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Tower of Saviors - The 500 Year Promise
   *** Please Read***

Dear Forum Members, Welcome! This thread has been created by the previous authors to redesign/continue the previous fan-writing for ToS. Smile We will keep the same rules going for our placeholders, turns for writing etc. If you read this, we hope you enjoy it, and if you want to be a part of it, don't be shy and tell us! have fun! Big Grin



A fiery sky slowly tamed down into a golden hue along with the setting sun. A few songbirds ventured into a musical ending for the day, as several of the children from the village ran across the wheat fields for the storytelling gathering. They could not see each other, tiny as they were, across the field, however they shouted so the rest of the kids would know it was time.  Soon word had reached them all, and the youngest of generations within the village had sat quietly in a semicircle, eager to continue the story. Ninhursag sat on a rock, patiently petting a lion whose eyelids were heavy with slumber. All the kids awaited her patiently, for a story she had long promised to continue narrating. Her style was unique, full of mystery and charm. Her stories never revealed too much to know how they would end, nor too little to lose interest. She would tell them a bit of the beginning, then a bit towards the end. It was impossible for the kids to know how everything happened or why, but all it did was pique their curiosity and kept them coming for more. IT started with only the very youngest, no more than a crowd of ten within the tribe, and now it was closer to half a hundred. Ninhursag lifted her head at the eager crowd that upon receiving her warm smile and look fell entirely quiet. A few of the adults of the tribe slowed the pace of their walk to listen to her tale. Once again, she resumed somewhere no one could recall, but that surely, would be no less fascinating than the last one.
The sun had finally caressed the horizon behind the storyteller, when her sweet voice began to fill the air.
 [Image: 80?cb=20150330195650]
“500 Years passed and with the essence of time, wounds healed in the land. The flames of war were soothed into a calm era, and slowly, Enochia returned to normal. 

However... scars ran deep. Pain etched sorrow into the memories of its inhabitants, both alive and spiritual. People slowly forgot hope and salvation. The confidence in the countless generations of chosen Summoners slowly diluted into nothingness. The ceremony to begin the Summoner’s journey was kept alive; though some Summoner’s took the mission to heart... others did not. Times of peace and chaos slowly became one of stability, one everyone came to accept and live in. Centuries of regret and frustration denied the gods and spirits of peace, and one by one, the heroes of old lost the ability to trust the humans born with summoning power.  It would take the wisdom of Time; centuries to find the a chosen amongst the many summoned, a brave soul that believed in the ancient call, one that could finalize the journey, and bring peace to us all.”
Chapter 1: A Twinkle within the Dark
A million stars adorned the night. It was as if a blessing had been casted upon the sky and was given as a present to everyone in Enochia. The tiny twinkles that seemed to call through the night illuminated the breathtaking marble toward that stood as the central beacon to the nation. The impressive construction of untold eternities shone with a divine light beneath the moonlight. Such was the impressive sight that even the inhabitants of the Dark Cove could admire it even from the depths. However, a few of them had the experience of a lifetime being able to see it due to their pilgrimage towards the Holylight palace.
Having camped within the Misted Woodlands not far from the coast, the Dark Cove inhabitants could not help but cast away the tents and sleep beneath the beauty of it all. Sleeping that night seemed to be a waste. Within a weeping willow a young girl stared in awe at the beautiful canvas above in the sky. Her imagination ran as far as the stars beyond and back, and still her mind could not grasp the miracle she was witnessing. She couldn’t help but wonder if the heavens had brought such gift for the summoner’s Ceremony tomorrow. A new journey would start...
Every decade or so a summoner was chosen in a Journey for Salvation. It had been done so many times, and just as many failed. Nobody alive remembered how it started, or what it was they were being saved from. It had become more of a routine than an actual plea towards the gods. Only the spirits and heroes seemed to know, but they had lost all confidence and trust in the Summoner’s Journey, and preferred to steer clear from it. Lately it had become very hard to obtain a guiding Spirit for the summoner’s to begin their path.
The soft rustle of the grass announce to the young girl that she had a visitor at the base of the tree, and she found one of the elders smiling serenely at her.
‘Beautiful night, isn’t it?’
‘Yes... I love it.’ She replied simply.
‘Indeed’ Nodded the elder. ‘Wish we had plenty more like this. Perhaps we may someday.’
The young girl named Kali said nothing, and continued to enjoy the view, as if it were to flicker and disappear—but it did not. She awaited for the elder to ask the question he had brought with him, but it took over an hour of nothing but stargazing for him to bring it forward.
‘Kali....tomorrow will be a very important day for you... do you understand?’
For the young girl known as Kali that meant possibly less that it would to the summoners centuries ago. Those that had fought endlessly for peace and salvation. Those who knew terrors she did not. For Kali, what tomorrow held was an unknown. However, tonight, beneath that beautiful, immaculate sky, the promise of an equally brilliant future drove her heart. Her journey was about to start.
‘Yes, Elder, I understand.’

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I welcome new players to add me--I have a few good allies to offer, PM me in game or forum if I can help! =)
The night was still young, but Kali decided to retreat for the night. Under the blanket of stars, coupled with the rustling leaves from the woods, a chilling wind blew from the shore. With naught a single cloud in the sky, the pathway to the shoreline was illuminated by the moon, a blanket of silver twinkling through the gaps in the trees.


Kali jumped. That was a familiar sound....

"Endor??! What are you doing out here?" She exclaimed. Running towards a nearby bush she pulled out a figure, a pale girl in a hood shivering in the cold.

"Heya." Endor replied weakly. "I was just..... the sky is so beautiful tonight. I followed you out here so we could watch it together."

Kali has known Endor for as long as she remembered. About two years younger than she was, she was born with a pair of strange pure white eyes that made the other children shy away from her, aside from Kali. Childhood friends from the very beginning, their bond was inseparable.

"Aren't you ill right now?" Kali spluttered. "I'm worried, you know! Did you come out here all on your own?"

"Relax." Endor replied, smiling faintly. "It was just a simple cold, Kal'. Should we watch it here? I bought some snacks from the neighbours." Handing a small pouch to Kali, she sat down near the bush, with the summoner-to-be following suit.

"So....." Endor began, nibbling on the rice balls from the pouch. "I hear you will be going far away. Is that true?" 

Kali said nothing, simply staring at the river of stars in the sky. The moon is now far above their heads, outshining the other stars as if it were showing off.

" don't have to say anything, you know." Endor continued, "I understand what you're thinking. Would it be a thrill, to see the world? Embark on the journey that so many other summoners have gone down? Enochia is big, so much bigger than our home."

"That's not it." Kali replied, her face gloomier than before. Another wind blew through the forest, the leaves dancing from the breeze.
"It's just that..... If I have to leave, when will I ever come home? I'll be leaving mother, and father, those kind folks over at the ranch.... but most importantly I'm leaving YOU behind. Is that what you want? I don't know if I'll ever return...."

Endor snickered at the remark, and turned to Kali. "You weren't listening, were you? You don't have to say anything. Don't worry about me, I've prepared for this day for a long time." Rummaging through her pockets, she pulled out an object resembling a necklace, with a crescent moon carved out of bone adorned with small bits of obsidian on it.
"Here, this is from me," she continued. "If you ever feel homesick, think of me. I'll always be with you, through this memento. Sounds reasonable enough?" Hanging the necklace around Kali, she smiled. "Remember what the elders said? All it takes is a simple memento to call upon others, right?"

