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Tips for Arena. [Under Construction - Updated 9:19]
1) Intro:

Before starting I would like to say that arena is a place for newer players to gain stuff to help them. I would be talking about key mechanics and from both a casual and competitive player's stand point.

Invest. Invest. Invest.
Arena is a very rewarding mode but you have to be bold. Sometimes you benefit and sometimes you don't. For casual players, it is a great place to get harpies. As for competitive players, it is a high risk and reward mode.

I've spent around 20-30 diamonds on arena so far but it has thought me a lot about the mechanics.
I can say this for sure, if you are aiming to get to Top 50 King you need to invest your a lot of baby harpies, harpies, soul, EXP mobs.

2) Benefits:

Let us start with benefits. Why should you care about arena in the first place. Well it all comes down to you but here are my main reasons.

i) Casual Players:

Just as any other mode the game provides. Arena provides loads and loads of material and cards such as harpies and soul stones (EXP).

As a casual player, harpies never hurt and if you are able to reach a certain rank you get diamonds which is always nice. 

ii) Competitive Players:

As a competitive player myself. I found arena to be one of my greatest investments.

Able to get a net 10+ diamonds each week.
I have enough points to buy over 200 Soulstones (100k EXP), which is basically any card from 0 to 99 easily.

iii) Commitment

As nice as it is to get 10+ diamonds each week, you need a capital, you need to know your limits and you need to know the risk.

Anyone can do it but do no try to if you are not willing to go 100% of the way. Win or Lose.

3) General:

I will not cover the basics unless requested but i will highlight important points.

i) Vigor:

Vigor resets every 12 noon (Its high nooooon) so if you want to aim for a high rank, make sure you do it before Monday at 12 noon

ii) Priority:

Rounds > Battle Points > Time > Damage and Combo

4) Team Building - General

i) The protagonist PRs

No matter being a casual player or competitive player, you need the basics. A card which can help you in whatever stage the arena throws at you. Which brings me to the protagonist PR.

<Insert protagonist pictures>

It is very important that you max s.lvl (cd 8) or till (cd 10). These cards are the most useful among all other cards mostly for casual players.

Protagonist offers 3 extra rows in this case, it acts as a converter to face off mobs which require 6/7 runes of a particular attribute. This means that the 3 extra rows usually provide enough to fulfill this criteria.

In a math sense, it takes 80 BP to use a protagonist but it will cost you 100 points (BP equivalent) if you miss a round.

ii) Enchanters

These cards are very under-rated but it is essential when fighting against arenas which are Legend or King. This is because most mobs require you to dissolve enchanted runes especially the earth panda which needs you to dissolve enchanted runes in a puzzle shield.

<Insert image of enchanters w/ low cd>

5) Team Building - Casual:  

Monster Detail's are so important.

Always check which monsters will give you additional BP. You just have to max level these mobs and you can forget about it.

What you should take away from a casual players stand point is to get as many (no pressure if you cant) mobs which add BP. I understand that most casual players do not have OP leaders like Guan Yu.

So you should really focus on a few things. Mainly a protagonist and some cards which add BP.
Focus on spinning and follow the list: 

Priority:          Rounds > Battle Points > Time > Damage and Combo

6) Team Building - Competitive:

Monster Detail's are even more important.

Many of you have have noticed that Guan Yu is probably the most used leader whether or not it gives additional BP.
This is because Guan Yu provides the following:

Guan Yu
1) High Combo Count
2) Decent/High Damage
3) It's unique skill of dissolving any rune pattern of 3 ('L' shape) makes it extremely easy to clear bosses.

Priority:          Rounds > Battle Points > Time > Damage and Combo

So in this case:
Battle Points: Medium to High ( Depends on Members )
Time: Checked
Damage and Combo: Checked

Conclusion: A very good leader, arguably the best leader you can get. 

Babylon ( 2/1/17 ):
1) Extra Spinning Time
2) Decent Damage
3) High BP

Priority:          Rounds > Battle Points > Time > Damage and Combo

So in this case:
Battle Points: High
Time: Checked
Damage and Combo: Checked

Conclusion: Babylon is EXTREMELY difficult to play because in 99% of arenas you are going to face that god awful panda making it hard to output damage during that stage. However with my testing, I can get around the same as Guan Yu ( A little less)

The key to competitive is to have a card which you can comfortably use to help you clear King Arenas with a Low CD. My personal fav. in a Guan Yu team is.

and for my Inanna team:

In a competitive standpoint. 
Huifre becomes a lot better than protagonist because she has a lower CD and helps enchant at the same time. So she saves on BP and helps clear stages.

