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The Winged Spirit's Nest.
Just got this..and can't even use it due to the cost.
Something for the collection I guess.
[Image: zna68w.jpg]

I just got it too really easily, I'm just using it as an ally card for the 1600 attack.

It's for skill level up.

yeah, it's kinda easy but the exp is very good.. also got master honeymon and sword lvl 3 from this quest. lol.. i love this quest.
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Ally: GSOD, PKoE, Hephaestus God Of Fire, Court of Virgo - Persephone
apparently it's for leveling up the CD of a card... not the XP.

I haven't tried it yet... anyone tried it with results? (also I'm not sure if it can push CD past a minimum)

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