Other allies: PR Hephaestus, PR Loki, Namtar, PR Tefnut
Wanted allies: PR Tefnut

Need PR Tefnut for multiplayer. Do add me.  Wink
IGN: [KoA] Cryx
ID : 6305 5345
Main Ally :Currently PR Tefnut
(From more Frequent to rare : Hsiao - Yao double max (Daily leader of my grind team), RGB Yan Xi All max, PR Shu, PR Osiris, PR Seth, Astaroth All max, PR Wukong All max, Valac All max,  Mother Niggurath Double Max,  Pr Saruman double max)
Looking for: PR Saruman (Frequent or Permanent ally), Astaroth, Mother Niggurath, PR Egyptians (Frequent or Permanent)

Secondary Account
IGN: [KoA] CocoCryx Jr.
ID: 8043 2080
Main Ally: PR Earth Yan (Low level (currently leveling)) << Permanent
(Available: 4* Beast Pluma (Lv Max), PR Water Yan (Guild Ally, Lv Max))

If you want RGB Yan Xi allies, Join Knights of Avalon (Guild lv 13) (83/90) (80% active) (1522)
My primary guild ally is All max PR Fire Xi + PR water Yan from secondary + Pr earth Yan from adding my secondary acc.
Requirement for joining: Active.... and maybe please contribute at least 10 points for every Guild event Smile
[Image: MwJRMWu.jpg]

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