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TSZ vs VR Xi
Hey all, I figured I'd ask this question here. I know TSZ seems to be one of the tiptop leaders on most tier lists, but I've been wondering about the VR version of Xi. Now that she's been fixed and produces 4 water god stones every turn, on top of healing with water, and not having race restrictions on team building like TSZ, should she rank higher than TSZ now? Is she not as good due to being a water card? That shouldn't be a huge problem due to her very high attack and constant water stone generation. I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable player and am truly hoping to get a few opinions on these two cards pros and cons to help me learn more about this great game. Thanks!

I think vr Xi is better but tsz has better damage due to fusions and recovery due to iron Hamel or merlin

One is water and the other is light.  Not sure how to compare.

How about water xi vs Atlantis or tsz vs maya.?

I apologize for the confusion. I guess which would you try to build around from scratch if both were available? I know both need certain members to shine, but does one have a better leader skill/team skill that would make it more attractive? More able to clear more high level content?
If you mean that way, Fuck tsz water Xi easier to make teams lmaoooooooooooo Tsz the fenrir stage just passed, iron hamel takes ages to all max/merlinis a rare card. Colin is an sm and the other 1 card is your choice.

But Xi you can just run any Water god cards
(02-20-2018, 10:56 AM)xman75 Wrote: I apologize for the confusion.  I guess which would you try to build around from scratch if both were available?  I know both need certain members to shine, but does one have a better leader skill/team skill that would make it more attractive?  More able to clear more high level content?

I would say for a person with no 'premium cards' or very little, TSZ is still better, the reason for this is because he has a better multiplier and better active skill for the team. A 'free' team that you can get with no diamonds and farm skill level for would be TSZ - Pluma - Nathaniel - Luminosaurus - Nyx - TSZ, this would have good damage and great recovery. But, this only assuming you haven't drawn a single diamond seal and plan to use lost relic and friend points, if you have Modi and Magni, Ra, Lisa Buffano, or Jack, the team becomes much better, they are also relatively common cards.

The reason I font personally like VR Xi as a leader is because her max multiplier is x36 and her passive water=hearts is to defensive in the burst burst burst meta, while TSZ play style is burst burst burst with an occasional heal round. Some may argue that its harder to build a team for TSZ, but I kind of disagree, because when you put Water Xi and TSZ teams against each other with cards of the same 'level' or 'rarity' TSZ will win with better overall survivability.

Water Xi isnt bad as a leader, its juts with the same level of cards in your light and water box, shes a better member, while TSZ is better leader.
VR Xi is a maximum multiplier of 36x, ~50x for god members only.

TSZ is a base multiplier of around 30.375x that can go to ~72x after fusion stat boosts (with Minamoto) are calculated.

Keep in mind that for the current meta, the standard multiplier for a team is 4.5*4.5*1.5*1.5 ~ 45.5x taking into account all leader skill and team skill effects.

For VR Xi, you're still pretty locked to water god members if you want to take advantage of the god rune damage.
If you don't have a second copy of VR Xi, your only usable enchantress is Cassandra, which isn't the greatest for a defensively oriented team.
Not bringing an enchantress may not be an option, depending on how much back-to-back burst is needed.
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With the right cards, TSZ > Xi in almost all situations, and Atlantis >>>> Xi.

Xi max multi is only 36x (conditional), very average compared to other top tier teams which are 60-80x (with easier conditions). The only redeeming feature is water = heart, but Atlantis has a better healing mechanism. If she was 49x unconditional, then she would probably be decent.

However, TSZ is pretty ordinary without a fusion member, which is an effective 2-2.5x damage (and recovery for fusions other than Fenrir) boost.
The problem with Xi as a leader is that water members are weak. Leaders have been making leaps and bounds in the water element, and now we have a pretty good stable of Atlantis, SHJ, CF, Sun Ce, Poseidon, and Xi as leaders who are all at least capable of beating the newest SMs, not always easily, but capable. But members in water are still kind of garbage, you really don't have a AR Gemini or a ML or a Fenrir or a Novalis or the boatload of 2x enchantresses that exist in elves and fire. So her not having restrictions is actually not a benefit in any sense, because it's not like there's a particular card that she can use that Atlantis couldn't use anyway, other than NVR Xi.

But if you're asking ease of building, then yeah, Xi is easy to build for. TSZ is complicated.

Xi is a good card and she'll probably get better as more water gods to synergize with her are introduced/cards like Wen Zhong who synergize well with her already are buffed. But right now, she's still more at the power level of good rares from special seals rather than the best of the black cards, and really can only approach that highest height when you have two copies of her so you can run the optimal team. But that shouldn't dissuade you from using her. I also think people do underestimate damage added by enchanted/race runes.
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So Fenrir's the bomb for TSZ teams? I vaguely recall reading the old guide but never drew him so I didn't pay close attention. I didn't get any of the Sindhus that sync so I don't know what I'm missing tbh.
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