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Thoughts on Amber
What do you all think of Amber as a leader and as a member?
I rerolled the All Max Elf summon for her (Was aiming for Sakura, but I like Amber almost as much, Sakura absolutely refused to show and I wanted to try Amber out) and so far have been extremely impressed with her playstyle and overall strength.
Because I just restarted yesterday, my team is still *Extremely* new, but using a team of:
I managed to clear Show Me What You've Got! to get the Idol Summer, 1 Diamond and Baby Harpy Madhead - and it absolutely would have been possible without the allies, since their only purpose was to add about 7500 HP and to have the earth --> Heart if I ever needed more damage against Idol Summer's 18 Million HP or survivability against Sumatra.

So far, I've found that her leader skill passive nuke acts fairly consistently against most shield types I've seen. So long as you fulfil the criteria (Such as dissolve more than 6 combos, only make 5 initial combos, multi and quintet element shields), it will deal damage. The only thing I've found that the passive nuke doesn't work against is enchanted shields - which I really hope is just a Madhead oversight that will get fixed, because I'd rather not take 15 turns of bad skydrop/heart conversion to kill a lizardman while farming the 5 Sprites, and killing Sumatra in Show Me What You've Got! took around 50 turns, when it could have been over in around five if the passive worked against enchanted shields.

In my brief time with her, I doubt she'll ever be a meta leader, but I can easily see her cheesing a lot of content.

So what are your thoughts on Amber so far?


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