Without warning, Kali hugged Endor tightly. "Pff....." Kali said, tears in her eyes. "I always told you I don't believe in that kind of superstition, but for once I'll make an exception."

The following morning, the town was filled with much pomp and ceremony as everyone gathered around the town square, eager to see the beginning of the summoner's new journey. Even if it were a simple, if childish tradition at this point, and nobody believed in there being actually any urgency for a summoner, it was nonetheless ceremonious for entirely different reasons. The journey to unite all the lands has now been considered a much more spiritual journey, the growth of a child to an adult, and many expect the summoner to return both older and wiser for the benefit of all living races.

On the very center of the town square, a monument was built specifically for this ceremony. The elders of the village were gathered in a circle, with a slightly nervous Kali in the very center, reciting the ancient ceremony word for word, underneath the scorching sun from the clear skies.

"...for the suffering of victims, will you wash away their sorrows?"
"I shall. As the representative of water, I shall heal all."
"For the root of evil, will you burn the source to its core?"
"I shall. As the representative of fire, I shall baptize evil with flames."
"For the barren wastelands of war, will you nurture a seed of rebirth?"
"I shall. As the representative of earth, I shall grow fields of new life."
"For the droves of mankind, will you be a guide to a brighter future?"
"I shall. As the representative of light, I shall light the beacon of hope."
"For the souls misguided, will you remind them of their purpose?"
"I shall. As the representative of darkness, I shall guide the spirits for a last stand."

"Very well. Will you, representative of the five elements, take this sword, and accept your fate?"

Kali breathed a sigh, and stood tall, accepting the ornamental sword from the elder's hands.
"I shall. I, Kali of Lykofos, accept my destiny as the Summoner. My journey for salvation begins here."

She looked around, expecting the ceremony to be over. But the elders weren't quite finished yet.
"Then who will become your partner? Who, among the town, shall accompany this child on her journey to be? Step forth!"
"I......I WILL!"

To Kali's surprise, as well as many others judging by the many murmers from the crowd, Endor stepped forth. She was drenched in sweat from head to foot and panting heavily, clearly not a fan of the heat. Without thinking, Kali ran off the monument to carry her.
"You dunce!" She exclaimed, "Didn't you mention before you hate the heat?"
"Did I?" Endor replied, wiping sweat off her brow. "I don't remember saying something like that, haha!" She gave a reassuring smile. "Listen, I was thinking about it last night, and I finally decided. Every summoner started off with a companion, didn't they? So I talked to the elders, and they allowed me to come with you."
"But why??" Kali exclaimed, "you cannot even last under the sun! Don't act tough just to come with me, really!"
"Oh, this?" Endor replied, looking at her sweat-drenched clothes. "I.....was late. I didn't realize the ceremony was starting this early in the morning!"
The two girls shared a laugh, and they walked back up to the monument.

"Endor." One of the elders continued. "You understand your duty?"
"I do. I, Endor of Lykofos, shall accompany the summoner on her journey, so that she shall not be led astray."
"Very well. Now, there is one last thing to do." The elder turned to Kali. "Do you have the Diamonds?"
"Yes, I do." Reaching into her pocket, she took out five pristine Diamonds, which shone in a rainbow color. It took at least three days before the ceremony to unearth them.
The elder nodded in approval. "Good..... you know what to do next, young Kali." He gestured towards the monument. Five indentations lay embedded into the stone structure.

Laying the diamonds in the formation before her, Kali began concentrating hard, gathering her inner power to the diamonds. They shone brightly, and a rainbow gateway began to form.
"Guardians of old, heed my call!" She exclaimed, concentrating harder. "Grant upon this summoner the power of salvation! Answer my plea for the benefit of all life!"
The rainbow gate shone brighter, and the crowd held their breath in awe. A presence began to gather from the center of the gateway, the morning sun seemingly intensifying. A fiery glow began to shine, intensifying, until.....


"WAAGH! What in the name of...."
"Wait, isn't that....."
 The crowd was looking at the center of the monument, more specifically the being that emerged from the portal.
Where the five diamonds were, there was a gelatinous creature the same size of a human, with a reddish hue of flames. The creature oddly enough appears to have a bed of brown hair, and wielding what appears to be a wooden sword in one hand. In his other hand, there was what appears to be a glass of chocolate.

"SLIIIIIME!" someone in the crowd screamed.
"Get back! GET BACK!"

Suddenly everyone has retreated to a safe distance, aside from Kali and Endor which were staring at the slime in bewilderment.

"The heck did you summon me for?" the jelly-like creature exclaimed. "I was just enjoying myself, plot- I mean, minding my own business, when suddenly I get sucked into a black hole and wind up here! Whaddya have-ta say for yourself, HMM?"
It looked around, observing the quivering crowd in the back, and at Kali and Endor standing in front of him. Then he seemed to remember something.
"Ooooooh, right! I utterly forgot what day it was today! Erm..... I'm pretty sure I had something for this occasion...." Reaching into his body, he pulled out a ton of various objects, including a rubber duck, a treasure box, a wide variety of whoopie cushions, and other things which in all rights shouldn't be in there in the first place. Finally, the slime pulled out a bunch of papers, and began reading from it.
"Ah, there we go. 'Noble gentleman-slash-lady, you have summoned Shawn, the Noble and Legendary-no-really Slime Swordsman. Henceforthwith and all that jazz, I shall be your insert-number-here summon, and will be in your service. This contract will end once you insert-death-here, and......'" He looked up and saw Kali staring at the slime in utter bewilderment. "Oh uh.... probably shouldn't have said that last bit out loud. *ahem* So......"
"I was expecting something a bit more grandiose." Endor chuckled. "Like a legendary beast, or a towering god. Why a slime that thinks that he is a swordsman?"
"Yeah! You slimes cause nothing but trouble!" one of the townsfolk screamed in the distance.
"Well..... how should I put it." Shawn replied nonchalantly. "I guess nobody else wants to take the job, or somethin'. Hey, be glad you've got someone decent like me! I'll make you the proudest summoner this side of the century! So..... Shake on it, Calender!"
"It's Kali." the Summoner replied, offering her hand. "Treat me well, mister Shawn!"
"Just call me Shawn! Honorifics are saved for legendary tales told about us, you know!"

With that, the townsfolk cheered, albeit with some hesitation. The journey of another summoner is about to begin.

Sent from a diamond studded cardboard box.

[Image: c31ba0e2.jpg]
[Image: c9818c78.jpg]

I swear one of these days I'll get Pollux. Maybe in the next eon or two...?
"Hey Kali" Endor spoke up, under the silence of the night even her small voice seemed to engulf the young summoner's world.
"Have you ever wondered what this journey is for?"
Kali tilted her head slightly and gave her friend a questioning look, speaking of the journey, she did not expect to be simply be given a boat, a map and a farewell. She did not know if all summoners started off this way but if she had had the shorter end of the stick it would have been due in no small part to Shawn's antics, the slime was too energetic for his own good hopping around making a gooey mess of her home village. Said slime was now sleeping soundly at the rear mumbling about something along the lines of "Captain Ice" and "Slimes" while a giant bubble kept inflating and deflating at a steady rate from his slimy nose.
Kali sighed, they had to clean up the mess so the departure was delayed till night time
On the up side the starlit sky was impressive to look at when there were no obstructions by trees and houses.
"Hey Kali, are you listening?"
Her thought process grounded to a halt when Endor's hand lightly tapped her shoulder snapping her back to reality.
It would be a lie to say she didn't think about it, she did, but the answer is lost to her.
"I've never found an answer" she said simply.
Her friend nodded in understanding.
The summoner's journey wasn't something new, it was said to have been conceived when the world was in chaos.
The journey was a plea to the gods, a light of hope for humanity, the summoner's ultimate quest for salvation. Many has failed, countless generations has, but never did they give up. The elders told have the Traveler who, against Destiny, fought his way to the 6th floor, even the vicious fiends had respected him, but for reasons unknown he had failed them, it was a heavy blow to the faith of those who believed in the man, but still they pressed on.

