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TOS Version 15.2 Patch Notes
I like to think of region locked as two game modes. If outside region locked then ur in vacation mode with little to do daily. U could take a break for 6 weeks and just log in on a bonus day to draw the new cards then go back to sleep.

The other game mode would be to go to the locked regions using vpn and play events. If the next patch is anything like HxH then you didnt miss much with all the events. U could get by long term with rate up day vpn. Last 2 weeks of nothing.

I assume YYH will be the same. Cards will b worth drawing for on rate up day. Events and sm will b soso. Last 2 weeks of the patch will be no region locked content. However, this is an assumption and may change.

Switching cards are unique in tos so i would try to obtain them all if u can.


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