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The Mobius Thread
[Image: latest?cb=20180416092141]

A mobius clear in my leaderboard? [Image: bbe.png]

Race : Machina [Image: 25?cb=20180203120608]
HP : 3319
Attack : 1263
Recovery : 507
Total : 5089

Active Skill (SLV: 12, CD: 8) : Anti-Passive Orientation
Randomly turn Runestones into Enchanted Water Runestones until there are 20 Enchanted Water Runestones. Attack & Recovery of Machinas, Beasts and Demons x 2 for 3 Rounds. 

Leader Skill : Rainbow Chain Reaction
Machina Attack x 4. The Monster launches 4 extra attacks (one each for Water, Fire, Earth and Light) as much as 50% of its attack. By dissolving 10 or more Enchanted Runestones, Team Attack x 1.5.

Team Skill :
Water Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Attributive Runestones. At the beginning of each Round, turn Runestones that are the most in number into Enchanted Runestones
Condition: Both the Leader and Ally are Inconceivable Wings - Mobius, The Team consists of only Machinas.

Machina Properties: Monster's Fuel +2% for each Runestone of the Monster's Attribute dissolved; Monster's Fuel +1% for each Heart Runestone dissolved (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted). The higher the Monster's Fuel, the higher the Monster's Attack, to the max x 2 additionally.
When all Machinas in the Team have ≥ 50% Fuel, effects of Runestones of their Attributes increase, 10% for each Machina present in the Team, to the max 60%. When all Machinas in the Team have 100% Fuel, all Machinas randomly launch 1 to 2 extra attack(s) of its own Attribute or its Counter Attribute as much as 25% of its Attack every Round.
Condition:There are 2 or more Machinas in the Team.

Mobius, alongside the other Crash Fever cards were first introduced in patch 15.2, which also became the first seal dedicated to the introduction of the new Machina series.Personally speaking, I like her a lot, both in gameplay and art coincidentally she was also my first free draw and the one card I truly wanted from the collab and from time to time if you might see a mobius clear in your leaderboard that might be me, that aside lets get into the good stuff.

Strength and Weakness

Strength :
+Decent burst damage when compared to current Meta standards.

+Access to fuel gimmick, allowing her to deal additional attributive attacks.
+ Access to auto-enchanting rune team skill.
+ Ame 2 & 4 grants an increased in recovery and attack for all Machina members.

Weakness :
- Has absolutely no utility outside enchanted shield and cumulative attack shield.
- Requires converter to take full advantage of her team skill.
-As a Machina she requires the fuel gauge of the team to be at max to fully shine.
-Member reliant, as Machina's pool is still growing, she will face issues with teambuilding.
-Has one of the weirdest active skill, gives boost for Beast and Demon but won't allow you to add them? [Image: YezxieZUgyQN.jpeg]

-Additional multiplier is hard to achieve as you'll need 10 enchanted runes dissolved.


Mobius is a very straightforward leader, being a Machina leader with additional attributive attack from her leader skill, its obvious that she will be your main damage dealer. Since her team skill restricts her to ally with herself and only using Machina members, Summoners who plan to use Mobius might find it troublesome to build a team for her as she lacks plenty of utilities to counter many new content and gimmicks, which she in exchange trade it off for an impressive damage numbers. Summoners are recommended to bring converters such as Machina Qinglong and Boilerman to take full advantage of the shared attribute from water rune as well as a faster method to fill up her fuel FOR MAXIMUM MEMERY. That aside, Mobius does not lose her attack multiplier from her leader skill should you include off-race members, but do remember that you will lose her shared rune skill as well as auto-enchant.  

Team Building

Advanced Armament
[Image: 100?cb=20171012121912] One of the most useful Lionel which clears all debuffs and buffs, use caution when using this Lionel as Mobius tends to use buffs to keep her damage consistent.

[Image: 100?cb=20180404164810] Very useful Lionel, grants an additional multiplier to Machina and Water members up to x3 when 3 additional effects are in play (this also includes debuffs from enemy)

[Image: 50?cb=20171123190758] Another useful Lionel as Mobius teams do not have extended spinning or even damage reduction.

[Image: 50?cb=20180222110415] Interesting Lionel which acts as a snipe, useful for invisible enemies, Earth Lionel also reduces CD of Machinas by 1 when deactivated.

[Image: 50?cb=20180517131820] Arguably the coolest looking Lionel as well as the least useful out of the bunch, recommended to avoid using him unless the stage has a gimmick against WFE and requires burst damage.