This book she had, no, this book was Endor's first gift to her. It's origin unknown, it's pages held together by magic to defend against the ravages of time. It spoke of a different story. 500 years ago, a man was born to be a legend, the summoner whose journey was reflected by the title of this book "Tales of the Savior" , his name was forgotten throughout the years, simply remembered as he who conquered the Enochian Tower. It was said that he had brought peace to the land by a holy blessing, or so the story goes, but that had not been the end of it. Soon Wars were waged, weapons were forged, battles were fought and the cycle of life and death continued. So what was the point? What was it that the summoner had to do? What was it that humans seek?
The last page of the book was torn, just like the majority of it, but here there was a name "Arthur Jackals" it read
Perhaps it was the writer? The owner? She did not know
How accurate were the tales in the book? They sounded ridiculous and it did not help that portions of it were half torn our outright ripped.

Kali had tried to think of her role as a summoner as a simple adventure of sorts, but no matter what the book's words seemed to have weighed heavily onto her shoulders. The Savior had supposedly succeeded but his gift of peace was not permanent. Would she be able to follow his footsteps or perhaps surpass him? Peace, such a simple word yet so difficult to achieve.

It was then that she felt warm, two pale arms wrapped themselves around her waist.
"You're overthinking again" Her friend said calmly.
It was in these moments that she was grateful she had someone who understood her so well, someone who could read her like a book and ease her. That someone happened to accompany her on her great quest.
"Thank you" the young girl whispered before the dreamy sky and the rhythmic splashes of the waves lulled her to sleep.
Endor set her friend down on the comfortable cushion that was a giant blob of slime. She stayed up and kept watch, she has always preferred nighttime to day almost instinctively and she could thrive on only a few hours of sleep everyday without trouble, an ability which she had utilized wisely by spending that extra time on the sorcery books she managed to find on the dusty shelves of the local library, left to rot where no one would see them.
To say it was simply curiosity would not do her interest justice. She was fascinated by magic and sniffed the spell books out with such ease that it bewildered the girl herself.
Perhaps what she had learned would be useful on their adventure, her pure white orbs stared distractedly at the direction of their destination. Dark Magic had no weakness, and so does light, they equally matched all other elements, unlike Water, Fire and Earth. So it would be fine against whatever obstacle they might face on the Glacial Iceberg. Her thoughts turned to the strange summon her friend had managed to invoke. Slimes were not rare, but something of this size with what looked like a toupee and a wooden sword isn't something you see everyday.
Finally that hairstyle and pose bothered her, it was somehow familiar but in her life time she has never seen an actual swordsman outside of story drawings.
Her mind wandered off randomly as dawn drew closer.

The Frozen mountain ranges rose from the horizon, it's tips glaring at the heavens in defiance, it was a majestic sight, one fitting to start their journey. With a light smile Endor put up her hood again to combat the cold wind that came rushing towards them. The Bubble on Shawn's nose had frozen Solid, but the extra weight didn't bother the slime who somehow managed to balance the frozen droplet perfectly much to her amusement.
"Kali" She shook her friend only earning a groan in response. Endor sighed, Kali looked so peaceful in her sleep it was hard for her to put much force into her arms, and on top of that she knew, her friend was not a morning person. Fortunately for her, right as she moved back to her position a jet of cold water passed right through where she had just been moments ago and hit her friend square in face.

On a floating iceberg close by, a young Icigon was doing what could be described as a "laughing its ass off". The young summoner woke with a startled expression, before it turned into a mix of embarrassment and anger steaming from her ears, what a way to start the day.

[Image: e9fb2371.jpg]
[Image: 8b15b740.jpg]
‘Hey what did you do that for???’ Asked Kali. But the Icigon just let a happy sound and plunged into the ice below. The balance of the perfect droplet broke and Shawn woke to a start, seeking the disturbance. Brandishing something uselessly in front of him, he charged with courage just to run into Endor a few feet ahead. The Icigon resurfaced, happy again, and seemed to inhale and maintain its breath.

Kali did not understand anything. Was this a foe? Or a challenge? She felt no threat from the little Icigon, however powerful the water bursts could be, she felt no ill intentions from it. Before she could express her thoughts to her friends, the Icigon blasted another jet of water that hit Shawn square in the face.
Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!’ He shouted as he was thrown several meters away by the water burst. The Icigon’s sounds became louder and it began to roll on its back almost uncontrollably. It seemed to be enjoying itself a lot. Kali placed a hand on Endor’s shoulder, who had begun preparing to attack it.
‘Wait, I don’t think it means any harm. It’s just… playing with us. Having fun it seems.’
Having fun!?’ Said Shawn indignantly as he sped back to the fight. ‘This is NO time to have fun! Heroes are not supposed to have fun! We are in a very important journey! If it is gonna laugh at our expense, and not help us in this perilous quest, it must be defeated!
The slime then began to do something impressive. Shawn made a series of movements un-befitting of a slime, with the mastery only gods of the most ancient eras could have obtained. The wind began to encircle the enlightened slime as a blinding seal appeared behind him. Kali gasped in amazement at her guardian as Shawn’s eyes lit in a heroic fire.
Die here dragon!!!’ Shouted Shawn as it raised his tiny slime stump of an arm and a divine fire engulfed him. The Icigon had stopped rolling and its mouth hanged wide open. Even Endor could not hide her admiration—when suddenly the ice beneath the slime began to immediately evaporate due to his godly fire.
WWWWAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!….’ Was all he could muster as he plummeted through the iceberg into the ice cold ocean beneath. The Icigon began to jump ecstatically—it had probably never had that much fun in its life. Endor’s admiration had quickly turned into dumbfounded disbelief at their so called guide, while Kali’s intuition told her the slime was stronger than it looked and would survive the fall on its own. She turned her focus on the little blue dragon, which stopped jumping, uncertain about her approach.
‘Excuse me... Mr. Dragon, do you know if there’s a place to stay close by? It seems it might be too dangerous to stay outside in this place and we need to wait for our guide to come back.’
The little Icigon gave an exorbitant jump and happy to help it began moving southwest. Kali beckoned Endor with a smile following the little dragon. Endor shrugged and followed suit. What kind of surprises awaited them at their destination?
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I welcome new players to add me--I have a few good allies to offer, PM me in game or forum if I can help! =)
They arrived close to dusk at the nearest town with the help of the little Icigon. It began flipping at the entrance, when Endor suddenly stopped. Upon noticing this Kali turned to her, asking what the matter was.

‘....don’t you see it?’
Kali felt even more puzzled.
‘See what?’
Endor hesitated for a moment, debating to explain or not. After a few moments she shrugged and shook her head. It was probably nothing.  Kali turned to thank the Icigon , but it had vanished into the ice. It only increased Endor’s uneasiness.

