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[Teaser] New Earth Black Card, Coliseum, Survivor of Oroz
(09-10-2018, 12:20 PM)Scrubby Wrote: How worth it is this card?

Like with the other recent black cards (Atlantis and Pompeii), Meso is really a mixed bag of tricks, which makes it an excellent all round leader while remaining useful in future as a member.

As a leader, it has very decent damage together with excellent survivability (able to heal with non-heart runes, and those being able to be dissolved in 2) and 10s spin time.  In terms of flexibility, as most damage (~80%) is done by the leader/ally (when both of their actives are used), members can be any race/attribute without impacting damage much at all.

As a member, it is a strong enchantress, lying somewhere between Circe and Rakhasa (depending on the team).  For those without Rakhasa (e.g. me), she works as a replacement in Athena.  She also works well in a Gon team, with or without Circe.

Overall, very deserving of black card status, but is not super OP/new meta.

Anybody know, or tested, if Meso's active skill ignores initial combo shield since it states that it ignores "combo shields", such as Paimon's? Or just specific combo shields?

I wouldn't say decent amount of damage though, once circe is on it's easy to hit 10M per hit on a single meso, which combine with the ally meso, it deals a total of 60M per turn , which is insane. But unlike pompeii and atlantis, it does not have strong survivability (your receovery still heavily depends on the amount of light/dark runes, which can be annoying at times if the skydrops/board isn't good).

 Big Grin Angel

Mesopotamia - The latest black card that deserve it's status.
Passive skills
1) Leader skill - x 25 human attack or x 16 earth attack
2) Runes time extension of 2.5seconds
3) With dual leader you get light and dark runes being dissolves with 2 runes only. These light & dark will give you healing + earth damage. (50%)
4) Enchanted Human runes randomly (Bonus damage boost)
5) HP of earth member X 1.2
6) Leader and ally Mesopotamia - 5 cd initially at the start

Double Mesopotamia leader will trigger 3, 5, 6
Active skills is also just as amazing.

CD4 and above = earth + light + dark damage
CD6 and above = damage x 3 plus the CD4 bonus
CD8 and above = All the above + ignore combo count restriction stages.
Deactivation at Cd 3 or less
This skill is not restrictive to only 1 member, with multiple Mesopotamia you can activate their skill at the same time.

How does this measure to the other team it is up for debate.
Mesopotamia team reminds me of the pompei deck (Full pompei)
Mesopotamia x 6
Each Mesopotamia skill trigger will give about (Assuming we get more than 8 combo each time - which isnt too hard with the double leader skill)
3 Base damage increase plus 3 extra damages . which is about x 9 damage.
9/6 is about 1.5 times team damage increased. - This itself seems to lose out to other booster cards like medea. which is a x 2

So having both leader and ally, you already got 1.5 times + 1.5times = x 3 times every turn.
With a team full it works out to be about x 9 times passively.

however, this is not optimum since many have already pointed out that it is better to boost only the leader and ally since they are the ones that deal the most damage.

So it might be more optimum to build a team around Mesopotamia instead of having multiple Mesopotamia.

It does reminds me of the pure pompei deck since pompei deals multiple damage for each cards, for Mesopotamia they deal x 3 for each card, for 6 thats' about 18 times. For pompei that's about 36 times.(with reduce damage for the follow up shots for pompei)

With that being said, i tested out a deck with 4 Mesopotamia with circe and utume as booster, it's damage is pretty decent with 400m on good rounds.

However, the lack of HP it a very serious weakness. It is more practical to just have 1 mesopotamia than having multiple ones in a deck.

We only discussed on Mesopotamia as a leader.
As a member, she's a good carry since she deal about x 3 damage with 3 follow up hits.
Only down side is, her damage seems to be x 9 however due to it being spilt into 3 different hits, it is still a problem dealing with those high defense boss.

Good card, one of my fav black so far.
I can understand multiple Atlantis or Pompeii in a team because the utility in the active skill (+ board convert for Pompeii) are useful. But for meso it's just more damage. So I feel like we're better off just running leader and Ally meso plus a couple of enchantress and utility skills. 6x meso doesn't help with the ridiculous enemy skills we see these days, but 6x Pompeii is viable.
[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
I play nidhog, mark2(mech), TKL, triweekly earth mech.
Hp well over 30k, able to full heal each turn.
No problem with damage or rcr.
I think her main weakness is hp. But as others said you can add in Nidhogg. I think adding in Shu would be better though because of the strong active.
(09-11-2018, 12:04 AM)attanond Wrote: I think her main weakness is hp. But as others said you can add in Nidhogg. I think adding in Shu would be better though because of the strong active.

lu xun
Got pompei and mesopotamia. Pretty happy.
My Regular Allies (max level): PR Daji, PR Wukong, All Babylons, All Norse VR 

ID - 40,752,281
Im mixed emotions.
I like:
1. Lots of spin time.
2. Use active right away in dual.
3. Good skydrop.

I hate and by hate i mean fk u:
- cannot be deactivated thus will be reset unless u use sariel or whatever.
- cannot use panda.
- very weak when circe deactivated and meso reset.
- cannot guarentee lu xun.
- its human so pavrati is not optimal.
- doesnt seem to work well with gon.

We have athena luxun, gaia pavrati and hideyoshi.  I dont see why we needed this.

I would like to see deactivation, 100% heart or panda the most.  Not worth 200 dimes at this time if this is all blocked.  I didnt get pompeii because of my lack of machina but pompeii is better imho.

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