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TSZ vs VR Xi
(02-21-2018, 11:48 AM)eapeia Wrote: So Fenrir's the bomb for TSZ teams? I vaguely recall reading the old guide but never drew him so I didn't pay close attention. I didn't get any of the Sindhus that sync so I don't know what I'm missing tbh.

Fenrir or Minamoto fusion are ideal.  Don't worry, the new Sindhus are rubbish and don't sync well with TSZ.

Just wanted to say thanks for all of the various comments on the subject of the Water Bride Xi and TSZ. After going through the various posts on here, I've decided to go all in on a TSZ team. After testing both teams with the recommendations I've received here, TSZ was the right choice for me. I'm running TSZ-Minamoto fusion-M&M and alternating Ra, Daoloth and Fafnir depending on what's needed. Now I just need to max skill Ra and Fafnir, which is no easy task! Thanks again for steering me the right way!

If you have both cards, build both cards.

It is worth it.


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