However, there was still no sign of their valiant guide, and they decided that the best thing to do was to seek a place to stay the night. The wooden establishments were softly covered by humble snow, only partially melted at the rooftops by the gently-puffing chimneys. One place however, had no roaring fire inside. Kali abruptly stopped at its entrance. Two swinging doors that allowed the passerby to peek inside. She felt a presence inside that beckoned her to that place. Without further thought, She began to push the doors and went inside.
‘Wh-wait Kali where are you going??’
Endor rushed upon noticing and entered what looked like a very off-putting bar. It was absolutely out of place in the town. Several people sat drinking merrily from dirty glasses, all of them very curiously dressed. They all seemed to be travelers—perhaps this was a stop-pit for adventurers of some sort. The tables were roughly carved like the bar, and the barman, who was rubbing, if possible, and even dirtier glass, had a belly to be reckoned with. His white beard entirely hid his mouth, but its color did not show any sign of an elder man. He seemed like someone you should not cross. However, upon looking at the two young ladies he raised an eyebrow, and spoke in a rather polite voice. 
‘Aren’t you two young ones a little lost perhaps?’
Endor was trying to explain while Kali explored the place in search of the uneasy presence. 

Sitting at the furthermost corner, was a shabby man in a long overcoat and a low hat. His eyes were covered, but the unkempt state of his beard made his state shabby in the best of circumstances. He seemed to attract the attention of several of the ladies inside nevertheless, who giggled seeking an impossible bit of his attention. The man’s ragged state however was accompanied with a mile-wide radius of the smell of liquor—he could have easily been drinking in that chear the last decade or so.  
‘Don’t pay him any attention’ Said the Barman, following the direction of Kali’s gaze. ‘That rogue is nothing but trouble, and is best left alone.’

Kali nodded without turning to the barman, but began walking in the rogue’s direction. Endor was at a loss, and stammered unable to think of something to understand what Kali was trying to do. 
Preparing for the worst, she followed her friend into the Alcohol-ridden table.

The man was in his mid-thirties, and upon noticing the intrusion in his ‘personal space’, he raised his head just enough to see her below the hat, from the corner of his eye. He followed her progress, but made no move.
Kali stopped a few meters from him, Endor fidgeting, thinking this was not what she had hoped for as a Summoner’s Journey.
‘Hello.’ Said Kali.
The stranger buffed, clearly unimpressed at her entrance, and returned to his drink, not answering.
‘Excuse me, Sir,’ Insisted Kali, ‘But what are you doing in this place? Like this?’
The man continued to ignore her.
Frowning a little Kali pressed on.
‘Are you not a supposed to be guide?’

The man froze, mid-shot from a poisonous-looking beverage, which spilt all over the table and overcoat.
Endor’s eyes widened, looking at her friend and questioning her sanity. The bar had slowly stopped its business, everyone training their eyes on the little girl that had disturbed their routine.
At that time a small fire blob sped through the saloon doors like a little fireball shouting:
Whoooooooo!! Just a drink or two and then I’ll go look for the Sum—‘ When he stopped, petrified. Shawn scanned the scene and saw Everyone looking at Kali, who he had not expected to find here.

‘So?’ Pressed Kali.
The man, dejectedly lowered the glass, and with exasperation, raised his slightly blurred eye again just barely enough to see her directly to the eyes.
‘Who would come at this hour of the night to ask such a weird question?’

Like a ping pong match the bar crowd turned from Kali to the rogue, not entirely sure of what was going on.

‘My name is Kali, of Lykofos. I have been chosen as the Summoner.’
The sharpness returned to his sight, and disbelief etched across his face. Murmurs ran across the bar.  The atmosphere tensed slightly as all poker games, drinking challenges, and escalating arguments ceased.  Sean’s face showed disbelief for a second.  It was disconcerting, and highly unlikely, by the looks of her. And yet... That was a very big lie to tell. His eyes showly shifted to her companion. It did nothing to appease his shock. Beside her, with a terrible look of distrust towards the dirty rogue, was a girl in dark clothes and blank eyes. Sean gasped, aghast.
‘.... E-endor..? What happened to you, why do you look like that?? Was it not supposed to be Nathaniel’s Turn?’
Every eye turned to Endor, who looked around puzzled.
‘What in the world are you talking about? Who is Nathaniel?  How do you know my name??’
Sean slowly smirked in recognition as some truth only known to him dawned on the situation.
‘Endor... you fool.’ He said, standing up.
‘What did you just called me??’ Said the girl starting towards him as Kali grabbed her shirt trying to stop her.
The slime started speeding towards the rogue man, unable to keep its eagerness at bay any longer.
Sean!! My pal! What have you been up to?? You smell terrible! Let’s go on an adventure! They really need our help!

Shawn closed his eyes and pulled a face of pure concentration as the most incredible of (potentially dangerous) objects began pouring out of its body like unwanted jelly.
A massive outcry of disgust rang inside the bar as the closest customers to the slime backed away from the unwanted slimified items. When the slime had finished de-cluttering itself, it dove into its belongings, until it emerged with a memorable, battered, old wooden toy sword. 
What do you say friend? For old times sake?

Sean eyed the wooden sword and said nothing. His eyes had gone from the scene and were in a distant memory as everyone stood still inside the solitary bar in the middle of nowhere.
Finally, he closed his eyes and lowered his head, and began to walk towards the door.
‘Summoners died long ago, Kali. What you look for does not exist. I was there, long ago. At the top. Nothing will change. There is nothing to pursue. There is no purpose to your journey. Go home and live your life.’

Endor was about to shout something foul at his back when Kali interjected first
‘Guide Spirit.... Sean... where is your sword?’

For a second time the girl surprised him, this time with an unexpected observation. He froze at the door frame. He mocked himself out of spite.
‘ Lost it in a bet, too long ago. Not that I need it. Good luck to you, summoner Kali.’

Kali stood there, and said nothing more. With that the rogue disappeared into the night, as the bartender fumed, mentioning irritatedly that he had left without paying his tab.

He’s so cool....’ Whispered Shawn in awe.
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"So... Where do we go?" Endor asked, enthusiasm clearly lacking due to the trouble it took just to wake her friend, it seems whatever mystical power Kali managed to call forth to speak on even ground with Sean had drained her immensely and she wasn't good with mornings to begin with. That rogue swordsman was... strange for the lack of a better word. For while his manners were insufferable, his eyes spoke of great sorrow for reasons unknown and he gave the young mage a familiar vibe as though the were acquaintances, the fact that he knew her name only further shrouded the mystery.
"Head east, cross the Sea to the Volcano and cut down everything between!" And there came the slime's hot-blooded reply to contrast her.
"How do we cross the Sea? We probably lost our boat in the snowstorm last night"
Still she needed to be realistic, secretly though, she half-hoped Kali's first summon still had a few more tricks up his sleeve.
"Huh? Really?"

Back in the bar a drunk man dropped his beer at the sound of a very very loud facepalm.

"Ah about that, I asked the bartender and he mentioned a base to the north, apparently we can get help there." It was Kali's turn to speak up.
Shawn gazed towards the empty field of ice and snow ahead, a faint smirk crossed his face as he raised his wooden sword, his body started to produce more slimy substance out of nowhere, elongating itself into a massive blob.
"Hop on, this is gonna be one hell of a mess!"
Ender stared at the exception to the laws of physics in front of her, making no effort to hide her amusement through her quizzical look. Though Kali merely pulled her along to the bouncy yet comfortable back of their companion. Hardly had they settle down when Shawn made a massive leap. The girls' yelp soon turned into a full blown scream.

