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Teaser: Ancient Seal Reopens, New 7* Water God Atlantis, New SM
Atlantis, shuta, 3 hercules, atlantis.
Can activate atlantis every turn.
Shuta+herc+atlantis= 3
After initial turn = 3
Activate shuta+herc=2 and atlantis pop.
Very op

(11-16-2017, 11:52 PM)spacelion Wrote: My wallet is ready.


Updated OP with the extra details from this thread.

Man, I'm just 50 shy of a third ancient seal draw. Probably won't have the diamonds...maybe I'll splurge this time.

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- Abraham, VR Elizabeth, Guan Yu
- Chessia, Nobunaga, Mai Shiranui
- Izanagi, Ophiuchus, Hideyoshi
- Lu Bu, Rose, Khaos
...and others...
I saw this and someone told me to undust Daesung, do you remember the Korean Pop cards? the water cd 3 human with 50% chance of reactivation, that Daesung... Cassandra+as many Daesungs as you can fit= time tunnel each other turn at the very least.

Saw poppy flower, awesome, will try to get her, look Lubu:Khaos mono dark teams will love her... and yes people forget that Lubu:Khaos is an option, even if you do 3rune attacks you launch full attacks with it Big Grin
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YogS, Aether, Erebus, Gaia, Luno, Beelz, Samael, P.Sara, Sera, Shuta, Bael, SQuan, QiaoS, Masam, Draco.
The % healing lets you deal with Casandra's drawback, but it also means you can use high HP low REC dragons. Frostragon is low CD too and might be an accessible choice for a converter, since it also has a reactivation chance, and PR Kukulkan too perhaps. Another option is the Gretchen fusion. At CD1 you can activate her snipe every turn, literally halving Atlantis' CD all by herself. Oichi from the Sengoku seal also works for this, and gives another non-REC healing method.
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SM History Chart!
Active Skill Catalog! (Spreadsheet)

[Image: geBprMN.png]

Ahh, I just saw the update to Papaver (new poppy)!

It's as I thought. As long as you don't die, you can keep the 2x. Very good for Sakura, risky but manageable Rose, hopefully halfway usable with other dark/rainbow teams.
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LF: Hot Nidhoggs and Ophiuchuses in my area. Other leaders matching mine OK too, but those especially at the moment.

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