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Unusual Leaders (Nezha/Valk/MDs/Egyptian/everything else!)
This thread is for all cards not listed in the other threads. Notable cards include:
[Image: 480px-151i.png] Salamander Golem
[Image: 480px-485i.png] Brynhildr the Invincible Warrior
[Image: 480px-592i.png] Nezha the Guard of Vairavaa

Egyptian Gods
[Image: 641i.png] Tefnut the Decent Goddess of Drizzles
[Image: 642i.png] Deity of Warfare Seth
[Image: 643i.png] Shu the Dragon of Tempest
[Image: 644i.png] Ra the Righteous God of Sun
[Image: 645i.png] Judge of Afterlife Osiris

Metallic Dragons
[Image: 480px-232i.png] Hydrometallic Dragon Nelaros
[Image: 480px-234i.png] Pyrometallic Dragon Isolde
[Image: 480px-236i.png] Terrametallic Dragon Curtis
[Image: 480px-238i.png] Luminmetallic Dragon Terenas
[Image: 480px-240i.png] Noctimetallic Dragon Lyrium
[Image: 480px-564i.png] Protometallic Dragon Uranus

Christmas Elves
[Image: 480px-476i.png] Bogle the Enchanter
[Image: 480px-477i.png] Boggart the Naughty Elf
[Image: 480px-478i.png] Brownie the Cleaning Elf

[Image: 480px-293i.png] Michael & Lucifer
[Image: 480px-542i.png] Celestial Divinity - Yuanshi Tianzun
[Image: 480px-543i.png] Celestial Master - Tongtian Jiaozhu
[Image: 480px-562i.png] Hastur the Fallen Phantom
[Image: 480px-561i.png] Nyarlathotep
[Image: 480px-590i.png] Celestial Supremacy - Taishang Laojun
[Image: 480px-8022i.png] The Horned King
[Image: 480px-8023i.png] Dragon Maleficent

[Image: 480px-534i.png] Randeng the Enlightened
[Image: 480px-536i.png] Yang Jian the Shapeshifter

Other than the above, this thread is also for cards belonging to the following sets:
[Image: 480px-148i.png] Golems
[Image: 480px-166i.png] Metallic Beasts
[Image: 480px-184i.png] Greek Beasts
[Image: 480px-345i.png] Enchantress (except Circe)
[Image: 480px-351i.png] Fiend Squad
[Image: 480px-368i.png] Zodiacs (only Cancer, Libra, Scorpio)
[Image: 480px-397i.png] Immortals
[Image: 480px-399i.png] Seven Sins (except Wolf Chieftain)
[Image: 480px-409i.png] Starters
[Image: 480px-441i.png] Paladucks (only Warrior, Swordsman)
[Image: 480px-475i.png] Blood Fiends (only Jack, Todd)
[Image: 480px-481i.png] Fate Sisters (except Idun)
[Image: 480px-492i.png] Alice in Wonderland
[Image: 480px-501i.png] Festivities (only Nian, Eostre)
[Image: 480px-560i.png] Terrors
[Image: 588i.png] Endorsers (Yan Xi + BIGBANG)
[Image: 480px-8020i.png] Disney Villians (includes Ursula and Chernabog)
[Image: 480px-636i.png] Shikigami
[Image: 652i.png] Cyborg Partners
[Image: 663i.png] Melogs

Please follow the template below:
Main ally:
Other allies:
Wanted allies:
*You can indicate additional details like level, CD, amelioration level (where applicable).

IGN: Blackberry
ID: 6177391010
Main ally: Astaroth the Duke of Hell (Lv 99, CD 12)
Other allies: Osiris God of the Afterlife (Lv 99, CD 10)
Wanted allies: Boggart (Lv 99, CD 10)

IGN: Blitzkriag
ID: 35,720,653
Main ally: PR Nezha
Wanted ally: Pr Wukong, Pr Idun III, Pr Dagon, Any Max level Defensive leader.

How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
IGN: Gramps
UID: 14779292
Looking for: Permanent Minamoto allies
My perma ally (for the next 3 weeks at least): PR Nezha

IGN: The Hypocrite
Ally: Slowly leveling Gluttonous Slime, but will sometimes replace with leveling PKoE, Nearly maxed PR Loki or... Yeah that's it nothing else.
Wanted Ally: Daji Daji Daji Daji Daji but sometimes I will go for PR Skuld, Poppy, Hertz, Elf Queen, Stolas or any good defensive cards.
NOT WANTED:Idun, Norse, PR Starter, Big Bang, 12 Zodiacs, Greeks(except Dark)
No Valkyries or Golems either.
There's an 8th seal now?! Sigh...

Am I coming down with a cold?
IGN: ChampGne
ID: 34325986
Main ally: Saruman (Lv 99, Skill level 9)
Other allies: Maxed Pr Freyja
Wanted allies: Nezha

Other Allies is welcome to add me as well =)
ID: 34,325,986
Regular Ally: Saruman, Yidhra, Maxed PR GsoD

Feel free to add me or drop me a message for changing ally Smile
IGN: [IM]KChew
ID: 11,631,835
Main ally: Max skill lvl water DS, Ame III Dagon, Ame III Byakhee, Nidhogg(Maxing lvl)
Other allies: Ame III Tulzha, Any DD upon request, PR idun, , Ame III Artemis, RCR 200% newborn elf, Hades( Maxing lvl)
Wanted allies: PR Nezha, Nezha, any not so main stream card will be likely accepted.
[Image: 580b5fb9.jpg]
[Image: 9146e280.jpg]
IGN: Fate [MY]
ID: 4823 6802
Main ally: Permanent Double Maxed Randeng
Wanted allies: PR Nezha + PR Idun + Diablo Elves/Saruman
My Guides are linked below Smile

Randeng's Guide

First Seal Draw

[Image: 814ae2f6.jpg]
Name [vVv] YiGe
ID 17182859
Main Allies : just request
Wanted allies : PR Nezhas ,PR wukong ,Some Zeus
Madhead needs to nerf Nighteleven urgently
Name:《神禾》Roxan Adam
ID: 62738553
Main Allies : PR Daji, 99 Michael Lucifer, PR Wukong, PR Faugn, Zeus.
Wanted allies : PR Nezha , Michael Lucifer.
Name: Kanbu
ID: 2,370,919 (see sig.)
Main Allies: Santa, G.Slime, PR Idun. Got a lot more.
Wanted allies: Valk...see sig.
Looking for Allies: Valk, PR Freyr, Saruman, Water/Fire Greeks, PR Idun, Hades.
Offer Allies: (mostly) Santa, G.Slime, Idun.
Also got: Hades, PR Idun, Water/Fire Greek, PR Freyr, Saruman (to be lvld), PKoe and much more.

[Image: 291b90d5.jpg]


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