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[Teaser] Christmas 2018 GE, Earth Roger, Version 16.3: Fairy Tail Collab

Christmas GE
GE has 5 different stages this time. Feeders that drop are Nymphs, Pawns, Imperial Soldiers, Greek Beasts and Werewolves.

Scrooge, Snowcone, The Red Noses, The Antlers and the three Ridiculous Elves will raid in the stages, giving 200 points and 100% drop.

Rewards (Guild and Personal Point quotas):
2000 GP: Mini Madhead
7000 GP: Christmas Android
12500 GP: Heavy Gear Knight
20000 GP: Santa (Dual MAX)
20000 GP & 200 PP: Santa PR Mat x2
200 PP: Jackie outfit
650 PP: Harpy
1000 PP: Floret (slvl 10)
1500 PP: Android & Molly (slvl MAX)

PR Santa
Fire Human
Leader: Human and Elf ATK 6x
Active (CD10): For 1 round, 15 second time tunnel; Human and Elf ATK 2x.
Team skill (when Santa is leader): 6* Protagonists HP, ATK and REC 1.5x and their actives change.
Katherin: +3 rows of runes; 20 second time tunnel; if 10+ combos are made, 6* Protagonists' ATK 2x.
Others: +3 rows of runes; 18 second time tunnel; [ATR] ATK increases; if 10+ combos are made, 6* Protagonists' CDs -2 (excluding self and Katherin)

PR Santa still triggers both of Floret's active effects.

Android & Molly
Water Human
Active (CD8): For 1 round,
- Human and Machina ATK and REC 1.6x
- 15 runes of the initial drop batch will be Water and Heart.

Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail collab will arrive with version 16.3, which lands Jan 2 2019 (Wed).

Happy is the Candigon-type feeder, and 60 can be bought in Trade Fortress; there will also be infinite trading of 1 Sphinx for 1 Happy for the duration of the collab.

The FT seal will have 8 cards. The three rares will be:
Lucy (Water Human)
Natsu (Fire Human)
Erza (Light)

Three of the commons are Gray, Laxus and Mirajane.

Water Human
When the team contains only Humans:
- Team ATK 4x
- Water damage on Dragon, God and Demon enemies 2.5x.

Active (CD6):
- Turn runes adjacent to 3 random Water runes into Enchanted Water.
- For 1 round, for every 3 Water runes dissolved, this monster launches 1 extra Water attack, up to 5 extra attacks.

Light Human
When the team contains only Humans:
- Team ATK 3.5x
- Heart has 25% Light effect (stacks)
- Team ATK on Dragons 2.5x.

Team skill (when this card is member): Self ATK on Dragons 2x.

Active (CD6):
- For 1 round, explode Heart and Dark runestones to generate Enchanted Light Human runes.
- The more runes exploded, the higher Self ATK, up to 8x with 14 runes (cannot be shared).

Dark Human
- Human and Demon ATK 4x
- Every time a Demon member activates its skill, Human and Demon ATK 1.5x further.
Active (CD8): For 3 rounds,
- Enchant Heart and Dark
- All members become immune to poison
- Spin time is extended to 15s.

Also, Arena Trials return next week, with Earth Roger Evolution!

Earth Roger
Earth Human
Leader: Human ATK 3.5x. When 6+ Fire or Earth runes are dissolved, Human ATK 1.5x more. Fire and Earth damage received -30%.
Roger's HP 2x when used in a team of only Earth Humans.
Active (CD5): For 1 round, damage received -60% and this monster cannot damage the enemy. Next round, damage received -90%; when attack damage is received from an enemy, counterattack with 50x self ATK in Earth damage, regardless of defense.

Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

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