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Team building advice for a long time player back after years...
Here are my cards:


God: Artemis (All Max), Loki (All Max), Namtar (All Max), Odin, Tsukuyomi (Yamato & MS), John, Alma, Brynhild, Shen Gongbao, Changxi, Gepetto, Hades, Osiris, Neti, Keeper, Apathetic, Chang’e, Rahu, Erebus
Demon: Yan & Xi (All Max), Ed, Lu Bu (original), Mi-Go, Lingshuang, Jiang Shi-Li, Dark Devil, Harley, Felix, Todd, Myoudouki, Doumeki, Tuchigumo, Ji Ke
Human: Endor (All Max), G-Dragon (All Max), Diaochan, PKoD, Midgley, Du Gu Ning-Ke, Yue Jin-Shao, Jiang Cheng, Ymir, Ian Cliff, Dark Knight, Athena Asamiya
Beast: Basti, GSoD (All Max), Baph (All Max), Lunar Sirius, Cheshire Cat, Grumpy Puppy, Cowardly Lion, Atlach Nacha
Dragon: Faugn, Novalis, Golem, Masamune, Noctimetalic Dragon,
Elf: Isabel, Daji (All Max), Saruman, Komatsuhime, Morris, Hsing Hsuan, Malphas
God: Idun, Thor, ML, Galio, Persephone, Luna, Hastur, Yan & Xi, Dionysus, Inanna, Zeus, Yan, Nian, Eostre, Jiang Shang, Ninhursag, Gabriel, Sigurd, Apollo, Lyra
Demon: Minamoto, Pinocchio, Faust, Jack, Zendouki, Imanotsurugi, Rider Bishop
Human: Nathaniel, White Queen, Lisa, PKoL, Luno, Farbauti, Agatha, Queen Arthur, Inheritance, T.O.P, Xuan-Yuan, Jyu Yun, Miles, Tang Hsue-Jian, Tang Yu-Rou, Tang Ming Hsiu, Dodo, Modi & Magni, Marbas, Huang Zhong
Beast: GSoL, Pluma, Sacred Golem, Griffin, Ra, Solar Sirius, Dormous, Merry Puppy, Toto, Mitty & Marble
Dragon: Uranus, Shimmer, Luminmetalic Dragon, Tulzscha, Honor
Elf: Greedy Elf Queen, Marguerite, Rokurokubi, Princess Woodbury, Strelitzia
God: Giemsa, Poseidon, Pisces, Urd, Yuanshi Tianzun, Yan & Xi, Atrahasis, Oannes, Freyr, Yan, Matsu
Demon: Douman, Beowulf, Elizabeth, Hsuan Hsiao, Cinderella, Charon, Sloth, Hajikamiio, Scrubia, Yuki-onna, Cerulean Lord, Robert, Baal
Human: Cassandra, Molly, Matthew, Gretchen, PKoW, Yue Qi, Azai, Ji Wu Wang, Abe, Lust, Wen Zhong, DAESUNG, Syu Siao-Syue, Han Ling-Sha, Yue Qi, Wang Hsiao-Hu, Aloha, Swedge
Beast: Cthulhu, Odous, Kappa
Dragon: Dagon (All Max), Ursula (All Max), Ao Guang, Monstro, Quinglong, Hydrometalic Dragon, Water Dragon of Icy Thorns, Ubbo Sathla
Elf: Jinnie, Snow Cone, Margarite, Fylgja, Yidhra, Slime, Hatter, Deep Ones, Vepar
God: Hephaestus, Dipankara, Armstrong, Skuld, Izanami, Tyr, Poppy, Gibil, Reckless, Metatron, Heimdallr, Var, Agnamut, Auriga
Demon: The Horned King, Achilles, Jackie, Shuten-doji, Yog-Sothoth, Mo Wang Zi, Hong Yue, Katawaguruma, Ibarakidouji, Thetis, Musbile, Xi, Dullahan, Emperor Dragon, Amduscias
Human: Sean, Scrooge, Medea, PKoF, Musashi, Santa Claus, Queen of Hearts, Taeyang, Li Yi-Ru, Nangong Huang, Yun Tian-He, Princess Sarah, Nohime, Boyciana, Ii Naotora, Meng Huo
Beast: Zhuque, Cerberus, March Hare, Iquitos, Qiongqui
Dragon: Cthugha, Blazing Golem, Seth, Pyrometalic Dragon, Agatha, Wrathful Lizard Tyrant, Piasa, Shub-Niggurath
Elf: Magrence, Diablo, Marchosias, Rosemellow
God: Verthandi(All Max), Hertz, Domon, Athena, Taishang Laojun, Yan, Nisaba, Gaia
Demon: Yaoji, Stolas, Blair, Belle, Yatonokami, Yamauba, Cyprian, King Soloman, Kijiro
Human: Duncan, Circe, PKoE, SEUNGRI, Altair, Jiang Yun-Fan, Jian Zhi Chu, Emerald Golem, Lu Cheng-Syuan, Automata, Jing Tian, A-Nu, Hsiahou Jin-Hsuan, Thazi, Lu Xun
Beast: GSoE, Wolf Chieftain, Mufasa, Madusa, Mutant Toad, Moai, Haza
Dragon: Nidhogg, Byakhee,  Barbara, Govindasaur, Terrametalic Dragon, Pilatus, Foul Dragon, Propitious Dragon, Draco

Mostly played with Artemis team or Dragons when I last played.  Any advice greatly appreciated!  Sorry for the long post but I included everything since I'm not sure which cards are useful or not anymore.

You don't seem to have come back just recently, you have a lot of new cards.

Your best options for leaders:

Dark - Artemis, Tsukuyomi (Yamato), Loki if the Odin event comes back soon. WHICH IT SHOULD. [/passiveaggressive]
Light - Apollo.
Water - Poseidon, Elizabeth.
Fire - Hephaestus, Jackie.
Earth - Athena, Belle, Nidhogg/Barbara.
Racial - Dodo, Diablo.

Not all of these are equally viable though, Diablo and Barbhogg are definitely very situational teams. I don't really wanna go on a long rant about each one, so just say which piques your interest.

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I had to restore my account about a year ago because I didn’t bind it and lost acces, but when I came back I was a bit overwhelmed and only have logged in to get diamonds and pull cards for the most part since then. I just decided to get serious again a couple days ago when I got sick and started playing more to pass time and realized I missed it.

I’ve never been able to build a decent light team. Do I have the cards to make a good team with Apollo?

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You have the main members with ML and Luna, but ML needs to be PR'd. Luna can also be AR'd now, which is kind of like a super amelioration that gives her a massive buff (hers specifically is 1s of extra spin time and +400 base attack to all gods in any team she is a member of). 3rd slot can be Zeus and 4th can be Persephone though she's not the best option (she gets AR too which gives her an extra fire attack, but being drained by ML means its a little less effective). If the ML event comes back, you might wanna farm a second ML to replace Persephone.

Apollo after VR is god focused but not restricted, and Light is considered to be one of the elements with a strong god pool, owing largely to ML and Luna, as well as their black card leader, Maya. Apollo won't be very good until you VR though, after which he should be one of the better greek teams, very strong.
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