[Image: 50?cb=20180111102047] Dark Lionel launches extra attributive attacks when dissolving enchanted rune after activating his skill, useful if you need enchanted rune for each attribute, but outside of that he's not really that useful as Mobius already does everything his active does.

Ravages of Fever
[Image: latest?cb=20180416092147] Froid is an excellent member for Mobius, board explode for non-enchanted runes as well as supplying more enchanted rune while also granting a -40% DR as well as additional x3 damage against Gods to Froid herself, you could never go wrong with slotting her in.
[Image: latest?cb=20180416092145] ahahaha i dont even have her Turing works really well as a member as she grants DR, explodes Light and Dark, provides enchanted WFE as well as extending spin to 8 second for 2 rounds. Highly recommended.
[Image: latest?cb=20180416092141] Amazingly, duplicates of Mobius works well for her own team. Not only that she provides enchanted Water runes, she also grants a x2 attack and recovery multiplier to Machinas, Demons and Beasts for 2 rounds. just let us slot in beast and demons into the team smh Madhead

Metallic Beasts
[Image: 50?cb=20140622090331][Image: 50?cb=20140622090345][Image: 100?cb=20140622090359][Image: 50?cb=20140622090414][Image: 100?cb=20140622090430][Image: 100?cb=20141128030326]
Don't even bother using these, period.

Mechanical Life
[Image: 100?cb=20180510151558][Image: 50?cb=20180510151558][Image: 50?cb=20180510151559][Image: 50?cb=20180510151600][Image: 50?cb=20180510151601][Image: 50?cb=20180510151601]

As the next entry for the Machina series, Mechanical Life gives a little bit of spice to the machina pool. Epsilon and Schnauzer despite being able to synchronize with one another, does not fully benefit Mobius. Notable members to be used is Beta & Alpha for fusion which can provide more enchanted rune albeit having a selfish booster which does not benefit Mobius again. Phi is also a useful member to keep the team floating with her recovery, recommended to slot her in if you find recovery troublesome.

Cyborg Scholars
[Image: 100?cb=20180122110134][Image: 50?cb=20180122110135][Image: 50?cb=20180122110136][Image: 50?cb=20180122110136][Image: 50?cb=20180122110137]
Who gets the next Machina treatment? Of course its the scholars! These cards gives a nice booster as well as providing utilities such as flat heal, defense break and DR, the only issue is that you are required to dissolve <12 runes for the utility to be active, if not you'll get the x2.2 booster effect instead. This may contradict with Mobius's active skill which converts 20 runes into enchanted water.

[Image: 100?cb=20180122110323][Image: 100?cb=20180201112944][Image: 100?cb=20180217112112][Image: 100?cb=20180622125032][Image: 100?cb=20180510151602]

The first Machina biweekly which introduces the Fuel mechanic in their actives! WFE cards provides 20% Fuel for themselves while LD provides 5% for the entire team. Other than that, their active turns their damage to a fixed 1.6mil. Not recommended for general use as they don't provide much to the team especially after the Fuel is at max, use these cards when you have no other better options.

Creations of Wonderland
[Image: 100?cb=20181003180510][Image: 50?cb=20181003180511][Image: 50?cb=20181003180511][Image: 100?cb=20181003180511]

requires more data, will be added soon

Mech Mythological Beast
Important note for Machina Chinese Beasts : all of their Ame 4 makes heart = 50% of their attribute should you dissolve it under their column, this helps deal with rune drought for Mobius teams.

[Image: 50?cb=20180917115307] If you know me from Discord, then you'll know that I'm the first person to have 3 All Max Machina Qinglong for my Mobius team To put it bluntly, Machina Qinglong is made for Mobius. Not only does he converts 2 columns into enchanted Water, but also provides a x2.5 booster if both leader and ally are Machinas. Highly recommended for burst purposes and mad mememery.

[Image: 100?cb=20180917115308] Similar to Schnauzer, but provides full heal and additional enchanted Fire drop should you dissolve a group of 5 runes in 2 columns on the first batch, synchronizes well with Machina Taotie
[Image: 50?cb=20180917115309] Machina Xuanwu provides 5 heart runes by prioritizing Light and Dark elimination, he also gvies a 50% additional heart = earth for each Earth Machina members, to the max 300% for 1 round. Only use him for the heart conversion.

[Image: 50?cb=20180917115310] Machina Baihu is another good pick, giving a booster of x1.5 for Beast and Machina as well as granting a -80% defense reduction against enemy. If all Machina fuel is at Max, the multiplier becomes x2 and defense reduction against enemy becomes -100%. Recommended to bring for booster and utility.