The blob of slime barely touched the ground before it bounced up once more.
"What the H-"
A huge explosion cut her off, where Shawn were moments before was now a crater, the water beneath spewed freely upwards and the once simple flat ice was now filled with cracks and fractals extending as far as the eye could see.
"Don't try this at home kids"
"You don't see a minefield everyday"
"Point, now get those things off our backs would ya?"
Kali turned back, only to be greeted by 300 3-inch long serrated teeth made from solid steel. The metallic shark was blasted away before she had the chance to react however. Endor's hand was smoking with energy, it trembled from the recoil of the dark spell.
"That shouldn't have killed it, look out!"
Another one hopped up to them, jaws blazing with unparalleled ferocity. Kali ducked under the machine, it's cold metal dangerously brushed against her violet hair. She gripped the slime immediately afterwards as he made a sharp turn to dodge one of those water pillars. Ice shards rained down mercilessly upon them, only to shatter uselessly when they came into contact with Endor's barrier.
"Hold on tight!"
Shawn yelled as he attempt his final leap, managing to outrun the majority of the sharks, the slime performed a perfect barrel roll to outmaneuver the remaining ones before landing with style on the other side, a chain of explosion resounded from behind them.

"We should do that again!"
Stated the Shawn energetically, his passengers however...
Was all they managed before gasping desperately for air.
"Hey *pant* at least *pant* we made it"
Leaving behind the devastation they gazed in awe at the marvel ahead, a clockwork steam-powered automated base so tall it blocked out the morning sun, the gates slowly opened as they approached.
"...there's a road through that tunnel leading here you know"
Said Endor tracing back at the path leading to the entrance.
"Pfft, that ain't nearly as fun!"
It took all her self-restraint not to facepalm hard enough to rival the metallic kamikazes they'd just managed to escape from. 
The rhythmic hums of the mechanical constructions suddenly stopped, turning their attention back to where it should be, an old man and a girl stepped out of the 5th floor balcony, or at least that was what it looked like, the distance between them too great to allow much observation from lower ground. Kali however seemed to have frozen in place, her eyes fixed on the pair. Endor tilted her head in confusion while Shawn, now deflated, merely shrugged.

"Huh? Oh"
"Any idea how to get in?"
"I think I have a way"
The door swung open to reveal a luxurious interior with it's red carpet, crystal chandelier and wooden furniture, unsurprisingly, two robots greeted them at the front desk.
"Travelers, state your business"
"What? Don't you recognize me? I'm Shawn the Legendary Invincible Epic Awesome Slime God Blade Master!"
"We do not recognize anyone with that name"
"What? When was the last time you updated your dumbass databases? My name is known across all of Enochia!"
"2 hours 24 minutes and 23 seconds ago"
Before Shawn could carry on babbling, Kali extended a hand to stop him
"We're here to meet someone"
With a deep breath two completely unfamiliar names rolled off her tongue almost instinctively
"Astrid Gretchen and Ignacio Heisenberg"
[Image: e9fb2371.jpg]
[Image: 8b15b740.jpg]
  One of the mechanical robots, a humanoid, purple-clothed robot with a gigantic left hand, gave a nod as soon as the names left Kali’s mouth, then turned around and started imputing something onto a panel on the wall behind them. The other, a similar looking robot-except almost completely covered in red clothes-looked them up and down calculatingly, and both girls could see the thoughts running through it's mind. Then, the red robot’s eyes gave a brief flash.

  “ Ah. Mistress Endor, welcome back to Fort Sterling. New summoner, please speak your name to register you in the database.”

  Before either girl can speak, Shawn angrily butted in, jumping onto the table and waving the wood sword threateningly at the robot.

  “ Hey! How do you not know Shawn the Legendary Invincible Epic Awesome Slime God Blade Master, especially after what we had done?! You—!“

  “ Gretchen had you and your friends removed after the fiasco with Protometallic Dragon Uranus, and then wrote in something in the code to ensure that you can never hack in again.” A female voice said from somewhere to their right. Kali and Endor turned to see a mostly-mechanical woman in a red and black dress emerging from a smoking room, half-covered in soot that she was almost casually trailing onto the red posh carpet. She was followed by a mechanical dragon-thing that was doing the same thing, albeit by flapping its wings like a hummingbird instead of walking. “ However, this had the side-effect of ensuring that any data relating to you or your friends was deleted automatically.” The woman looked over the two girls in front of her, a brief look of surprise flashing over her face when she saw Endor, but gone as quickly as the expression came, being replaced by a kind smile. “ I’m Agnesi and this-” Here she gestured at the mechanical dragon beside her”-is Vouvire. Tell your preferred name to the guards and head to the end of the corridor, there is a voice-operated lift there that they will unlock for you. Gretchen and Heisenberg are waiting on the 5th floor, summoner and partner.”

  “ Wait, Ms. Agnesi. Do you know me?” Endor spoke up as Agnesi turned to leave, mumbling about rags and soot under her breath. The older woman seemed to freeze momentarily, and then turned back to offer a strange smile before laughing and walking off.

  “ Wait, ma’am! Wait! Arg! What the heck is with all these weird people knowing my name?!” Endor said angrily, stamping her foot. Kali patted her friend on the shoulder, which calmed the other girl down somewhat, though Endor still turned to face the wall with her arms crossed.

  Leaving her friend to calm herself down fully, Kali walked back towards the table where the two robots were to see that Shawn was arguing with them.

  “ Oh, come on! You don’t remember Captain Chillz the Epic Amazing—!

  “ Sir. All our databanks have been updated at your request 2 minutes 46 seconds ago,” The purple robot said. Was Kali hearing things, or did the robot’s tone have a slight edge of tiredness and annoyance to it? Kali put a hand in front of the raging slime, hoping to stop it before anything else happens, and then said to the robots:

  “ I am Kali. Of Lykofos.”

  “ Processing…. Processing…..” The robot’s eyes flashed again and a chime was heard from somewhere. “ Summoner Kali, you have permission to use the lift. We wish you the greatest of luck on your quest.”

  “ Come on, you two,” Kali said somewhat teasingly at the fuming two. Endor turned and followed her first, while Shawn kept muttering something about hacking as he grudgingly followed suit.

  The lift was a large metal plate with a pedestal in the middle, and was situated in a transparent tube with rings punctuating its entire length, and a strip of metal running infinitely in up and down along it. The three had barely stepped onto the lift when a voice came from the pedestal.

  “ State your destination.”

  “ Fifth floor.”

  “ Noted. Give order to rise when ready.”

  Kali walked closer to the pedestal and looked back to make sure that Endor and Shawn were safely on. “Rise.”

    The lift didn’t even make a sound, it simply started to rise. As it did, Kali watched the world with wide eyes, view growing as the lift went higher and higher.

  “ The world…. It’s so…. big,” Kali murmured, a bit of fear in her voice. This isn’t even a part of the entire world!... Can I really save all of…. this? 

 Endor turned to look at her friend, about to vocalize her amazement at the view when she saw the look on Kali's face. It was Endor's turn to pat Kali on the shoulder now as she said, “ You can. You will!”

  The two sat in silence, punctured only by Shawn’s angry plotting until a “Ding!” sounded and the lift stopped. They turned and stepped onto another fancy corridor, devoid of any robots and with a door at the other end.


  “ Vouvire.”

The mechanical dragon turned towards her creator and friend, cocking her head to the side in a way to show curiosity. Only, Agnesi cleaned her head off with the rag she held in her hand in silence.
  “ Master, what is wrong? It is not like you to be silent.”

