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Things you want to see in the game
I just want my Panda!

I just want to edit my team right before entering a stage

63318603 PR Daji, PR Inanna
Animated character portraits at least in battles would be nice

(10-14-2017, 05:29 PM)Kirinfable Wrote: Animated character portraits at least in battles would be nice

Up this! I hope with kof now on will get more animated skin, and I hope they put these animation inside the stages 
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(10-14-2017, 04:48 AM)Oriceles Wrote:
(10-14-2017, 04:17 AM)byankee Wrote: +1 stamina every 5 mins.

That's all I ask (´・ω・`)

Jokes aside, I'd personally hope for some updates for fusion cards, cyborgs and moonmoon are probably the only ones viable as of now. Even then, fusion cards are still kinda niche picks or as fillers. Metatron really needs buffs for such a unique card like him.

Yes, TOS is quite slow on stamina when compared to other games, but I think the real problem is the cost for some stages being too high.

As for fusions, the previous trend was like 1 short cd conversion and 1 strong boost skill/effect, this turned out meh over time because we got better fast converters and stronger boosts, Sirius in the other hand is strong on both skills and making up for 2 slots and that cost.

(10-14-2017, 04:29 AM)rxwing Wrote: i want... dimes!!! nah Big Grin
want coin seal guarantees no dupe. thats friggin 100 dimes!
and something to utilize that 1 day 8 spirits... now it's just sitting there all day...

Yeah, I think we should get more chances to not get a dupe, I still don't use my 4th year anniversary reward because I'm waiting to grab all the thrash from diamond seal and then make a draw, heck I even have a spreadsheet to keep track of which cards of that pool I'm missing.

Spirits should be changed to vigor, or then add something else that can use spirit as currency lol.

took a look at your spreadsheet, i actually have dupes for 90% of your missing draws XD
i just don't have yocto and innana i think

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HP under the HP bar. Seriously. I need to know what I'm dealing with without having to constantly open the wiki
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Alternatively, having that stat when you hover over the card (similar to defence)... as long as it doesn't clash with the 2 page long essay describing the enemy skill
[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

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i second the fast stamina recovery portion!
I do hope that they remove craft drops from the Elite Biweekly stages. I spent 40 stamina thinking I'm getting a "guaranteed" card drop and not a freaking Rarity 1 craft. If I wanted crafts, I'd go do the Crafting Day stage. Thank you very much.

1) Allow crafts to drop but it should be guaranteed Rarity 3
2) Remove crafts from dropping and just drop the thing that we came for: the Biweekly card

Also, I agree with the faster stamina recovery.
1. Bring back older 3 star craft rewards from 3 star achievement instead of making them available only during the first reveal of the new SM.
2. Make forging of craft less tedious/ RNG based. I tried it out a few times but stopped touching it becoz it is not rewarding/ game changing.
3. Feeders for Zodiac series, it is too damn difficult to grind their SLVLs.
4. Expand on existing features, like the rainy effect during the Damsel guild mission (?), make fusion cards relevant.
5. Maybe a % of stamina return for failing SM stages? (MH probably wont implement this coz they want players to spend diamonds on stamina refill but it gives players more leeway when drafting/ trying out teams for achievements)
6. Since cards can be turned into souls, why not turn souls into cards? (Maybe for a limited pool of cards of your choice?)

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