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For those who don't know, it is extremely easy to put thumbnails for ToS cards into posts. Especially in the "Add me!" section, I find reading words to be extremely painful. It would be nice, but totally unnecessary for this to become something people regularly use in the Add me section.

1. Go to this link
Thumbnails for all ToS Cards

2. Right-click and select copy image URL

3. Go to post on ToS Forums and Ctrl+V link into [img](link insert)[/img] without brackets.
Click 'Insert Image' button in the full reply/post interface.

4. Done!

Same applies to the Team Generator @ Link

I personally find it easier to 'read' pictures rather than a wall of text, but just see this as a fun, colorful alternative to posting guides and deck-building threads.

Fire Mono
[Image: 60px-204i.png][Image: 60px-224i.png][Image: 60px-347i.png][Image: 60px-391i.png][Image: 60px-416i.png][Image: 60px-204i.png]

[Image: 2d8a3a27.jpg]


[Image: 60px-330i.png][Image: 60px-332i.png][Image: 60px-331i.png][Image: 60px-329i.png][Image: 60px-333i.png]

[Image: 60px-333i.png][Image: 60px-329i.png][Image: 60px-331i.png][Image: 60px-332i.png][Image: 60px-330i.png]

Kinda nice to make the post prettier and I agree that it is easier to tell what allies you want from pictures instead of words.

Though it could be kind of tedious to do it and most people looking for a certain ally would generally know the name of the card.

But if people can get by the process it is a definite plus.Big Grin

[Image: 128a518d.jpg]
[Image: edf68fd6.jpg]

Current rotating leaders: Jackie(MAX),Santa(MAX),Belle(MAX),Freyja7*(MAX)
Really nice post! I'll see if I can use it to make my guide more friendly lest a text block..

My Norse Water Mono:
[Image: cce877d6.jpg]
Regular Allies: Elizabeth, PR Freyr, Earth DS and PR Molly, PR Tyr, Santa

thats sure nice to have for add me section but for guides sometimes its necessary to write the name especially for people who are rather new to the game
[Image: acda4b57.jpg]
Main Deck: always looking for DS Water allies
[Image: 3e969adb.jpg]
if you think my post was helpful i dont mind if you press +
very useful, thank you.
user: [email protected]
regular ally(MAX lvl & CD): apollo, minamoto, water DS, PR dagon, poseidon,
regular ally(MAX lvl): PR thor, PR tyr, PR freyja, PR faugn,
others ally(MAX lvl & CD): dark DS, odin, pieces, cassandra, domon, PR GSOL,
others ally(MAX lvl): diablo, niddhog, virgo, PKoL, leo, circe, libra, hep,
I like this idea a lot, and will probably start using it. However, keep in mind, if you only use pictures without naming them, then the search function won't pickup those keywords for different names.
Maximum Image is 2... so how can u attach so many.
Perhaps words will be more useful for the beginners, but pictures will register faster with experience. My main concern is how many people will name the same card in many ways (refer to my acronyms thread and you'll see why) and the tendency to make spelling errors is high, especially with new or weird card names.

(02-04-2014, 05:28 AM)clon8888 Wrote: Maximum Image is 2... so how can u attach so many.

I believe you are thinking about attachments from your documents. I've posted a new image which should show you where to click to insert a URL image.

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