  “ Vouvire, I want to you join with the new summoner when she leaves. Molly had said it was Nathaniel’s turn, and… “ Agnesi trailed off, lost in thought. “ I wonder…. Try and report to me how her quest is coming along at least once a month. If...”

  Vouvire blinked, and then tapped Agnesi’s shoulder for her to continue. Just like how she preferred to remain silent, her master always spoke, only quieting if the situation called for such.

  “ If this summoner manages to call Ranto Scout from the sky, find a way to tell me, and I will join her on this quest.”
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The same questions were asked before the lift opened. Shawn was at his very limit. Kali however repeated her replies, again and again, including the names she had uttered several floors below.

After a few clicking sounds the machine stayed silent. Kali blinked a few times. She did not know those names, nor whom they belonged to. They had popped into her head. Where had she heard those names?
Endor and Shawn just stared at her as she shrugged in reply.
“Granted. Please come inside.” Said a voice, gesturing to a door on the left side of the lift.
‘Finally!’ replied Shawn exasperated. ‘I’m sure my name popped up in their damned list at last!’
A vault-like door opened outside as well, to show a spiral staircase. The group slowly rose the levels, with no entrance in sight. The climb seem so endless the slime began crying, pleading for its companions to end its life. Kali left Endor and Shawn arguing in the staircase and a few floors above the silence became almost absolute. Only her small feet reverberated against the adorned walls. After a few minutes the stairs slowly reduced the curve and began widening, like the marble grand entrance of a palace. A red carpet adorned the welcoming landing where a corridor made it harder for Kali to know her next step. Several identical, robust cedar doors adorned the magnificent hallway, none of which were open or had any robots to aid her way. Uncertain of which to take she looked around. At the far end of the hallway a rather simple, improvised wooden door seemed to be pushed onto the wall years after its construction, and furnished a tiny square note that read: Keep Out!! Inventing!!

Instinct told Kali to disregard the note, and started approaching it on her own. As soon as her hand was about to close on the doorknob, the door opened itself where a very curious robot appeared before the girl. He looked like an old-fashioned butler dressed in blue and sporting a mechanic monocle. Something was off, and Kali only understood as he turned and slowly jumped towards the inside of the room on a hand-like base.

‘Hmph... Not even this far could those two follow you? Troubling, very troubling indeed...’
He continued mumbling as Kali, without knowing what to do, followed him silently. The room looked just like the door—improvised, hasty, and was filled with the most unique experiments, all whirring, bubbling and wheezing at different speeds.

She wished she had at least a couple more eyes to see a lot more as fast—the old man seemed to jump rather fast.

‘Excuse me erm... Sir... who.. who are you?
‘What?’ He said somewhat distractedly, without stopping. ‘It was you who came asking for me, weren’t you?’
Kali hesitated. So he was Heisenberg. She had never seen him. Where had she heard his name then? No one in the village would have ever even heard of this place. The girl at the balcony popped into her mind.

‘err.... Mr Heisenberg... where is the girl?’
‘...where not to pillars have been alike let alone so—huh what did you say?’ Said Heisenberg. He had stopped at a panel with indescribable information, popping up in different windows at different intervals. It did not seem to depict legible writing but rather images that, paired to sounds coming from the monitor seemed to make sense to its creator. His eyes would linger every so often on a red bulb that did not blink.
‘I... I thought I saw a girl with you at the balcony?’
Heisenberg saw a small receipt coming from an off-side panel, and did not hear her question. He turned to her, for the first time paying her full attention.

‘Summoner Kali. I know who you are, as I know you do not know me. You have been brought to a conflict much older than me and you, more than anyone alive. A conflict so deeply embedded into your future, no action you take will free you from this destiny. You must take part in this fight.’

Kali had no words for this man. All she could do was stare at him. Heisenberg bent somewhat, leveling to her size, his monocle adjusting to her face.

‘There is no need for me to tell you that you are in grave danger. No less than any of us are. You have decided to take a role at the front of this legend, be wary, this will be no easy task.’

He turned sideways, hesitating his next words.

‘Your friends.... are valuable. They will help you, make no mistake. But they cannot stop the impending storm. You need more help. And you must find it. Fast. Those who would hurt you draw near.’

His words were concise, they pierced her with no malice, only truth. For some reason she felt like someone who willingly had turned away from an ocean which undeniably roared in her direction. She knew he did not lie.

‘Can.. can you help me?’ She gasped unwillingly. She had not noticed how dry her throat had become.

A beaker smashed further behind, as a slime shrieked in surprise and amusement and a girl shouted a reproach. Heisenberg rectified his posture.

‘Go. It is not time yet for me to leave. There are things you... and I.... need to do first.’

Kali stared for a few seconds. When the old robot beckoned again, she nodded and turned, confused. Nothing was exactly clear. However ambiguous, there had been a very clear advice. Seek help? Where? For some reason, as she walked past a slime that was screaming its head off with a tentacle sprouting from its head, her mind came back to the drunkard spirit at the ice bar. Could she somehow convince him to help her?

As Kali (and co.) slowly made their way out of the peculiar lab, Heisenberg sighed. Another cycle. He wished to have been able to leave everything and go to this summoner’s help. So young this cycle...

As he pondered these thoughts, a small ‘clink’ was heard sprinting at full speed around the lab. A small ball appeared from between two massive machines and a small girl behind it, kicking it around. She stopped when she saw Heisenbeg. She had a small sweater, lovingly knitted, with the long sweater arms were painfully empty, and stabbed at Heisenberg’s mechaninc heart.

