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[Teaser] Patch 14.2
Depending on how hard the ultimate stage is, I'll probably just get 1 or so copies and baby harpy him. Won't concern myself with max skill since I could only run him and 2 other 8* seal Lords (and I'm level 395) and it's not even the good Lords.

wow every1 here already talking like they have Khaos. Everything seems to point towards maya which is fine if you have her. How about the other thousands that dont?

This stage is going to be really hard i suspect. In the past we have been able to grind but creep has set in i dont think that will be possible. What is your plan if you dont have maya?

I would forget about Khaos as leader for now because we dont have all the information. Khaos as member active is really a must have replacement for a starter. I don't think i can pass this guy up but depending how they creep the stage then some of us may have no path to completion.

Im thinking about tsz cause i do not have maya or any other yellow team

I dont know if ill manage to get him, but personally i have no interenst due to my low tc so for me is one sm like the others
We have some details about the first flower elf 水仙 (Paperwhite). She's apparently Earth Attribute rather than Light, and her active is "When the team contains members of 3 or more attributes, attack bonus for combos increases by 30%. Effect lasts until this card doesn't launch an attack." at CD8.
She's the daughter of 時鐘藤 (Clock Vine) , who's the guardian of the Mother Tree, and met 風信子 (Hyacinth) in her childhood, which triggered the biggest change in her life.

Her active after evolution is different from before evolution, which implies feeders. Facebook

The purple one is 薔薇 and the pink one is 芙蓉.
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(10-15-2017, 03:18 AM)jtsmith Wrote: wow every1 here already talking like they have Khaos. ...

What is your plan if you dont have maya?
I don't think i can pass this guy up but depending how they creep the stage then some of us may have no path to completion.

And that is why i noticed how Lionel would work with Khaos ally seeing that the Attributive runestones deal seems to be a regular part of his leader skill, in that way i can just leech Khaos from the bigshots who get him and just have fun my own way even if Khaos stage itself becomes hopeless for me lol Big Grin

I am very confident in finishing the 9th seal after winning over Bravery is power (and also over Game with the Billows), i have some notions about what to do vs the rest of the stages since some of the stuff i have pulled off already in other similar ones (like using sirius fusion on VR Thor for 30 light runes and the like) but i won't throw good dimes after bad for a lost case Smile... if the stage is too Maya focused i guess that i will have to suck it up and try to save 200 dimes for CNY and hope for the best hahahaha Tongue Smile
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Pfft. No Maya or TSZ here.
This is a buff to lucy teams too, the new elf series, hope they don't introduce op heart greek elf leader or something with it....

Yes I still use Lucy, passed Bravery is Power with it hehe
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CN ID: 878758321
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Looking for: Daoloth, Hideyoshi

Finally a much needed buff to the elf roster with an entirely new series and sprites PR. The artwork looks absolutely gorgeous, i just hope i'm able to get all the rares from this series at least since i've been missing out on all "jackpot" cards in special seals aside from Ophiuchus, Uncle Tuu and Lucy (R.I.P Satan, Guanyu, Amaterasu, Arthur, Nobunaga, SHJ, Iori and even before that). Hopefully the new series will open up new possibilities to the elf gameplay like Lucy once did in terms of leader skills but at least we now get more follower options for Ophiuchus, Shuta, Andromeda (No Andro as well T^T) and the "nearly dead" Lucy. Pray to the RNG gods for good draws this time around...
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For me, the most interesting thing of this new series is that, in bringing elf teams back into the meta, it gives me hope in that MH could eventually do the same for dragons.

I started playing this game hoping to build a dragon team and stomp the world with it. Almost a year has passed, got Novalis and PR'ed Nidhogg along the way and... they don't make the cut... So please, MH, make dragons great again.



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