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Trading my account with Acc w/ Satan
Hi as the title mentioned, Im looking for account with Satan in exchange of my current main Account [Level 204]

My account has a lot Great team/leaders and noticeable units, and i'll list them all to you [If PRed i will include (PR) in the list]:

1. PR Inanna
2. PR Artemis
3. PR Diablo
4. PR Apollo
5. Aether
6. Abraham
7. Atrahasis
8. Barbara
9. Wen Zhong
10. Keeper Of Dark
11. Hades [PR Mats ready, but havent pr]
12. Ed
13. Circe
14. PR Thor
15. PR Yan Xi
16. Copper Bullet
17. Spirit Of Poverty
18. PR ML
19. Odin
20. Dipankara/Randeng

Can ask for screenshot for more info. Of course i'll want a equal value account to trade with. Thanks, peace out.



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