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[TOP Causal Level 21 Guild - Spaces Open!!] [EN]ForumUnited-Div. 3 ID 126856
New Fullmetal Alchemist cross-over is coming soon. Feel free to apply. Guild ID: 126856

Guild also has line chat group. For more details, read guild announcement board in game after you have joined.  Wink

ID: 5054 4043

[EN]ForumUnited3 Guild ID: 126856
Just applied to join.

My account was lost during the merge and have started again afresh! A lot of new cards, will take some time getting used to all of it. But at least, i can probably still make some decent matches!

Would like to join an active guild that I can learn all of the game from again.

IGN: Joyride.


We assimilate all. You will be assimilated.

Seven Deadly Sins crossover is coming soon. Need casual, high level, and active guild? Feel free to apply.
ID: 5054 4043

[EN]ForumUnited3 Guild ID: 126856

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