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ToS monthly gift packs?
Hey guys, I just noticed a new menu item in the community and shop - monthly gift packs. Shows up as AUD$17.99 for me which is fairly pricey, but there's no description or ability to actually complete a purchase.

Anyone got a sense of what will be in these packs? It's the equivalent of a 15 diamond purchase so it'd want to be something good!

I just noticed it too for 11.99€ in my case.

Just now saw that too! $17.99 NZ

Being a gift pack sounds like something you might send to another person. A card bundle or bonus pack would be more for self, but then translation might be putting me on the wrong track there (you know how this game is sometimes)

Given the price, what do we think might be in it?
My guess: 3 Platinum cards, 2 stamina refill, 1 spirit refill and some prime stones and baby harpies.

Might be KFC and Bunneh and the like too...
Honestly, for that much, it better have some diamonds
you guys got it wrong. its a gift pack to support MH during CNY hahahaha.
(01-17-2017, 01:24 PM)mini_cow Wrote: you guys got it wrong. its a gift pack to support MH during CNY hahahaha.

A gift to MH LoL
Thought about it some more today, and I think the 'monthly' bit is key here...I've noticed some f2p games let you buy essentially a monthly subscription boost - increased XP earnings, more rewards, that sort of thing. Most increase any bonus daily currency you get too, so for example it might double your free weekly diamonds, making it 20 a month instead of 10. It's designed to encourage you to log in regularly to reap maximum benefit, and represent better value than if you spent that much straight up on currency (Spellstone does it for example)

So the question probably becomes, what would you consider 'good value' for you US$15ish spend? 20 diamonds and a free seal draw? faster stamina recovery? an XP boost for player level or card leveling? Plenty of ways it could go. I'm quite lucky in that my mobile phone plan gives me a dollar-for-dollar google play spend for whatever I pay each month (e.g. AUD$30 plan = $30 play store credit) so I can throw it at a sub like this if it's good enough value.
Bill to Telstra ftw!
Its a monthly gift, probably it will give you prize every day for one month and being a 11 $ pack it should give 1 diamond every day for thirty day... is less expensive than a bulk purchase but u will benefit in a long view. I want to underline my probably... this is how it works in a lot of other games

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