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[Teaser] Patch 14.3
(12-05-2017, 01:14 AM)Fauxy Wrote:
(12-05-2017, 12:30 AM)put1572 Wrote: Can't seem to login after the update. I mean, I did manage for a while when it was just finished but as I was playing arena the game closed by itself. Opened it up again to find that my battle points are at 0, and after the inevitable death I tried reopening but got stuck at the loading screen. Been like that ever since. Is this an android or phone issue? Anyone else with the same problem?

I had this with the Garden of Thorns update. I think it's serverside. I'm noticing lag this update too, hoping I don't get kicked randomly too. Just too many people logging in at the same time to check out the new stuff probably. But it might be the patch is just unstable. Don't uninstall though, because connecting to the server while it's like this to try to redownload the files is a nightmare, cost me a day of sign in rewards.
Too late for that my friend, already reinstalled. I tried connecting to wifi and whaddaya know, it works. Just hope they'll fix it soon so it works on mobile data as well.

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