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[Teaser] Sabertooth, Stith
(03-09-2018, 07:17 PM)joetjef Wrote: Ingame they added an additional "Fire Attack x 5 additionally." teamskill for Mech Smilodon (Sabertooth). Same condition as the other teamskill (The Team consists of only 2 Fire Monsters, with "Mech Smilodon" as a Team Member).

EDIT: Leader skill is activated when there are exactly 2 fire monsters in the team, it doesn't check if there are other elements in the team.

Updated main post to reflect this, if I'm interpreting this right:
- Smilodon + 1 F member ONLY: Team ATK 5x and HP 2x, Fire ATK 5x and chaser attacks.
- Smilodon + 1 F member + other WELD members: Team ATK 5x and HP 2x
- Smilodon + 2/3/4/5 F members: Team ATK 3x

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Alt: 84,088,062

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I think they realised they messed up the leader skill and are trying to fix it by changing the leader skill and adding a new team skill.

The current card details are:
Leader skill: Fire HP x 2
Team Skill: All Members randomly launch 1 to 6 extra Fire attack(s) as much as 10% of its attack every Round. Fire Attack x 5 additionally.
Condition: The Team consists of only 2 Fire Monsters, with ""Mech Smilodon"" as a Team Member.

So that's why we have a forced update at 1600 GMT 8+

anyway what kind of team you will build Sabretooth Tiger upon ? Since the teamskill requires 2 Fire only , should be some sort of fusion team like RD/YJ ?

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Looking for Ying Zheng allies

Forum United 3 recruiting
Hey guy, I accidentally stay in Mainland China until the end of this week & am unable to update the game. You know that Tencent pulled ToS out. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

I am in the middle of hunting the bi-weekly water girl. Luckily I just maxed Smilodon & Fort Stirling. Drop rate is high.
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Welcome all friend request.

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