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Team building help
I have been playing for a couple of months but im not sure how to build my deck or what to level up from my few cards.,

Thanks in advance

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Please the next time be sure to sort them by favourite intead of stats. You got many OP leaders but you are lacking knowledge on team building, also none of your attributes is solide enough. If you want to stick with VR Belle, You could run the following: Belle - Amor & Celos - Diarmuid - Samle - 2nd Diarmuid. This team is really cheap, all the skill can be farmed with mobs and has little to no harpy investment depending if you can get another copy of Samle, if you have full demon in the team Samle with increase the HP by x1.5 so it's not that bad.

On dark mono you could do something around Mastema, but she is not and efficient leader right now. On light you have Arthur which is one of the best cards in the game in my opinion, but you don't have any other members to pair him with so forget about him right now. Your fire mono is not solid at all. On water you could train that Azazel or Abraham, but then again you have too many good leaders with no members.

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