“Yes... There are things you.... and I... need to do first....”
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Kali could not feel more confused. She had been wandering aimlessly in a vast, empty ice cube for a while now. All she had found was a depressed drunkard and a robotic jumping hand. What was all the purpose of this? What could she do about that, which was such a tiny bit of the problem, let alone save the world? Yet she continued to wander without direction, with Shawn and Endor following close by.  Endor had a concerned look etched on her face. She wanted to help her friend, but she felt she knew less than Kali did about it all. She limited herself to observing her frozen breath dissipate into the endless tundra. Shawn simply hummed an unintelligible tune.
Something bothered Kali at the back of her mind. When she saw the guardian she was not supposed to have met, and the scientist whose name she should not know, something inexplicable had drawn her there... why had she been able to meet those characters, however hopeless they may be? She wondered how many times this path had been walked. Had those before her been just as clueless? As she drowned in a sea of questions, her ears heard Endor scoff, and smiled. Without yet having fully turned to her she knew she would be rolling her eyes.
Endor rolled her eyes.
-‘Typical doofuses, I guess they have them in every continent eh?’
Kali looked in the direction she was pointing and saw a group of barely post-pubescent teens. A wannabe hopeless bunch that seemed to be up to no good, but too dumb to mean any true harm. They were too far to eavesdrop but they laughed at something and one of them had a snorting snicker. Endor scoffed again and kept walking. Kali smiled to herself remembering how many times she had seen that reaction already at the village, when she noticed the group of teens had something oddly out of place in their hands....
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘Yeh, that’s how we’re gonna roll from now on, you hear me?’
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104458] Walter: ‘You got it baws!’
[Image: 65?cb=20150824104500] Nathan: ‘There better better be cute girls soon enough or this will suck!’
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘Bah, you’re talking to the Kelv, next in line to be a summoner  We’ll get plenty of girls after I’m official, legit. How else could it be, I’m da best! I’ll prove it.’
Kelvin made a shhh-ing sound and approached another one of his friends, who had been distracted into an amazing cerulean sunset, a galactic covenant between astral beings that made him feel the view would cleanse his soul. Kelvin knew none of his thoughts, and approached a fiery blade towards his friend’s buttocks and ignited it to the best of his abilities.
[Image: 65?cb=20150824104459] Brian: Wa-aaAAAHHHHHH!!!
The group guffawed as Brian scratched against the ice attempting to save what was left of his behind. Nathan snorted his laugh loudly.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: See? No one could be this awesome. It’s gotta be me.
As the group basked on its own glory (Brian fainted from the pain), Alex gasped, unable to talk. He pointed a dismembered rat paw at a group that was approaching.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘What? Wat is it? Speak or I’ll level you next.’
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104500] Alex: Ng—‘Ngg-hhhhHH!!’
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104458] Walter: ‘G-g-girlssss!’
The group spun like a hurricane to see the ladies. They never lied to each other about something so serious. There was an innocent, slightly bemused girl wit her hands slightly towards her back, another entirely clad in black and purple with a stony look, her arms crossed, and a fire slime that came bobbing faster than the girls. A broad smile on its jelly face.
‘Hey boys! Where’s the keg????’
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104458] Walter: ‘What is a keg?’
Shawn faltered, and his eyes darted downwards at Walter’s pouch on the floor. It had a milk quarter and a Tupperware full of sliced apples—it had mom written all over it. Shawn’s smile vanished.
Kali had just opened her mouth to introduce them when Kelvin raised his sword to halt his group. He accidentally slapped Alex on the nose.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘Boys! Let the Kelv handle this...’
Everyone stayed silent as Kelvin strutted full of swag towards the girls. A vein popped on Endor’s forehead.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘Ladies! I did not know word travelled this fast! You are correct though. You are standing in front of the 35 Kilogram of pure muscle and awesomeness called the Glorious Soon-to-Be-Kelvin-the-Almighty-Summoner. But for you beauts, I’m da Kelv. Pleasure is all yours.’
Kelvin winked at them and his group whispered excitedly in awe of their self-proclaimed leader. Shawn’s color started fading.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘You can of course join us, cook for us, and grown up stuff, but fret not, there’s plenty of amazing hunk-ness in our group for you to choose. It is of course natural for you both to want da Kelv, and I respect that but...’ (He tilted and whispered conspiratorially) ‘But if you could, you know, just hold their hands or something every so often so they don’t feel the despair of their tameness or lack of comparison to their superb leader, that would be quite alright too.’  He winked again.
Endor drew breath, preparing to tear him apart, but Kali placed herself in front and started talking before she could take action.
‘Ehh, thank you, we really appreciate your kindness, but we are actually here for another reason.’
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘Eeeeeeeh? You are here for something other than me—I mean us?’
‘Err... yes...’ Said Kali apologetically. ‘Erm... could I ask where you got that sword?’
Kelvin looked down at the magnificent flamesword in his hands.
(in unison: )
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘This? I... I was born with it.’
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104458] Walter: ‘That? He totally stole it.’
Kelvin turned aghast at his friend, whose mother told him never to lie and could not help it, unable to express with words his betrayal. Everyone started interjecting in a squabbling argument of who had broken whose what and whatnot, when Endor, fed up, slapped her forehead and shouted at the teen Kelvin.
‘Listen you pinhead! You are late, the summoner was already chosen and the summoner needs the sword you stole!’
Kelvin froze.
Her voice was beautiful. Could she be an angel? Could he really recruit an angel so quick in his campaign? He started wondering what movies she liked and—
Kelvin froze again.
Summoner.... already chosen?
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘Wh....whaaat...?’ He said in a raspy voice. His throat was like dry ice.
‘She’s right there you nitwit!’
Endor pointed at Kali, and Kelvin turned, trembling. Snot was rapidly covering his upper lip as involuntary tears left his eyes. He had not been this humiliated since second year’s Peter Pan’s presentation.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘You... the summoner...?’
Kali felt terrible and wanted to apologize, but at that moment Kelvin threw a fit of rage unexpectedly and brandished the sword at Kali. They had gotten too close to him, and none had expected the reaction. Kali just looked at him, wide eyed, when a gun went off and a fiery bullet hit the blade.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘Ayeeee!’ He howled and every teen scampered in different directions. Brian was left unconscious on the ice.
Kali, Endor and Shawn stood motionless for a minute. The teens did not come back, and nothing else happened. Kali looked around, but no one was there to be seen. She bent to pick up the sword. It was a magnificent specimen. It gave an incredible warmth and comfort to the wielder. Its confidence was absolute. Kali smiled. She had been right... she had to be. She did feel sorry for the kids, however irritating they were... but she had to first return this to his owner. She beckoned Endor and Shawn (who had started prodding Brian to no effect) and started leaving. She couldn’t help but wonder who had fired that gun and why.
It had not been a bad afternoon at all. The bartender had not kicked him out yet, nor passed out mid-game, and he had actually earned a small sum of money for the week’s drinking. “Huh, thought Sean, maybe things are starting to look up.”
His last contended finally folded, leaving the table clean. He was picking up his earnings, satisfied, when someone threw something heavy on the table.
‘Wait, one last round, I still have something of value to play.’
He looked at a familiar girl (an irritating memory), and then looked down, awestruck at the table. Leviatheinn, the Flameking was there. A knot formed on his throat at the sight of his beloved sword, one he never thought he’d see again, as the defiant girl sat opposite to him with a smile across her face.
‘Don’t worry, I didn’t come to keep you too long. One more hand. I win, you come and help us. You win, you get your sword back, and never see us again. Juicy deal right? What do you think?’
A smile flashed across Sean’s face. Though much older, he looked as close as he had in years to the young swordsman that had aided the last summoner during his journey.
‘You’re on, little girl. No draws. Whatever you obtain from the get-go is what you play.’ She nodded.
He dealt two cards for a blind Blackjack. He felt energized. There was no way he could lose. He had Leviatheinn right there, as close as it had been for a long time. It was his, it was—
He looked at his hand. A two of clovers and a 3 of hearts. An iron glove punched his stomach. What was Eostre thinking? Why not just get smitten right there and then? He started thinking it was time to call quits on life when he heard the girl sigh.
‘Man... and here I thought I was going for a perfect ending. Well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I have the worst hand in the game. You win.’
Kali threw the cards to the center of the table and stood solemnly, but then smiled and offered her hand.
‘Congratulations, I hope you don’t waste it this time.’
Sean felt too paralyzed, and barely reached her hand moving the rusted joints of his own and shook it. He stared at her in disbelief as she waved at the bartender and started to leave. Shawn approached the table though, and tried to flip the cards to see what each had when the flamesword’s tip smashed onto the cards turning them to cinders. Shawn jumped back in indignation.
‘What the hell!!’
‘No... no need for that. I know.’
Sean stared as the group left the bar, a fiery intensity in his gaze. Somewhere, somehow, deep in the maelstrom within his heart.. there was a tiny speck of admiration for that summoner.
Kali... he told himself.
Her name, is Kali.
Kevin continued to sob over tears and snot. He was zigzagging through the crowd with no pants. He had been robbed a few blocks away and now was sporting very elegant white underwear and white long socks, with a blue stripe at the top. He turned without knowing onto a dark alley where he sat at the wall. He had entered the dazzling Artic City. But he was not dazzled by the lights and the eternal vivid day and nightlife, not the spectacular venues, sky spotlights, blimps and colorful inhabitants. He had even overlooked the humongous Ad that towered above the city entrance sporting current Glacial Iceberg’s ruler – Louis.  Kelvin ain’t got no time for all that. Two terrible tragedies had befallen him. He had not arrived home before 4:00 p.m.—this was the latest he had ever been outside. What would be the consequences of his actions?
But worst of all, he had failed to become the summoner. That had always been his dream. He had it all. The courage, the intelligence, the cronies, the astounding looks... why had he not been chosen?
He tried to remove the snot but it had now frozen on his cheeks like a protective case partially over his face.
????: ‘Young man.... is that how you plan to achieve your dream?’
Kelvin spun,  around in the dark ally, his skinny legs trembling noisily.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘W-who goes there??’
???: ‘Oh? Who you ask? Well... someone that can help you... someone that knows of your dream... someone who believes you have all the potential to be that and much more.... someone who can help you tke revenge over the false summoner...’
Kelvin stopped sniffling. He was looking at the dark. An ominous shadow reflected on the wall.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘I.... I’m listening.’
???: ‘Our emperor, Our Moste Aethestique King Louis, is a very powerful man.... and a very, very interested individual i the flourishing talent of our youths. He believes in them. He nourishes them. He helps them  achieve their dreams. If you... pledge your loyalty to our Emperor... he will see your dreams come true...’
Kelvin continued to tremble as the shadow grew and grew as the ruinous character approached. Slowly but surely, a dark, long cape emerged, and Kelvin placed his hands on his mouth to stop himself from screaming. The light slime continued.
[Image: 65?cb=20140622085856] Dark Olverlord Sparklz: ‘We will shower you in riches..... we will shower you in women.... we will fulfill your home curfew for you. All you have to do is pledge loyalty to King Louis. Vow your alliance to us, and be handsomely rewarded!’
Kelvin stared at the tiny light slime in a dark cape. It was truly diabolical. He thought of his crushed dreams, of the wretched summoner who had stolen everything from him. He thought of his friends and.... the image of that dark-clothed girl swam into his consciousness. “Pinhead! Nitwit!” His resolve grew. His face grew angry, manic. He stood up in his underwear and socks. His face showed a disfigured look of pure evil.
[Image: 60?cb=20150824104454] Kelvin: ‘I... I.... I vow myself and my friends to Louis... the greatest Empreror of all!’
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They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Not so much when you're as out of options as Kali and Endor, having no viable way to get to the Afire Volcano ahead they once again lent their ears to Shawn.

