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TOS Cries of Souls Indiegogo campaign on NOW!!
(10-05-2017, 11:00 AM)aahlsy Wrote: Without trying to be patronising... The short response is just "grow up".
You've got a dream, and certain expectations around it. Unfortunately your expectations aren't the same as those of the people you're trying to sell your dream to. By asking the questions above I'm trying to push you in the right direction to align everyone's expectations, or at least bring them closer together. I don't have answers to the questions because a TOS visual novel is not something I'm interested in - this is something that you, as a creator, need to figure out.

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Well... thanks, I thought I answer your questions in a very none rude way, since you recommended to post it onto visual novel forums and stuff. And the ones I know of is not very active, so I am asking you if you know of any other websites because I thought you might know one. 

Really though...... why you gotta be so rude, there are other ways to talk. Well okay maybe I sounded rude when talking to Akanto, but yeah, I wrote those when it is 1:30 AM X'D I guess I shouldn't talk to people when I am tired and grumpy. Lesson learned! 

Sure I need to grow up, but give me a bit more advice and stuff, instead of just telling them to GROW UP, that will make some people becoming even more arrogant and stubborn and angry. Not much of a good thing. 

Eh, never mind that, I always went trough some kind of emo phase. I mean, I become such an emo when I first started anyways. XP Then after a while it slowly disappear and I am back on my feet again. I guess this situation is the same.

If the TOS community gives no shit, then so be it, I will just pull in other people. My youtuber friend will be giving a shout out soon and he is going to work on the video this weekend, so that might get some boost and hopefully his fans will spread it around like virus after that.

And yeah, I won't cut the budget Smile I ain't no asshole. And I am sure we can make it. So I am just going to stay positive.

Don't think this will be much help but maybe r/vndevs might help.

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looking from your replies and the way you express yourself, it seems to me like you are still young in the marketing/promoting/business world. i suggest you try to learn a bit before planning your next actions. never think from your own perspective. think from your targets' perspectives. also remember that most people meet failure after failure before success. every single loss is a lesson.
Yeah and then there are people who fail so much that they pretty much got sick and tired of it. The stress is just getting to me.
they are the people doing it wrong then. the more you fail, the closer you become to success. this is inside the law of averages. some people luck out, being at and doing the right thing at the right time, but unless it happens to you, dont expect yourself to be able to get in that group. your attitude towards what you are doing will determine how far you go. it will either make or break you. if it was easy, everybody would be successful and the money would lose its value.

you must learn the rules to the game youre playing. if you dont, you will get blindsided and eliminated. even if you have a good product, you need to know how to sell it. you need to have strategies to attract consumers. you must know that keeping a consumer takes more energy than losing a consumer. you mist know that nobody owes you anything. you must know that you cannot please everyone. you must be prepared for the worst. you must understand that you will not start getting profit until a year or two after your launch. you must fear stagnancy. you must know how to keep yourself motivated. you must understand that you and your employees are a team. you must know how to inspire those around you as a leader. you must know how to make your employees be happy about coming to work. i can go on, but this is just a small introduction tto the scene you will inevitably face. hold the vision, work hard, be patient, and then trust the process. you can get anything you want, as long as you're willing to bleed for what you're asking.

if you get stressed out or down easily, i highly advise you to find a passionate mentor if you truly wish to continue this project. they can light up the dark areas in the path you choose to walk. they can provide hope when all hope is lost. if there is truly no hope, they may provide alternate paths you can walk. along with that, i also highly recommend learning how to manage your time. it is more important than family, money, friends, and health, because you use time for every single thing you do or need to do in this world. if you waste time, you're only wasting yourself. lastly, brush up on your social skills. social skill is another tool you need to help you get where you want. try finding a charismatic man lacking social skills if you dont understand.

the man you will be in the next few years depend largely on what you feed your brain with, and your lifestyle. the last thing i will say is that the boss does not take care of his business. he takes care of his employees. the employees take care of the business.
I agree with other comments that you need to be more mature, think more carefully before saying something. You are asking for advise/comments but then become annoyed by what people are trying to tell you.

Trying to raise money from people, you need to make them confident, I don't see that anywhere in what you post which probably reflect in your project fund raising too.

Until now, I'm still not sure what you are selling? At first I thought it's a game, then reading through this thread it seems like a novel? And what is the thing about the game that will come out later? I honestly didn't read your indie gogo page because it is difficult to read/understand comparing to other projects I've seen. People don't have time nowadays, they will give you very short time to look at your project and if you can't make them feel interested they will skip the rest.

For the demo, I still don't understand why you can't do a simple short clips from the program itself. There are tons of screen capturing programs out there.

I wish you learn from this and become success in the future.
I have to agree with everyone's feedback to OP. However I must add on some pointers. You are not using the right language, resulting in the image of you to be portrayed to us readers as a group of 14 year olds. Let's look at your first post : "Go on and pledge however much you want" This just seems like you are giving free candy and using the tone as if it's our privilage to pledge our money. As the advertiser for your team, you have let your team down big time.
You should use persuasive language to convince us to donate. Your title is unprofessional, using a "NOW!!" Is uncalled for. It's like children have the misconception to 'Capitalise Every Single Word For No Reason.' There is really no need to fully capitalise one word of your title.
Now about your feedback to others. You are such a hypocrite. You asked for feedback and u flare up when given feedback, what did u expect? Praising you for your wonderful coming-up-soon game? You are asking for money. Know the phrase the "customer is always right"? When given feedback, even if u find it harsh, as a mature university graduate which I choose to believe you are, you should simply thank the person for the feedback. Stop talking back to your potential investors. The image you create by talking back and using "asshole" and "XDDD" is a group of youngsters. You represent your team.
Also, when people question your credibility, since we do not know if u would take the money and run, which is a very valid way of thinking. You should come up with a solution. Instead of saying how it's your dream and that we should not question it (At least that's the impression me, as a reader got.
In case u are getting all flared up now, remember, I won't be writing this post if u are just a usual poster talking about TOS etc etc. But you are someone who is advertising the game you and your friends planned for long. Like what you said, it's your dream to do this. You are asking for money. No one will trust a rude, informal advertiser with their money.
Change your attitude or all the luck in the world u get won't keep your 'dream' afloat.

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