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[TOP Causal Level 20 Guild - Spaces Open!!] [EN]ForumUnited-Div. 3 ID 126856
Hi all!  The following posts give you the latest news, info + status, recruitment policy, roster, division communication and guild event history for Division 3 of [EN]ForumUnited

Status & Info:
Guild Name: [EN]ForumUnited3
Guild ID no: 126856
Guild Level: 20

Welcome to Division 3 of [EN]ForumUnited:

Division 3 of [EN]ForumUnited is a place where you will find active players from all over the world who want to get all prizes in Guild Events and work together to achieve maximum benefit for all.
Although we have been in the Top 100 in Guild Events since the very first Guild Event, we do not require our members to spam diamonds or achieve high guild point minimums during the events.

Members are free to go crazy and spam diamonds during events if they wish to and it seems that many members do.
If you wish to join Division 3, please be of a similar mindset so that you fit well and have a long future here making new friends and having fun during events.

Joining Requirements:

a) members are expected to use this forum at least a couple times a year
- members periodically log into and check the Division Thread
- contributions to the forum are encouraged such as sharing of strategies and information

b) members must be active in game
- inactive players may be removed after 14 days

c) members should try to participate in Guild Events

d) being primarily an English speaking Guild please try have your name spelt in English and that you do not change your in game name once you have joined to avoid confusing other members.

Kicking Policy:

- inactive members (forum or in game) will be kicked
- rude / confrontational / profane / racist or likewise behavior will result in instant kick without warning.

Recruitment Status: [OPEN] + Joining Instructions

Apply / Request to Join in Game!!!  

Many thanks for considering our Guild!!!

[EN] ForumUnited - DIVISION 3 GUILD

ForumUnited Division 3 Guild Thread
^^We are open to new members click above^^

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