"Listen up recruits! Y'all have any ideas to cross the ocean?"
Heads shook.

"Then man up and follow my lead!"
The slime rummaged through the contents of its body, which might as well be a dimensional pocket, until a surf board and an oversized slap of metal popped up.

Stretching across the board's length to provide more surface area, Shawn beckoned the two to hop on. The slab of metal, which upon closer inspection revealed a big red button, was thrown aboard.

"You're expecting me to press this?" 
Endor eyed the button suspiciously, anything that is big and red cannot be good.
"Are yer questioning my orders, recruit?"
She rolled her eyes in response but in the end she had no choice but to roll with whatever method Shawn came up with. Kali sighed.
"No other way around it, let's trust our guide for once."

To say they were amazed would be an understatement, a giant magnifying glass rose out of the volcano in response to the button being pressed, the mere fact that it is visible even from the Glacial Iceberg is a testament to the ridiculousness of such a structure. 

"Do not bother me, I am busy"
"Emergency, the Death Ray is operational"
Golden orbs darted towards the summit only to be greeted by the sight of the accursed weapon of mass destruction. It was already much too late, as luck would have it the sun was in exactly the right position.

Sunlight is normally harmless, irritatingly hot at most, but nothing one couldn't bear with, but focus enough light over a small enough area and you'll possess the power to melt solid metal within seconds. A concentrated beam of light crossed the ocean in less the a blink of an eye and cut through the iceberg like hot knife through butter.

The melted ice of course came crashing down towards the sea in a massive Avalanche, snowballing up in size as altitude decreases.


"All according to plan"
"That thing is gonna kill us" Endor exclaimed.
"Not happening"

The giant blob of gelatin shielded the summoner and her friend from the onslaught of ice and snow, but nothing can stop the tidal wave that ensued.
The surfboard was lifted slowly into the air, riding atop a monstrous wall of water a kilometer high.

Were she to not be frozen by terror, Endor would've slapped Shawn to death by then.

Residents of the land of fire gazed at the impending doom. A tsunami this size would be devastating to those who dwells in the lower regions, by now the magnifying glass has already been retracted into its container but it made no difference.

It was then that something emerged from the smoking peak of the volcano, something big and deadly dripping with molten rock like a volcanic demon glaring defiantly at the intruding forces of water.

"Isolde" a woman landed gracefully on its back, the monster grunted in response, nuclear core hissing with unprecedented power. The wave was closing in but not a drop of fear could be found in her expression, nothing could interfere with her moment, their moment of absolute concentration. The stagnant air was suddenly pulsing with energy drawn from the very veins of the dormant force of nature which lies beneath the mountain.

"By fire,
be Purged!"

Nuclear core kicked into overdrive, Pyrometallic dragon Isolde unleashed its power with burning vengeance, high energy plasma collided with the raging waves in an epic battle for domination, within minutes the entire body of water was vaporized. Our unfortunate surfers found themselves neatly in empty air. All things are attracted to each other seeking companionship, such is the universal law of loneliness and at this moment the surf board found itself wanting contact with the planet below.

"WHOAAAAA" nine point eight meters per second squared of acceleration was quite an experience for young Kali, her friend was not faring any better while Shawn was still having the time of his life. Fortunately for them, their fall was broken quickly by a tanned arm.

"With all due respect summoner, you should stop listening to the walking blob of idiocy which by sheer misfortune happened to be your first summon"
"Hey!" Shawn retorted

"It's not everyday I have the time and energy to vaporize tidal waves Shawn, now how about you make use of your right to be silent, or do you want to know what plasma feels like on a personal level?"

"Oh yes, it almost slipped my mind" 

Shawn's switch was immediately melted and fell beneath the waves.

Kali sighed with relief when her feet touched shore, adrenaline wearing off and her body was struck by exhaustion. She dared a glance at their savior, a beautiful woman with a pair of red draconic wings sticking out of her back to match her outfit, two large horns curved outwards from her head and golden reptilian irises met Kali's gaze.

"There should be an inn not far from here, I suggest you rest before being dragged along for one of Shawn's demonic plots. I will take my leave".

"Wait, Ms.Agatha"
Said Dragoness turned back with mild amusement.

"Hoh, I see the Summoner's gifts has already blessed you at such a young age. Go on then."
"Because you appear to be busy, do you have any idea where I could find companions who would join me on my quest?"

a grim expression briefly crossed Agatha's face before disappearing into a blank look, Kali kept their gazes locked, something told her she could not afford to falter, despite the grand display of power and the centuries of experience that separated the two of them, the stare down persisted.
"You continue to impress, summoner, perhaps you were born into the wrong age, not many still believe in your journey. In regards to your question well... behind you"
a familiar mechanical dragon landed where they stood, its wings folded into place with precise ease.

"Vouvire, I assume Agnesi told you to join the summoner?"


"I suggest you carry them to nearby shelter, they are worn down by prior events"
After the crew had disappeared into the distance Agatha heaved a sigh and crossed her arms.

"And just how long are you going to keep hiding in that bush Sean?"
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