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Tomorrow's bonus day: 12 April
Saturday 11 April (Tower)

EXP x2: 0, 2
Drop Rate x2: 5, 7
-50% Stamina: 1, 3, 4, 6
Zodiac: All
Investiture: Earth
Cyber Scholars: Earth
Youkai: Earth
XY: Earth

Sunday 12 April (Water)

EXP x2: 5, 7
Drop Rate x2: 2, 4, 6
-50% Stamina: 1, 3
Zodiac: All
Investiture: Fire
Cyber Scholars: Water
Youkai: Light
XY: Light

Thanks for taking over, now can a mod get this one stickied?

Thanks for the updates, I'm in a very late time zone and use them to plan whether to save or spend my stamina based on what tomorrow's bonuses will be.

I check this post every day and you were late yesterday ^^
Hmm do the non-island bonuses rotate on a set schedule or are they random? I haven't noticed. If they are set, is there a list somewhere? (e.g., how can I find out when XY Water typically is?)

Thanks so much for maintaining this thread btw - it's really helpful!
IF you mean the things on like zodiac etc, they go bottom up from Monday onwards.
After the cycle for the week "finishes" the remainder are random. e.g. zodiacs have a random bonus on sunday, xy/investiture/cyborg/youkai have a random bonus on saturday amd sunday, disney has no random bonus.
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Rawr, anyone know what 4/4 bonus on tower is? Hoping for -50% STA on Seal 7..
Poke. Anyone know what the bonus on tower Seal 7 is? I don't have it visible yet, wondering if I should burn sta on islands today to unlock the tower seal 7..
It has been difficult to update this on time regularly, and fluora has kindly offered to take over from me, so I think it is time to pass the crown over.

Admins - could you sticky her thread to replace mine when she starts

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