7) Scoring Mechanics and Tips:
This is probably the most IMPORTANT section.

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this but this scoring system works like this. 

The top 5 scores you get in that day becomes the "Score of the Day". So even if you use 100 diamonds on the last day, only the top 5 scores will count. The scores of all 7 days will then be summed up to get your final score and rank.

What does this mean and why is it so important.?

A system like this means that to catch up to someone (Assuming people get roughly the same score every day) is very difficult.
By the time you reach King, you can already estimate your final score of the week.

Note: I will give some tips in the next update which could help some of you guys to hit King including the ranks you should aim for to hit your target of King IV or King V

Note: I will update this from time to time as I am busy 
------------------------------------------------ Below is under construction --------------------------------------
casual Players: 
Alright, so for you casual players my biggest tip is to always look at "Monster Details" and invest in strong leaders which also give Battle Points.

In this case, if you have a babylon card. Now would be a good time to max skill level and skill level.

Competitive Players:

A quick tip for you guys before I go outstation and continue this tread later.

You guys need to make very quick judgement on "What" card you need based on both the stages which you are going to fight in KING and cards which give you Battle Points. You then have to all max that card within the first day or two of the start of the arenna.

This is SO important because you are going to use the card over and over again throughout the week and following weeks.


The next update for this tread. I will link monsters which I personally find useful and a detailed explanation of why you need to max it for competitive players

[Image: 57172d1a.jpg]

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I wouldnt ever invest dimes in there, but instead get 5 per week for free. Just by reaching warlord...

[Image: 6nabheze.png]
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At most I would invest 5 and earn back 10, gaining 5 + Harpy from King VI/V.

Imagine the greatest signature you can ever think of. There ya' go!
Also always bring 1 power released starter, if you plan to invest dimes to maximize your score do it early in the week, later on the stages are so absurdly hard that you wont get your worth back. And there are teams that work wonders if you use an off-team filler as long as this doesnt break your team skill.
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Updated once: 5/1/17 - 8:54 PM GMT+8
[Image: 57172d1a.jpg]

Main Ally: Inanna, Namtar, Ninurta, Athena, Hephestus
ID: 80348255
Eh? Theres a guide already lol, might as well just add this to the main post DrFluttershy wrote haha, but keep up da workBig Grin
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Level 237

I'm sure this is a different guide. I agree that depending on whether the player just want to play casually, or want to compete for top spots, you need to take a different approach in handling arena.

And I see TristanX very high up the top100 rankings, so his input on this would be valuable.
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
I would suggest to use between 0 and 15 diamonds to get around 70-80 since the only difference more ahead is at top 10 but there is pretty different the amount and we go into hardcore
the op calls u casual players...i call u MH seal screwed players and i am amoung u.

the things i have noticed are the following:
1. early in the week u will not win an arena. ppl will spam guan yu with 4 pr all max babylon inside or multiple pr fairytale and beat u with their money. instead focus on playing the easiest stage all 5 times to get used to it and max ur score. this will increase ur rank and maybe win the arena.
2. as the week goes on, ppl will lose interest and do other things. now is ur time to pounce. find some favorable arenas and wait until the arena is about 2 hrs or left before it dies. beat the arena with a respectable 2kish score and when the arena timesout u win it. save some vigor to defend ur weak scores. use all ur vigor by reset.
3. check the weekly boosted cards. for example this week its the free reindeer and sm card. u should be using ur best fire leader and sean. next week switch to the team u have the most bonus in.
4. know that ur screwed and some1 will always beat u with multiple copies of exotic pr cards they got when they drew 200 times one day. realize that will get dimes and prizes even in ur losses.
5. this cost u nothing and takes little time.

i am kingIV atm hoping for guan yu with the dimes. i have 7 simayi and 8 zhugeliang.
A bit crude but i agree that Guan Yu is heads and shoulders above anything else, followed by lu bu, chessia and if you have the proper all maxed cards, hand crafted bonus point teams for the week.
Leaders I'm MISSING
Black: WaterXi, Rakhshasa,  Maya, Atlantis,Pompeii. 
VR: Seth, Daji, DBK, W. CN God. 
PR: Yunyang, Ninurta, dark babilonian. 
Rares: Satan, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Amaterasu, Sakura, Azathot, XHD, LDB+waifu,SHJ, Mai, iori, Turing.

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