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Things MH are considering to add in 14.2
Khaos looks like fun but the requirement of basically "finish 9th seal first" ... :/
With Khaos you must try and choose 1-2 Sealed lords (3 if you are specially high lvl) and fill the other slots with anything that has the proper race and team cost low enough.

The modified sealed lord active are exactly as data mined originally just as Khaos in general. Really really fun fella but i don't see myself as being up to snuff to be ready even with the lowered stage cost next week.

Leaders I'm MISSING
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I hope the stats increase for pr sprites are good.
Yidhra will be a good addition to the water elf team.

Yidhra got quite decent imo, specially because she is cheap and can be farmed at LR.

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