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[Teaser] New Horror, New SM, New Biweekly, New Trans

New Horror stage starts Feb 25 (Mon), featuring Schrodinger.

Clear Beginner difficulty 5 times to get a slvl 5 copy of Schrodinger.
10,000 points: Dark Alpaca x1
30,000 points: Horner x1
50,000 points: Silver Amulet x1
70,000 points: Slvl 10 Schrodinger x1

Schrodinger Card Details
Dark Machina
Active (CD6):
- Explode the columns under the three Machinas with the highest ATK basic value, to drop runestones of their Attribute.
- If team HP is 1 on skill activation, Machinas' CDs -2.

New Ultimate stage starts Mar 1 (Fri), featuring Plato.

Zhuque and Fire Lionel will be two of the enemies faced.

Boss Skill 1: 20% Kamikaze, 99% Current HP Ambush, 4 20% Burned Corners, Shrouded Runes
Boss Skill 2: Initial CD 2, Every Round Random Attribute to Fire Conversion, Weakness Puzzle Shield EX, Fire Dissolve = HP Recovery

Plato Card Details
Fire Machina
Active (CD6):
- For 2 Rounds, turn Fire, Earth and Dark Runestones into Machina Runestones.
- If Socrates and Aristotle are at 100% Fuel, turn ALL Runestones into Enchanted Machina Runestones.

Plato Ultimate stage craft reward
Colorless Machina Seal
1: 2 Random Machinas' CD -2
2: Machina ATK +30%
3: For 1 round, damage will not lead to defeat

New transmigration from Feb 25 onwards.
Takes place in a space with only 4 seconds of spin time; some time-related skills will fail to take effect.
Aquarius (Carrie) outfit is a reward for clearing the 6th floor of this transmigration.

Second of the Science & Philosophy biweeklies begins Feb 25 (Mon), featuring Boyle.

Boyle Card Details
Earth Human
Active (CD8):
- For 1 round, the more Earth Runestones dissolved, the more Self ATK increases, up to 10x with 30 runes (no sharing).

Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

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