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Team Build - The Witches Series as members.
Hey guys! Yesterday, I was really lucky to get Medea, the final one needed to complete 'The Witches' series. From what I observed in the past SMs, I saw that many people use all 'The Witches' members in their team to complete most of the SMs. So I'm wondering... Is there any team in mind that can be built with 'The Witches' series as members? All 3 of them. (Water, Fire and Earth. I never heard of Light and Dark)

Ps; I already have PR Cass and evolved Medea & Circe. I'm gonna PR one of them if I can build a team with the 3 of them as members.

Thanks in advance!

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Do whatever you've got to do & get Guan Yu from 3K seal. Sit back, smile, do some leveling & throw a few harpies their way. That's about as strong a team as you're going to find. Bear in mind this build like any other has its weaknesses. If you managed to get Huifre from Fallen Halos series- well she's an ideal team member here.
Thanks, Jinxy

a lot of ppl run yog medea circe cass xxx yog.

xxx can be a rgb converter, a healer, timetunnel for 2s bosses or any other utility card.

the idea is to off ur witch before u take hit.

bad news is that u will have low hp probably.

If by any chance you have any of the RGB Chinese Paladin leaders (Lin Yue-Ru, Zhao Ling-Er, Li Hsiao-Yao) from a while ago (you can't get them anymore, it was a collaboration that is now gone forever), use either Lin Yue-Ru or Zhao Ling-Er as leader and ally Li Hsiao-Yao, or alternatively use LHY as leader and ally one of LYR or ZLE. If you have two of the three, use the other one as member. Here's my setup:

Li Hsiao-Yao (L) + PR Cassandra, PR Medea, PR Circe, Lin Yue-Ru + Zhao Ling-Er (A)

Everything at all max, a full burst with dc can hit upwards of 60-70 million damage per card, or even more if you get lucky with skydrop.
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Another team that uses all three is Monster Strike Margarite or Queen Arthur (although she was barely used) or that one MS SM if you have them because they are no longer available.

Maybe Diaochan from arena can use them but I am not sure how good of an idea is to use Cass with a dissolve hearts to attack team. For nore damage add TYR to the team.

A team that uses two enchantresses is pr Dipankara pr Yang Jian.

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aether team? I am still missing medea tho.
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Aether team can only use 1 enchantress

My go to setup is

Aether, Basti, PR Crice, PR Dagon, PR Diablo, Aether

22k HP and 3k recovery, with 3 defensive abilities, what can go wrong???
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