[Image: 50?cb=20180917115311] Machina Taotie is a pretty interesting converter, turning Light and Heart into enchanted Heart, while Water and Dark into enchanted Dark. If HP is at 1, Taotie gains a flat +2000 base attack. Synchronizes well with Machina Zhuque

[Image: 100?cb=20180305110904] Li Tieguai proves to be a useful member for Mobius as he grants attack boost up to x2.2 at max Fuel. With 3 or more Machinas in the team, additional spin time regardlessly by 3 seconds. Recommended to be used on the final wave should you decide to bring this green boi.

[Image: 100?cb=20180510151557] Pompeii provides a great board conversion and ignores puzzle shields. But lets be serious, if you already have Pompeii there is no reason why you should even use him as a member instead of a leader.

[Image: 100?cb=20180803114842] One of the best biweekly we've ever gotten, but sadly does not shine her best in a Mobius team as you'll focus more on the leader and ally's damage output instead of Delta herself. Works best with Epsilon and Smilodon.

[Image: 100?cb=20180824153436] Lambda is an interesting booster which also provides Fuel but is tied to your team HP. Lambda shines best in Turing teams, and since Mobius team will usually end up with 22k health pool at best, you're best using other cards for boosters.

[Image: 100?cb=20180820100429] Boilerman is also one of the best cards to be used for Mobius as it provides Water rune and also Machina runes, this guy helps to make sure that you don't go from Superwet to Superdry.

[Image: 100?cb=20180308194739] Smilodon does not work well for Mobius as it only gives the booster for fire cards. Works best for Delta and Pompeii.

[Image: 100?cb=20181022073818] Do you need more firepower? Because that's what you're gonna get. Mobile Fortress launches an additional x1.5 attributive attack at random (with the max at 5) for 1 round, the additional attacks becomes a fixed 5 if the Fuel is at 100%. The skill also stays in play for an additional turn for each Machina member present, to the max for 6 turns. This guy is highly recommended to slot in as the sheer firepower is useful to burst down enemies. Coincidentally, he works well as a leader already and might even outshine Mobius, but that story is for another time.

Sample Team
Building Mobius is very simple: Focus your team building around her as she will be your main damage dealer. Provide her with boosters and converters, and should the need arise, bring utilities for her.

Example Team:
General use
[Image: latest?cb=20180416092141][Image: 50?cb=20180917115307][Image: latest?cb=20180416092147][Image: 50?cb=20171123190758][Image: 100?cb=20180820100429][Image: latest?cb=20180416092141]
With this team, you are provided with rune conversion, board explode, attack boost, damage reduction and additional spin. The real challenge will be how fast you can fill up the Fuel gauge especially with 2 non-water members.

The Infernus Meme team [Image: bbe.png]
[Image: latest?cb=20180416092141][Image: 50?cb=20180917115307][Image: 50?cb=20180917115307][Image: 50?cb=20180917115307][Image: 100?cb=20180820100429]/[Image: 50?cb=20180917115307][Image: latest?cb=20180416092141]
To be honest, this team should only be used for fun and only if you're confident enough to clear the stage without any proper utility. With this team, you can, and if not for most of the time, instantly decimate whatever you're facing. Let all hell break loose.

Kaerf's Mobius Meme team
[Image: latest?cb=20180416092141][Image: 100?cb=20181112092239][Image: 100?cb=20181112092239][Image: 100?cb=20151117182241][Image: 50?cb=20171204094002][Image: latest?cb=20180416092141]
Not only is this team a fail-safe team with Mellow and Circe to prevent anything from being attacked, but you can basically grind your way through anything until Ghroth is ready. This team also successfully cleared the new Transmigration if that's what you're wondering, credits to KaerfNomekop for doing Mobius justice!

More teams will be added here, so your ideas and suggestions is highly appreciated!

Final Verdict
To be perfectly honest, there are better teams to use besides Mobius, she holds herself well with above average damage standard despite being held back by a small yet still growing member pool as well as lack of utility and an additional multiplier which may be hard to fulfill. But in truth, all cards are viable given enough effort.
Mobius is a really fun card to use, and I highly suggest for you summoners to try her out should you have her, as in the end what truly matters is if you enjoyed the game or not.

[Image: Memebius.png]

Remember to play your share of Mobius today!

This is my first time making a thread, especially a guide thread, so there is bound to be errors. I would highly appreciate your input and suggestions!


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